Study ALL Of It – Everything| Jessie Nagy


Humans have an astonishing ability to dismiss information that does not conform to their preconceived notions of reality. Scientists, being human, suffer from this mind-set also. Preconceived thoughts are known as accepted paradigms. Those are informational patterns, internally constructed templates, with which externally obtained information is judged. Externally obtained information can come from a news-paper, etc., etc.. But when confronted with ideas & facts that do not conform to an accepted informational paradigm, humans tend to have an intense desire not to believe the new information. Excuses will seem rational: the established paradigm must not be readily evaded for them.

Pretentious & weak minded are trying to make themselves look sophisticated & think that they don’t need to ask questions. Elitist attitudes of a bunch of casual living can be respected by themselves. They can then call others as “beta”, etc., to justify their own casual mentalities. They can pretend to be superior because the public esteems them with authority.

Pain is a warning sign that something is wrong. It is not mean for women to capitalize, as they gossip with other women regarding males, similarly to how kids share trading-card information. “Hardened” psychology isn’t a “badge of honor.” It’s a sign that something has been lost.

Men are expected to just forget about issues quickly so that others can feel less guilty, basically.

If we are to understand what male sensitivity is, we must know that it is one of the states of the core of masculinity: sexuality/affection.

Female objectification/capitalization of masculinity has completely “censored” the reality of male SENSITIVITY.

War & drugs are profoundly intertwined[1]. Amphetamines fueled the activities of soldiers – synthetics & cosmetics to block out the sensitive core of masculinity. If you can’t make the realization of other daily versions of the same thing, you are a dumb-fuck spouting the politics of using “beta male” gas-lighting. Sensitive males simply feel: “I’m going over here instead. You guys can have your little drug-fueled wars.”

Male sensitivity is incredibly boring & disgusting to women, so they feel the need to censor it by altering the influx of sensations.

The only sensible solution is male sensitivity – objectification of females.

This is why females say that nice-guys “aren’t” really nice, they don’t want the censored masculinity to have more power.’

[2] The journal: Scientific Reports introduced another set of words of what I previously called “using her as a technology” – “interpersonal synchronization.” The body of research states that pain dissipates with affection – objectification by nice-guys.

Nice-guys usually want to evade the pain firstly. Women have a tendency of dolling what they deny to nice-guys. Women like to see what kind of pain the man can experience first – climbing the “bullshit ladder” – before welcoming patriarchal behavior.

I have heard plenty of comments that  “the DSM-IV is bullshit.”  “Psychology is bullshit.” That’s not a specific claim. There’s more than one branch of psychology. The “virtues” of female sexuality is what’s really bull-shit. The report I cited is neuroscience.

There’s a reason why adopting hatred is valid: You have to study ALL of it. Adopting hatred is learning a different language. Often times, the message is ineffectual without motivation. The enemies speak the language of motivation, they can’t easily sit in a room for long hours studying, so you have to translate.

“Patriarchal” men have the same mentality as this: “You can’t get laid, so you hate everyone.” Whenever I’m confronted with this, I just think, “Oh, ridiculous. You’re one of those idiots.” Welcoming the “patriarchy” is female rights. They secure women from violence, etc., yet they condone male-on-male violence.

Control of diet, castrating males, corralling males into constricted spaces, wild animals have been used as cattle[3] – similar thing.

The west Indian slaves were fed salted foods because hotter regions causes more depletion by sweating.[4]

The Masai of East Africa renew salt by drinking blood of the animals they own. [5]

Many theories of psychology are commensensical: The Freudian idea of unconscious motivation, the Behavioristic idea of reward & punishment governing behavior, & others.[6]

We should add much, much, more things:

I’ll type what I mean: I was asked by another: “So what type of girls are you involved with – like, Vice-reading ones?”

Not at all. Vice has horrible priorities.

[7:] They did an article: ‘We Know Female Genital Mutilation Has Been Happening in the US. How Do We Stop It?’

Even though I hate most women, I would never condone FGM. But that’s not the main axiom I have. Obviously, if this was regarding the male version of this, people would laugh, & this is why I especially think it’s important to use hatred – to stop laughter, etc., & because it’s not obvious to them.

FGM (female genital mutilation) was criminalized during 1996. Why not MGM?

There even willing to admit: FGM causes complications, anxiety, PTSD, & depression commonly. Why do they completely reject the facts that MGM does the same?

The end of the article states, posing as “neutral/fair”: An earlier version overstates prevalence of arguments for medicalized version of FGM. They’re just equivocating the filibuster. They’ll have another article next time regarding “how smoking weed & playing virtual reality helps with lucid dreaming,” or something.

[8]: Presidential candidate Andrew Yang  said he’s interested for intactivism, then retracted due to politics.


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Veins Constantly Cycle-Pumped Full Of Noble Hatred | Jessie Nagy

discipleI just invested for a 60 pound weighted vest. I figured, I should just “fight fire with fire”:

I remember this disrespecting woman & her daughter came to me, said that I “looked shady” because I was wearing a grey winter coat DURING WINTER. These people are so stupid. Rather than “fighting” it, It’s better to just take advantage of their stupidity, so when I get super-built, I’ll automatically get hired & respected.

Humans are not very evolved with intuition. They have a psychological wiring: If you appeared mysterious during the past, the kin would have made you left to fend for yourself & basically rot, &, now, people think that you owe them smiles, etc.

There’s something happening called: reversed bully culture. If you’re a male with standards & good judgement, a lot of young people will gossip & claim that you’re like the “bully” because you insult how they sell-out.

I already ran with 40 pounds of added weights, so I switched to 60 pounds. (No stimulants – too much pressure.)

Disposing your vitality for parasites is “strength” because of sex-appeal.

This isn’t some new thing. It states it by ancient symbols: The serpent tempted Eve – the first sell-out, &, now, what follows is other sell-outs, & they like to portray muscle-heads as dumb because they take the spot-light for something better. You have to know a lot about detail, so I don’t think muscle-heads are dumb. Even when they are dumb, they’re a lot smarter than these whores who portray them as dumb. “If you eat from the forbidden fruit, you will have god powers. Eve stole Adam’s vitality.

Fraudulent psychology & pop. culture keeps excusing them by inventing “virtues”. They can’t just make the axiom that the catamenia is myopic & attracted to local maxima.

I’m telling you, you have to get one of these “torture suits” – weighted vests. I started with 20 pounds, had to keep pausing for more breath relaxation frequently with my 30 minute sessions, then I could run for complete half hour sessions. Now I do resistance based cardio: the “torture suit” & resistance bands attached + some added weights. Start slow first.

I do a method similar to Herschel Walker’s, but my own version. He only eats one meal per day, usually anyway. He gets very little sleep because he is pumped.

I know I’ve typed that recovery-sleep is beneficial, but the benefit of this paradox is that HIIT continues to process fat hours after sessions, & it gives me more time to read more books when I’m not doing my profession, which I hate. Those who cycle for 45 minutes lose 190 calories more during aftermath of sessions of 14 hours later. [How to Keep Burning Calories When Your Workout Is Over – greatist-dot-com]. The key though is that your heart rate has to be pumping like a humming bird – way too fucking fast. What I do is HIRT – high intensity resistance training.

Some of the body-building community say: Weight training is better than cardio. So what I do is both combined: resistance speed training – running with weights. Not jogging – RUNNING – with other alternating methods. It’s not steady state weight training that will give you that superior pump. It’s really fast weight training. It’s not running for 10 minutes that will make you super-human. It’s running up-hill for a half hour while “carrying a house,” compacting as many exercises as possible with as much speed as possible during one ~half hour session. After-wards, with electrolyte & food intake, I’m mellow for the entire day & feel very “light without a care.”

To paraphrase H. Walker’s with one of his interviews: I don’t do this for money, I do this because I’m angry.

Trust me, I’ve had extreme altered states by pumping my veins. This isn’t an exaggeration.

You’ll have these dumb animals coming to you, to which, then, you can trap them with for some serious scolding. You can completely drain their psychology with the pen used stronger than the sword. Make an example of them with a public setting.

Sports science is a real science. Study some martial arts, etc..

“I have social anxiety.” That’s because you’re habituated.

Nicotine contributes to heart disease & other defects associated with the nervous system. [Source: The Back of a package of a Swisher Sweets wrap] Cigars are not a healthy alternative. Nicotine is brain poison: [Source: flavorshookkids-dot-org] It increases various irritable conditions, which feeds those dumb animals because of sex-appeal.

“You can’t get angry by values.” “You’re only allowed to get angry if it’s 50 Shades Of GREED because I’m a piece-of-shit.” “No, don’t use force for good.” “Only use force for evil” – stupid enablers.

Beastiality is rampant with them. That’s why they like thug-songs.

They say it’s “painful & embarrassing.” Exactly, they don’t have the strength because only weak people get humiliated.

Why do you think Muslim men have so much force. It’s because they “don’t fuck around.”

“Fucking around is for females & male enablers, or what is popularly called alpha-males. REAL control is by sigma-males. Most alpha-males are really just alpha-male fan-boys anyway. Sigma-males prefer “being hated at parties,” etc., not the “life of the party.”

I quit grains/bread because it basically has the same effect as candy. Whether you take pasta, rice, or “shots of flavors,” it all will be blood-sugar in your blood stream.

Stay hard-line, fanatical, selfish, & with your veins pumped.

“Clapping” is a mark of weakness & stupidity: you’re giving way to infection by “letting yourself go.” The more control you utilize, the stronger.

I quit partying because it has the same exact effect as damage, even if you don’t explicitly take hazards, you still subtract knowledge. They take your time, money, & subvert what REAL dominance/Control means.

It’s not about your good times, you fucking wild animal, it’s about my power with strict ascetism. Your loss is my fucking power.

Don’t let female MRAs/women insinuate that hatred is wrong. It’s not. Women already believe that “might is right,” so who the fuck are they to try insinuate that schooling by distance is “wrong”? They’re JUST LIKE THE FEMINISTS (“hate speech”).

Don’t Be “Political.” Be Neuro-scientific | Jessie Nagy, A.K.A.: Sigma-male

68238332_890944007958149_5855296805461295104_nFuck hippies. Hippies brag about their supposed “crusades” to dominate the system while doing self destructive things – hating their enemies yet funding their enemies by drinking, etc..

Alpha-male orbiters brag about how they think they’re “dominating” the system, bragging about how they sleep for ~4-~6 hours & other self destruction – basically the same.

We currently [2019] have a sleep crisis. This isn’t “cuck” complaining. The real “cucks” are males who decrease their virility by decreasing recovery/sleep time.[1]

Alpha-male fan-boys are all too ready to pledge to the anti-intellectual hierarchy. Hierarchy is good, but only if it’s intellectual. “Just do it” is the motto. There’s nothing intellectual about that.

[2] Sperm count has declined [2019] in Western countries because of the relationship of alpha-male fan-boys to robbers of their masculinity. Soldiers are going full-blown “estrogen mode.”

You don’t become dominant by living a life of what women think is “sexy,” whether it’s partying late during the night – alpha-males – or working during late hours – beta-males. You become dominant by living a life of tranquility – sigma-males.

They’ll imply that you’re a square, etc., if you’re smarter, but the reality is is that women destroy masculinity.

Lack of recovery/sleep decreases Testosterone. The University of Chicago tested (“testederone”) this. The results were 10% reduction of T. This seems insignificant, but 10% loss of that equals T. levels of men 10 years their senior.

Most of T. production happens during sleep. (That’s why some athletes often emphasize good sleep during post-sessions). T. is not just a “muscle-head” thing. It’s also a therapy thing, increasing energy.[3]

“Hold your horses.” Men are no saints – contrary. The enemies have been noted to “destroy the family unit.” It’s more than that. The enemies have destroyed the male ability to control women, while selling fake “dominance.”

I’m not a fan of Laveyen Satanism, but he did make one really good point: You have to OWN your eccentricities: If you’re ugly, be the “ugliest mother-fucker on the block” rather than succumbing to careless masters. I mean, you know what I mean.

[4:]Serotonin levels decrease during certain times of a woman’s menstruation, cycle. She becomes irritable & depressed.

Women will take carbohydrate-rich foods (not the good kind) to increase serotonin TEMPORARILY.

Women are twice as likely to suffer from depression (at least the reports of it compared to males claim while still neglecting the possibility of men secretive about it.)

She becomes fat & un-sexy to the visual nature of men, which is even worse when the visual nature of masculinity is disrespected.


& you thought “conspiracies were just theorized by losers.” Conspiring is an act of anti-intellectual hierarchy.

Who are generally the first to have tattoos? It’s these party-animals who make a joke of masculinity by having it not flourish because of the feminine uncontrolled appetites.

So the male lacks vital prowess & compensates with feminine relaxation, for a lack of a better word. She also becomes fat because the male does not objectify her.

Insulin is especially increased by bread. Insulin drives the amino acid: tryptophan. Tryptophan is a precursor for serotonin, making people happier & more relaxed. It also weakens the supervising of your prefrontal cortex – impulse. Those 2 appetizers contribute to poor judgment

Whenever female power thrives, male dopamine processing is abused.

Dopamine/pleasure is associated with motivation. Lacking dopamine is associated with ADD & decreased motivation.

Protein increases dopamine. Protein can decrease ADD when replacing carbs, but this can decrease sleep & increase restless worry.

With male control, you have more time to know about these things rather than accommodating to her appetite, whether it is party-animal appetite or “driven” appetite. Yeah, drive you to debility.



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Science: Female Sexuality Is A Real Paraphilia | Jessie Nagy


Yes, I realize there’s some grammar errors. This is because of something women can’t fathom – the reality of being human.

[1:]Research of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences during 2004 published that happiness isn’t some vague feeling. It’s a physical state of the brain (which can be induced deliberately).

It has a powerful influence on the body.

The female sexuality for an unreal stoic man, which the pop. culture ideas pollute the planet with, does NOT strengthen a man. It actually weakens him.

Science gained that happiness develops antibodies. Contentment also reduces cardiovascular illness, pulmonary disease, hypertension, etc..

MRI, which maps blood activity of brain zones, & electroencephalograms, which senses electrical activity of neuronal circuits, consistently point to a prime locus of happiness – the left prefrontal cortex.

Neurotransmitters – dopamine, serotonin, glutamate, GABA, etc., are major factors for happiness.

&, yet, the terms of the female state is one of abuse, of which it demands a man (damns a man) to be stoic, which changes his neurotransmitters drastically, or it abuses dopamine preservation by trends.

Mild doses of stress is beneficial because it gives practice to control unpleasant situations, but that’s not what is of concern.

Not only do happier/content people have better upper respiratory protection, they also have reduced cortisol levels. Cortisol is a hormone produced by the adrenal gland. It responds to stress. How have we heard this before? “Bad -boys are an adrenaline rush.” You being a stoic, or some other version of her pleasure, is a paraphilia, & this is generally masked as the beneficial mild stress.

Are you illiterate to symbolism? Can you understand the symbolism of the garbled book: ‘The Bible’?

Jesus Christ, who fasted for 40 days & forty nights, was tempted by Satan – “If you are the Son of God, command that these stones become bread.”

He chose to live by words instead of bread.[2]

[3:]We know that candy, cereal, which is basically candy, bread all basically translates to sugar. But did you know that carbs as the next listed also translate to the same thing? Pasta, refined flour, starches as rice, potatoes, corn, liquid carbs, beer, fruit-juice, & soda.

So you might think: “Well, I know a person who eats tons of sugar & he looks like a Greek Statue.” Yeah, just wait ~6 months-2 years(+).

Although fruit contains a diluted type of sugar, I still choose to be hard-line & only have it rarely.

The only healthy things is vegetables like broccoli & spinach (which contain good carbs.)

Having fruit everyday is actually not good.

Biochemists called fructose the most fattening carb.

Hypertension, impaired metabolism, insulin resistance, too much blood fats is the result of sugar.

While sugar might not have an immediate effect, it does have long-term effects. With time, it changes metabolism badly – “love handles,” “muffin tops,” “beer bellies,” & the same effects of animal flesh: visceral fat that constrains vital organs. Does that seem like a good investment?

Lung cancer & heart-disease is the results of smoking. Ruined metabolism, such as diabetes, is the result of sugar (not bad carbs of “green” foods) & carbs, which also triggers Alzheimer’s. Hormonal disorders is also a major factor of sugar, & if you’re pro-male, you know that hormonal knowledge is vital. A lot of males who are searching for advice are suffering with some hormonal problems.

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Sorry, no.

High-fructose corn syrup was introduced during 1978 as a cheap replacement to other sugar products.

An investment by brutes, exploiting you for profit.

What does this have to do with BDSM? “Everything.” I won’t engage with weak-minded ideas that “feminism ruins fun,” etc., etc.. WRONG. BDSM IS Feminism, especially because of the nature of binary thinking – “weak or strong.” Feminists use the daddy-state to coerce intelligent males. Women use brutes to coerce intelligent males & nice-guys. Same thing. The actions/filtering by women/feminists suppresses information, intentionally or not. Female sexuality suppresses the scientific method. When I type of female sex, I’m not typing about just the bed-room, I’m including even just walking by them on the side-walk. They’d say, “we’re not your daddy/ be responsible.” But males don’t have proper information. It’s kind of like the “God principle” of making organisms “grope in the dark” for thousands of years only to reward them with more taxing demands, subtle cues, uncertainty, & confusion – very cruel.

I’ll probably lose a lot of fans. I don’t care: BDSM (not the fashion/most male versions or circumcised or naive sex by males) – the female version – is a paraphilia. Thousands of people are engaging with a paraphilia. Women say: “He’s a bad-boy,” “he has leadership skills” – THIS IS A SICKNESS.

Trust me, if you think this is “extremism,” I’ve only just begun. Your loss of your monopoly is my evolution.

[4]A popular self-help book by American psychologist: Arthur Janov published: ‘The Primal Scream,’ stating that certain problems could be fixed by screaming “them out.” Now, this is actually just pseudo science, but that suggestion itself is about a million times better than becoming Conor Mcgregor.

Yelling is a sign that a male needs attention. Yes, you read correctly. That means that these stylisitc guys yelling are just as needy as other guys that women & society dismiss as “needy.” It’s not only a sign that there’s something seriously wrong, but it’s also either glamorized or trivialized by the disgusting nature of female sexuality. If a performer screams, often with bad priorities, it’s “sexy.” If it’s done by an intellectual, it’s “bad.” Women get to dominate society with one tool, of others, allowing territory of who should be venting & who shouldn’t. One minute it’s “sexy.” Another minute it’s “rape.”

For example, fake generations of baby-babbling artists have hijacked the fine art of screaming/venting of extreme art of metal or power electronics, (don’t think wrongly, those obscure genres all have it’s share of fake people) which a lot of it is often very difficult genres to emulate, made by people who know there’s something actually wrong. They just chose to express it differently. It’s like Edubirdie: It takes advantage of smart guys so that dumb people can pretend to be smart. What was once often regarded as “losers,” has been robbed by these generations of neo-normal-idiots, allowing who can express themselves & who isn’t. What They are is what we would call in the obscure scenes as POSERS.

dumb cunts

There’s no scientific studies regarding this. There’s just wisdom: The athlete: Conor McGregor, not that I’m an enthusiast of this kind of trash, other than for emulation of some tutorials for my sessions with my 60 pound weighted vest, (Don’t get the “powdered iron dust” kind. It can rip open, & if you breathe that in, you are “fucked.” Get the kind with metal blocks.) was reported to have been bullied when younger. He’s probably not originally the “mad-dog” that you think. It’s just business.

There are no real gains with the life like that. It’s really just BDSM – fake male “dominance”. Connor McrGregor does what he does because “he has to.”

Female psychology is so stupid: They think there’s “only 2 things”: “Vanilla or intense.”

Adrenaline, which when published in the system sets the body to a state of emergency & alert, focusing organs to a coordinated state of readiness for “fight or flight.” [5]

The fact that some males do this is sheer proof that the cascading process overtakes the organs to fight-or-flee mode so that feminine psychology, which is almost always binary, DOMINATES society.

Female sexuality is disgusting.

No one needs to respect female sexuality, even if it is popular.

I have even heard, which I will study more later, that the supposed 25% of women who aren’t filtering to get abuse are sadistic. How incredibly stupid the binary mind of women.

[6] Women who have sexual relations with teenage boys get suspended, only a ~ few years of jail-time, etc., but if a man were to be known for having sex with a 16 year old female, the daddy-state, a product of female filtering, would have that man beaten.



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Another Anti-Sugar Article For BOYcotting| J.N.

grey hair

One thing that gets discussed with masculine spaces is exercise. If you take exercise seriously, you must know that sugar is one of the worst things for you. (Minimal to moderate complex sugars like fruit is alright because it’s metabolized differently.)

I have heard of an article or forum-post, which I haven’t had time to find, that men who have exceptional physiques automatically get respect, hired when interviewed, etc.. (If someone could find it for me, that would be great.)

Knowing about nutrition is one of the most mandatory fields. You can study astronomy, but if you don’t know about your internal system, you’re missing a lot.

Energy: When the mind is weak from lack of energy, you can’t make good judgments. Emotional management is harder with physical & mental weakness.

You’ll notice a major difference when you detox yourself of sugar.

Sugar causes fluctuations of blood sugar levels, resulting with mood swings & PHYSICAL weakness.[1]

Mood regulating circuits in the brain can be super-sensitive to substances & conditions, triggering manic behavior, which is why eliminating sugar is essential[2] (& fried foods & visceral fats, which makes a lot of men go full blown estrogen-mode when showing aggression due to irritation. Having “Ultimate Fighter” moods isn’t a sign of being masculine. It’s a sign of being estrogenic. Research what visceral fat/meat does to you. You’d be surprised to discover that visceral fat & animal products actually makes you girly. Yes, you read correctly. Although this article pertains to sugar & not meat, I’ll include the evidence briefly: Visceral fat not only produces inflammatory hormones, it also produces estrogen. It’s documented with pg. 64 of ‘Wheat Belly’ by William Davis, MD.)[3]

Metaboloc disorders are results of visceral fat.

Alcohol, (hidden) sugars, fruit-juices, stress, bad sleep, high-fructose corn syrup increases visceral fat.[4]

Visceral fat interferes with T. production.[5]

Contrary to popular myth that T. is “THE” aggressor hormone, T., also, not just a muscle thing, is also involved with mental states, including language skills & cognitive abilities.[6]

Fasted exercise, which requires careful choice to not eat too much the next day(s), resets insulin disorders to improvement, helps burn fat, & increases GH.[7] It should be done properly though with electrolyte intake.

2,000% of GH is increased when not eating for 24 hours.[8]

(Sometimes fasting & dieting can reduce sleep. Some can take it. Some can’t. )

Eating many meals per day is really not necessary. The body just needs to learn to disrupt the habit.

When dehydrated, organs don’t process functions properly, so cravings happen.[9]

[10]Sugar becomes a replacement for drinking water when dehydrated. Dehydration is one product of loss of electrolytes.

[11]Muscle cramps happen when dehydrated. Drink more, eat less.

Bad carbs such as pastries, etc., causes a sudden burst of energy followed by fatigue & malaise. [12:]

Complex carbs such as fruit contain good fiber. Fiber coats stomach lining, slowing sugar absorption, reducing amount of insulin needed. [13] Insulin response can trigger emotional chemistry, causing sluggish, nervous, anxious states.

Complex carbs such as potatoes, rice, soy, whole grains, corn can also upset emotions/chemistry like simple sugar carbs. This is one reason why fasting is beneficial. [14]

A lot of people like to think that emotions don’t really mean much, but emotions is chemistry.

A lot of cardiovascular specialists warn of heart problems due to salt, yet not much is mentioned about sugar & alcohol.[15]

Excessive decrease of saturated fatty acids may cause hypothyroid-like symptoms as fatigue & edema. [16] That’s why you sometimes should take coconut oil, moderate nuts, guacamole, etc., instead of animal-flesh, which the hazards of are amplified by simple sugars/candy.

Sugar & alcohol chronically minimizes potassium. (Diuretics/teas also do this, even if doctors say it doesn’t.) [17]

Sorry, even honey, which is why I only consume a tiny portion maybe once every 2 months, contributes to the same phenomena – anxious, angry, poor school effort, tired, depressed, difficult. [18]

Refined sugar/ simple sugar/ candy is stripped of minerals, many of which prevent depression & anxiety, such as chromium, zinc, magnesium, manganese. The body has to work harder with its reserves of these minerals, including B vitamins & calcium also, resulting with depletion. [19]

Mercury has been found in high-fructose corn syrup. Mercury damages the nervous system. [20]

Packaged products are called “healthy” sugars – agave, honey, maple syrup, juice, but it is still sugar.[21]

White rice, pasta, white flour, tortillas, refined grains does the same, even breads that are lied to be “whole.” [22]

Sucralose, found in energy drinks, etc., which is an artificial sweetener, increases appetite. Aspartame causes insomnia & worsens depression & nervousness. [23]

Sugar portions of dried fruit are not original[24].

Alcohol creates more craving for sugar, & can even create shakiness. [25]

Avoid all “white foods.”

Brown rice is not the same.

Sugar containing substances such as bananas also contain tryptophan, which can help with sleep. I’d only suggest fruit moderately to minimally. [26]

Candida & unfriendly gut bacteria thrive by sugar. [27]

Sugar, caffeine, & alcohol literally go hand-in-hand: depleting good chemistry [28].

Sorry, if you feel anxious, tired, restless, moody, after eating grains such as rice & corn, or eating starchy vegetables such as potatoes, you might be feeding harming bacteria in your gut. [29]

Anxiety is common with irritable bowel syndrome. [30]

Junk-foods are brightly colored, which attracts. Advertiser’s target children [31]. Fatty foods cause the brain to release oxytocin, a powerful calming, anti-stress hormone. Unhealthy comfort is pursued due to stress-culture. Stress-culture is initiated by women.

Food was scarce during history. Many calories were used for gathering food. That ingrained cave-man mentality is still making unhealthy patterns.

ADHD has been suggested to be due to additives. [32]

Obesity is a byproduct of evolution: The paleolithic diet then consisted of ignorant choices. [33]


Now that you have the information, you don’t have to be constrained to evolutionary psychology. You have more choices now.

During 2009, the AHA – American Heart Association – suggested a limit of 9 teaspoons of added sugar per day. [34] Does that seriously seem like a good idea? No, it’s not.

[35] Surplus of testosterone has also been correlated to extramarital affairs/masculine freedom – pro-masculinity. Though more studies are needed. There’s more innovation when males are not bogged/ constrained. Some would say: “That’s like the male version of feminism. Maybe, but, more importantly, that’s androcentrism.

What’s certain is that increase of T. combats depression, fatigue, & heart problems. [36]

This is what female sexuality looks like:




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Regarding W.R. | J.N., A.K.A.: Regurgitating

During 2016 of May 8th, a news-show program, WCAU-TV (NBC10), showed a mother of circumcised baby reporting of something that most of society tries to be oblivious to: The fact that we are brought to this world traumatized. Her quote:

“He developed a hernia from screaming so hard – an umbilical hernia, & he let a real strange squeal that I’ve never heard before.” [1]

The only people starting violence are alpha-male fan-boys & women. Misogynists are just finishing/cleaning it.

The old saying “god gives, god takes” is how corporations operate. Products are designed to make you well enough to live, but also sick. Schools are designed to make you smart enough to be good, passive little consumers, but to not be smart enough to think “too” much.

Most of society was not ready for the research of Wilhelm Reich. Its different essence remained with a preliminary state. Tampering with oranur effects could be hazardous or promising.

The success of W.R. was a question of altruism: When you donate a box of books to a small book-shop, you’ve just funded more of what you want.

I’m all for hierarchy, but only if it’s an intellectual kind – something resembling a Technocracy: A two class system of which the know-it-alls dominate the “worker ants.”

Whenever you hear people proclaiming hierarchy, when asked, they can’t explain how it should be, & they just say: “Watch a Joe Rogan video.” With a good quality hierarchy, people like Joe Rogan would not be taken seriously by the system to give ideas that the “visceral fat diet mixed with mind expanding drugs & 5 hours, instead of much less to do other important things, of exercise” is “good” for you. He’d be free to have a social peer group, but not call the instructions.

Empathy is a type of altruism/funding, but women are the controllers who “ban” people like Wilhelm Reich because women think: “Be tough, fuck empathy.” People like Reich are stamped out because of female picking, as they think: “This creep is not making my nipples hard.”

I know, according to the politics, this is all just a crazy ploy to present that the “reptilian overlords” are the “good guys.” Um, last time I checked, Wilhelm Reich absolutely despised authoritarian practices of circumcision & things like Self-Flagellation, such as so called “Tatbir.”

He had a passionate intensity to be angry to things that deserve anger. The daddy-state shares with women the allowance to call appropriate anger “unstable”/”creepy,” yet other forms of anger are sexual & socially appealing according to women.

This is an example of a glimpse of what will increase when women are allowed to express-sex games:

Michael Roberts received a legal burden, the ignorant Daddy-State coming to the shit-priority rescue, because his wife, Vicky, died after requesting “pull harder” during a sex-game of being choked & penetrated. [2]

Whether it was an accident with no real malice or whether the choker intended fatality is another question, but letting women monopolize is like giving a child with candy addictions & ADHD equipment & commanding: “here, perform open-heart surgery.”

What the main axiom is: during decades since Vicky’s death, these cases have increased by 90%. [3]

So these articles profess that it’s not directly due to female sexuality, which I doubt. Yet it disregards the axiom that women casually call whatever setting they don’t understand as “vanilla territory.” Sarcasm: Right, like women stay long enough to even know.

A feminist claims[4] that “women look to porn to see what the men want.” How the fuck does she know that women specifically look for it for that reason? last time I checked, women  almost constantly want excitement & have had very little concern for what men want.

Right, & “women can sense the creepy.” That makes a lot of sense – not.

Women, let real-men implement how it works instead of drawing what you think it works like.

More women than men compare themselves to celebrities (while more men compare themselves to colleagues) [5]

NHS clinical psychologist Dr Kelly Price states that images make negative effects for mental health of social media. [6]

I mean, celebrity culture is garbage (& proves that trends are more feminine – not “male manipulation” to be blamed), but women not utilizing their destructive agendas by being glossy is a bad thing for females why?


You’re not a “healthy endomorph.” You’re gross (& not the type of gross material that arouses me).

(Don’t think wrongly, men need to be muscular for optimum health as well, which much of female-centrism doesn’t allow because of the demands for her to be first.)

The Buddhist leader Dalai Lama was not “joking” when he said that a female politician would only be good if she was attractive. [7] I mean, he was joking to be optimistic, but he was not joking as having no meaning with what he meant.

The female reporter asked him: Shouldn’t she be judged for what’s on the inside?

EXACTLY. That’s why Buddhism knows that women are to be contained as a pretty “thing on the shelf,” as a pleasure object, because what’s on the inside is chaos. Only what’s on the outside is what’s not a waste of his time. (Rouse his energy.)



Do any of these “tough dudes” striving look like they have real dominance? Toxic masculinity/”alpha males”/CON-servatives, as they are CONNING you, is nothing more than just Feminism. Real dominance is gentle & careful.


Do these complex pictures look “shallow?” NO. These are masculine depictions of reality that require strong thought to realize what it means. They are not like the majority of dopey Celebrity movies.

Buddhism derives its sentience & strength by “passivity” not by “leadership.”

Among other bad things, increased blood sugar actually impairs the hippocampus. [8] Bread, noodles, cookies, especially “soft drinks,” which are really not “soft,” are unwanted because Buddhism states: “When you stop wanting, your life becomes much better.”

How do I know this? Because I remain PASSIVE: I study by sitting or laying (many times reading while speed-walking after loading my back-pack with stacks of books from library &/or book-store also, which is a type of calisthenic because you’re holding arms up with a lot of weight while walking fast.). Why do I know this? For the same reason that certain sects of “god’s chosen people” are also obsessed with attaining gross material supplements: Because I’m a Taoist practitioner (which can be somewhat dangerous), so I have to religiously know that my body is a “temple, & I will not defile it.” I’m OBSESSED with my body. When you let women have power with thinking that you’re “gay,” or whatever, for not coming to their bodies, you’ve just set loose female nihilism instead of igniting your own male power.


“Passivity” is masculine. The “goddess” is not:




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Use Hatred As “Coffee” | Jessie Nagy

no men

Women don’t necessarily want you to fight with fists, but they do expect you to fight your way during life. This expectation by them is pure evidence that women are anti-male.

Get it “through your fucking heads.” I have to keep doing these same articles periodically because of how deluded even “patriarchy” enthusiasts are: Women are not your allies, “family,” “romance partners.” They are to be used & disrespected.

“……Due to the pain involved during modification procedures, the person undergoing it went through a spiritual transformation…….”[1]

“….Men Practiced penile bloodletting, where they used a stingray spine to pierce the genitals….”

– A very stupid cunt practicing anti-masculinity with metal/punk-rock, etc., trends.[2]

Do you think of a pattern?

“Meat-heads” is what these stupid indie-rockers/punks/facade enthusiasts call them. Actually, these meat-heads, are a lot smarter & share more characteristics of “nerds,” as much I hate that word, then these supposed “anti-establishment” retards like to envision themselves as: A facade-enthusiast/hippy, etc., likes to waste money for drinks so that they can go & talk about their stupid social media things. A “meat-head” at least buys a drink to USE for a productive purpose to make themselves better. These “meat-heads,” as they’re badly portrayed by female centered trends, which makes them the ones who are the real “jocks,”  are actually smarter than “anti-establishment” people. Always & constantly obsessing over the calories is more of a “nerdy” thing,  & these meat-heads also have to have at least some knowledge about nutrition. They also collect equipment & study techniques. “Nerd” labels are just a way for them to dismiss whatever they dislike. Being a “nerd” is just a common characteristic of staying true to masculinity – objectifying life.

Another article by enemy-lines: Vice admitted that a baby foreskins is unadulterated & free of free radicals & other toxins, which is why it is so demanded. Then, it does a total lie that intactivists are “misinformed.” [3] Intactivists talk about that frequently. They’re just anti-male, just like that stupid cunt that was quoted.

It also presents that companies pay thousands for foreskins, but this information is suppressed to the public.[4]

His body, his choice, you dumb cunts.

I think the media by the enemy knows with some level that they are losing. They’re becoming desperate. They’re working with some tinge of truth, then insinuating that the truth is lies.

This is why you should not pay women equally. The more you give the impression that females are with the same level as males, the more that females selectively shape the Draconian. They will be trying to get more & more with the help of their dumb brutes.

Typing of the media & enemies, I don’t care for Jordan Peterson, but one thing he’s doing that you should try is his new medium that will allow a lot more freedom of speech. The Site: ThinkSpot. [5]

When this (or more) sites become more popular, the little cam-whore will become more bewildered by the fact that other aspects of reality is inundating society. I say we take control of the entire internet now.

There’s other men. There not “losers.” Women are just simply coercing & trivializing a mass of masculinity by their immature tendencies.

I’ve even heard anecdotes of a subset of the immature tendencies of women stating that women love cut men anyway because, while reduced sensitivity, the male has to thrust harder & faster. Women & their little “bitches” – society – will do almost anything to trivialize masculinity, while claiming that you are “weak” for being smarter.

FEMALE SEXUALITY IS WORSE THAN PEDOPHILIA. That’s how inferior the feminine is. They are the fucking enemy. If you can’t know that, that makes you extremely dumb. There’s men who are older than 60 who STILL haven’t realized the truth.

While female genitals are protected by the daddy-state, a boy’s is used for industry[6].

Even in countries where female genital mutilation is normal, boys are generally cut also.[7]

Just as the daddy-state makes money with war, they make money by exploiting cutting boys, & women generally reap most of the benefits as they get a cut penis thrusting faster & harder with a lack of him monopolizing communication, a man with an undeveloped emotional composition, & the reassurance of the daddy-state for the main priority shared with whores – gormandizing.[8]

You know this cruelty-free cosmetics you buy that aren’t test on wild animals. Many of them are tested with foreskins instead. [9] Of course, as we all know that beastiality is popular with women, both as emblems & literally, she would consider you lesser than a cute pet.

Profit, which is really the religion of giving to women, basically, use companies like Pfizer – Viagra – & SkinMedica for their nefarious schemes.[10]

You think this is a “conspiracy theory”? Check the sources.

We live in the age of information. Stop wasting money for those cam-whores, or whatever. Your grand-parent’s generation was stupid.
Fibroblasts help with elasticity for the skin, so there is a profit of using fibroblasts for fibroblast-basaed cream.[11]

Abusing others for selfish gains isn’t a “conspiracy theory.” It’s a basic axiom of female attraction. Women don’t actually say: “Go do that,” but the daddy-state that they generally resort to does help women mock male life. Of other words, women aren’t specifically necessarily trivializing it, but their actions are unconsciously trivializing it.

Take the case when Oprah Winfrey endorsed[12] this cosmetic cream. The audience members, largely women, were participating with a culture – “boutique” culture – that restrains the masculine energy. This money making actually encourages the women participating with the trance to trivialize the severity of male experience.

This is why you should not entertain or reward females. The better strategy is to make them subordinates to factories, etc..

If the cream was made from baby afro-American clitoral substance, would Oprah have the same enthusiasm to it the same way she did when she endorsed the original cream?

Neuroscience states: people who make self inflicted cuts & burns on themselves, “often thought as just trying to get attention,” have something shared: a sensitivity to social pain.[13] These serious self-mutilators, not necessarily dabblers, do so because they have a tendency to try to trick their nervous systems to numb social pain – loss, etc. – with the self infliction.

Have you ever heard the statement: That person is so stupid that they can’t even tell the difference between hot & cold? Women are so stupid that they can’t even tell how real pair bonding works.  They often say: “He put me on a pedestal”, & other things like that. It’s really due to the mentality that women have that, like the first quote (becoming better by pain) sex, affection, whatever you want to call it, is, according to their implications, somewhat similar to the cutters, is basically about an unspoken mentality that “embracing harshness is synonymous with affection.” That stress builds character.” Yeah, it build bad character. A woman’s idea of affection, etc., is unhealthy.

Male & female are not equal.




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2 Types Of Demonization | J.N., A.K.A.: Mr. E. Rodger, A.K.A.: Robot


Have you ever noticed how society, but particularly females, will claim that you’re “needy”/”clingy”/”empty”, etc., etc., if you establish the interaction the same way that you realistically want a job? You want a job to pay the bills.

Women say all that nonsense all the time, then they suck a guy’s penis after he touched them & only knew him for ~2 hours.


That’s the REAL reason women say that you’re “clingy”/”needy”/”empty”, etc., etc., when you try to reduce all of that.

I remember when this manager was talking about an older guy from Europe who doesn’t smile. The manager said: “I don’t think I’m going to hire him.” “That guy gives me a creepy vibe.” It’s the EXACT same thing as what is shown with the start of this article. That’s more of an American thing – to be obsessed with the idea that others owe people “good vibes.” Mature people don’t need “good vibes” to do what they need to do.

The other demonization is calling a male a “bro”/”meat-head”/”jock”/”frat-boy”, etc., etc., because he expresses his visual aspects, like saying: “Damn, she’s got nice tits”, or: “She’s hot,” etc., etc. Yeah, males are visual creatures who like to talk about things like that. They try to portray that masculine visual aspect/organizational assembly as “superficial,” or whatever, as if a male with his own priorities of seeing women for what they are is a “bad” thing. Alright, well have fun doing it the other ways of wasting time.

2 aspects of masculine control is demonized.


Don’t let society waste your time.

You want a woman to validate/peer review your intellect? Women are only good for fucking. If you want a woman to peer-review your intelligence, you want a masculine woman, which is gross, & disallows practice for the male to realize his phallocentrism. masculine women don’t work. That only seems good theoretically. As soon as you realize that women are only good for fucking, you start to thrive with your methodology.

When they start complaining, you just ignore all of that & tell them: I want you out of my life now.

The Gynocentric Religion Of Facade-Reading | Jessie Nagy

symbolic wounds

Phoenix/Scottsdale isn’t “conservative.” They’re just dumb. They’re just dumb people posing as “conservative.”

20 years of quantification of that = controlled science.

It’s a facade of conservatism/being “smart.”

With intellectual battles, not that the opposition generally knows how, facade reading occurs of which a hard-line extremist is “emotional,” etc.. The opposition is often just trying to stop speaking. They’re censoring. There’s a lot of posers posing as “intellectuals.” It’s the same thing as having those “extremists” fought: They’re both actions of stopping.

To be a real hard intellectual, you “have” to speak with a way of which “no one knows what you’re talking about”, & that’s why the opposition resorts to facade-reading.

The religion of facade-reading is a product of gynocentrism: Women selectively drain out harder thought.

A boy could choose not to smile, & actually have an interest with more “adult” things. Yes, even more mature than his mother. Boys liking “antisocial” things isn’t devious. It means that he’s actually more mature than his mom.

So what’s the solution that his immature mom brings? She claims: “I think he needs therapy,” & that history of his looks bad for future facade-reading by other females.

Drugs/serotonin reuptake inhibitors can “help” initially, but, like facades, they don’t benefit you. Withdrawal symptoms, badly tampered chemical composition, & weight gain is the general result, which also looks bad for other facade-reading.[1]

Hey, lady, here’s an idea, don’t give us your dumb ideas. Him not smiling & being “anti-social” means that he’s mature. We don’t owe gross old ladies, etc., entertainment when they tell us to smile.

Either they select for dumb smiles or for “scars.”

An article by enemy-lines, which I don’t wish to name, did a report stating as rental prices increase, women become poor. It’s a report by facade-reading. They never mentioned the experience of other males.

I’m not going to give it too much credit because that’s bad priorities.

According to the Anxiety Disorders Association of America [2010], anxiety disorders, with it reported as increasing, even though feminine facade-reading doesn’t want to look at this, are the most prevalent mental illness in the united states. The true number of it is probably actually more due to not reporting, what women would call “real men,” & due to being too busy/stressed to report it.[2]

Women make fun of this all the time. Admit it: “can’t handle stress.”

That’s not “fragile” maintained by a facade of excuses, etc., etc.. That’s an indication that female sexuality needs to be banned after a rational understanding of what it is.

[3]Rome, Feb. 17th, 1600, in Campo dei Fiori, Giordano Bruno, a monk, was burned alive. (He was a tantrist. Dangerous practice. You would have to carefully study it for years before even starting it, with other practices more than just books).

Pope Clement VIII directed his arrest. What does this pope have to do with masculinity? Not much, other than a facade. Realistic masculinity doesn’t draw as much attention to itself the way that facade-reading wants to believe it does.

Have you ever noticed that the generic people who orient their lives with basic life-styles, resulting with their facade-reading,  are some of the first to ask: “Why do you even want a girlfriend?” The majority of their lives are actually for that, with tattoo acquisition, etc., yet they think that someone else talking about it by an objective analysis is a sign of being “weak.”

That question states that “you should be demonized.”

Regardless of anecdotes, males have been scientifically reported to be assumed as more likely as automatically deserving of pain by society.[4]

You’re not a part of being mindful. Buddhism is about seeing things as it really is. Buddha is not for your decorations/facades, ladies. Rip those stupid tattoos & hippy Buddha shirts off.

When you argue with women, be relentless. Take this principle: When I exercise for my speed-training, I don’t make it easier by reducing the pace when I feel the boiling, burning sensations, I increase the speed even more because I know what I have to do.

By the facade-reading, enforcing rigid anti-woman rules seems “insane,” but it’s actually a rational solution.



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We Know What Female Cosmetics Are. What Are Male Cosmetics? | Jessie Nagy

fuck her

Firstly, An analogy is: Muscle-building is a sign that you’ve done something. I’m not being a snob when I emphasize elitist empirical study. I’M MAKING A DISTINCTION THAT MENTAL EXERCISE IS BUILT BY MORE BOOKS. They can’t see mental-building the same way they can see muscle because it’s more abstract, so the generic conclusion is, instead of more questions, “unstable, creepy, loser.”

These Trad-con retards, etc., keep repeating the same thing about how “you’re letting your emotions lose sight of reality,” as an excuse to not be nice to please whores. The only emotion they allow themselves is aggression. They use this while hijacking the super-analytical personality. They’re not. It’s a pretense, &, often, these people putting on a show for whores will get aggressive to things that aren’t really an issue to display dominance, then, when guys get angry to things that are actual REAL issues, like scolding a woman in public, then those posers want to say the scolding guys are “unstable,” & IT IS EXACTLY THE SAME THING WHEN THEY WANT TO BELIEVE THAT I’M “CREEPY,” OR UNSTABLE BECAUSE I STUDY ALL OF THIS. IT’S WHAT “SNEAKY BETA MALES DO.”

Lacking time to acquire antibodies to fight viruses, babies do not have completed immunity. They have some, not permanent, antibodies transmitted by the placenta. Breastfeeding improves it. Bottle-fed babies are weaker. [1]

The female ego likes to pretend that she’s extra-important, creating surroundings of more & more work-life to the point of the soul extinguished.

Look here, alpha-male fan-boys, Industry/stress-culture/stress-factories, are anti-male. Pro-commerce is feminine. As these alpha-male fan-boys are asking: “Please, let me have your autograph,” to the modification of quality life, as George Orwell pontificated with the reality that society is expected to love their excessive work, those males forgot what it means to be male. Remember when the lady, especially the masculine woman, which is the most disgusting of them all, said something to the affect of: “When are you going to stop collecting your busts, cut your hair this way, & go out there with a fake smile to get a quota-based job?

George Orwell gave us the concept of big-brother. However, what about “big sister”?

According to alpha-male fan-boys, resolving male issues with therapeutic methods is un-sexy to women. They want a fake masculinity just like women. Just like how women have cosmetics to present a fake image, just like how fake smiles, etc., is “sexy” to women, they tell you to drink alcohol or energy drinks, etc., etc., to solve all your problems rather than addressing them. We’ve all readily known the reality of female cosmetics to be a common lie, but the fact of a male cosmetic is a unrecognized one, mainly because it is not as easy to detect as a mask/painted face is.

Caffeine is a drug. The results of which, even moderate, is inhibited fertility, & even misscarriage.[2]

Women filter, creating the daddy-state, making others burn-out.

Additionally to not learning her spiritual lesson by giving (many) birth(s), the man has to submit to her sexuality – stress-culture – by paying allegiance to the daddy-state. This female sexuality transcends the bed-room.

Here’s a radical idea: instead of submitting to women by calling it “alpha,” get enough sleep & relax instead. Much of recovery is done during sleep. This is one reason I state that women are a burden to the advancement of masculinity. Bad sleeping ruins mood, which is amusing to women, & the immune system. Masculine recovery maintenance is not a waste of time. Rewarding whores is. That’s why we need to build strategies to make women serve men. Women owe services to us.

Even Doctor Oz documented that burnout is now an Official Medical Diagnosis[3]. But, hey, maybe Doctor Oz is just a “complaining millenial” also, as these blogging “experts” would say.

Your emotions are more important than a woman’s:

Fundamental principles of vitality is: do not be over-worked, stressed, & lack sleep. With defenses not maintained properly, toxicity & impairment is welcomed. [4]

Men crying isn’t “weakness.” It’s a “time out.”

To prepare the male for more cosmetics later in life, society, including society that does the same to females, straps the male down to mutilate a part of his body, which is actually done as a commercial way for female cosmetics. Evidence:

The billion dollar beauty industry innovates new treatments to promise female vanity. You can thank your masters for that, alpha-male fan-boys. (“Please, let me have your autograph.”)

Bostonmagazine-dot-com made an article about it.[5]

If you don’t know how to check sources (numbered sources by end) I refer you to the first axiom that was made during start of this.

& if you think with the female validation, who also want to quibble about trivial things as a few spelling errors, that the “internet is for cowards & liars,” scientific-American published the same thing: ‘A Cut above the Rest?: Wrinkle Treatment Uses Babies’ Foreskins'[6] That is a reputably major magazine source.

Companies seek skin-firming proteins.

When I was having a conversation with a peer of mine, he stated that every procedure to conquer, steal from, fight, enslave etc., other people was for the purpose of getting pussy, & all of you stupid alpha-male fan-boys worship it.

As much as I’m concerned, there is “no” feminism. There’s “only” male & female. Feminism is for posers.

Fibroblasts make elastin, which is a protein that makes the skin capable of being comfortably stretched, as well as hyaluronic acid, locking moisture for the skin for making it nice & supple & plump.

This is THE objectification.

Let’s all care about women being objectified – not.



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