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Since the theme of this subject is of not appealing to authority, no citations provided this time.

They’ve done it again. They switched their claims when they were rebuked. First: They ask: With totally fake interest, “Where do you even get this info.?” Second: They claim: “You’re just appealing to authority.” The “leopard changes its spots.”

If anyone appeals to authority, it’s them. Scientists & philosophers don’t have serious authority. (Maybe of the future they will) Popularity is a form of authority.  Entertainment fosters authority. So not only is it inaccurate to say that I always appeal to authority, it’s also leftist because it’s leftists who are anti-meritocracy. The left believes that they are equal or smarter, or whatever, than others who work harder.

Entertainment generally creates a sense of artificial accomplishment.

When you don’t even try to check the sources of my other articles/ you just make assumptions, I don’t have respect for you.

The general sense derived by entertainment giving artificial accomplishment is so pervasive that most people think their opinions & beliefs are “fair” enough compared to harder work.

Joining an army, automatically believing tradition – “because my parents say it”, is an appeal to authority.

Are you getting agitated by this even though you claim to be anti-feminist? If yes, that’s because I just made you realize that people who share neocon agendas are very much like feminists. You only had an artificial identity. Neo-con, whether you realize it or not, are infected with defending that consumerist mentality.

Any one who would join the Army, & its related branches, (without the purpose of infiltrating) as a pretense of “discipline,” or something, is choosing a false definition. He joined the Navy to impress whores, albeit by instincts rather than fully conscious. This robot mentality is exactly what happens when you perform for whores, & I don’t mean “robotic” like packed with tons of facts, I mean it like the people who talk about commercials for fun.

Chivalry & feminism is the same thing. Women are supposed to be working in department stores when they’re not used for kids so that men don’t have to do those unimaginative tasks. Chivalry/feminism goes back to Medieval times when men would do such stupid things as jousting to impress social groups for the instincts of attaining a whore.

This is what I actually mean when I state “women not being taken care of.” It’s not an appeal to equality. It’s that they’re supposed to be working in department stores.

Redefining cooperation as “competition” is common with female nature. This is a neocon mentality to conflate the two.  General ambition for success is not an aspect of toxic masculinity. No, it isn’t. Successful meetings in board-rooms is not the same as erratic masculinity just because they sometimes overlap insignificantly, as they claim: “harnessed” negative forces for positive ones. The man who is impure does not get to be resorted as good-guys  (also insulting) just because women, & the like, don’t want to concede the plethora of males who often weren’t recognized by history because they weren’t erratic enough to get the attention of most people’s rapport (especially the primitive) of having the conquering force. It’s like the news-shows pumping out all this fear – only a pervading aspect of reality. The man who slaughters to get riches is a completely different “ballpark” than the man who helps by becoming manager of a lumber store, & conflating the latter with “competition,” when it involves more cooperation than competition, is way overblown. This is also like feminists because feminists only report on the subset: Both mainly know only the pervading aspect. That is their authority – they mainly know only what is immediate.

I will establish a definition: What is addiction? Addiction is doing something by compulsion repetitively. What’s the result of that? Something that takes away from you. Leads astray, wastes time, causes arrogance. The same arrogance exhibited by neocons & feminists.  If you got out of your little neocon/ego/pleasure-trap mentality of imposing your force, you’d realize that your context is not THE context.

(Video-Game) Addiction Caused By Bad/Mediocre Mothers | Jessie Nagy


People have addictions they’re not even aware of.

Dependence to sugar & excessive carbohydrates is due to being controlled by three body chemicals[1]:

Beta Endorphins – pain relief, including emotional.

Dopamine – pleasure sensation

serotonin – anti-anxiety

After satisfaction consisting of only minimal time, the negative symptoms become worse, causing more addiction.

Obviously, people use various addictions for catharsis due to either not willing to think about conditions or because of obscure past experiences.

What is another Addiction?

Video games. Video games are expensive, & you could be spending that money for knowledge instead.

The knowledge collecting that I do is not due to being a “hungry ghost.” It’s a type of work.

Early stress can cause severe disruption of neurotransmitter & endocrine systems, including serotonin, & others[2]. Motivation, socializing will be affected.

Even altered brain flow have been found among 18-25-year-olds who had bad childhood experiences.

We all know what chivalry causes – the driven woman, which is a form of Feminism, albeit without the name of Feminism.

As women exercise their opinions in society, (“you seem desperate/needy”) laugh when men vent their experiences, slander, etc., damage is done because humans are social who rely to social relations to maintain optimal functioning.

The culture blames ineffectual males on the male, yet how do women get considered when they often sabotage optimal development?

The number one reason[3] that women divorce was because of “different life goals.” What could that actually mean when marriage is already a goal? It means that women have a tendency of not seeing marriage as a goal the way the male does, but something they can USE to other goals. with women more than twice as likely to start divorce, it’s rules disregarded because traditional marriage has rules. Women don’t have that same concept of settling, which is why the projection of the restless/racing masculinity even happens.

With an absence of touch, etc., they also destroy male psychology, then dismiss that experience later because chivalry allowed their opinions/judgment they’ve imposed to society, then too many people fail to realize that the society has become a posturing ground of the racing, restless masculinity for her entertainment & misconceptions – a vicious cycle.

A woman’s job is that of touching, etc.. Nutrition is not the sole factor a woman can give. There’s also maternal emotional signals, hormones, & stress factors.

Unlike instincts (some complex, some more simple, like pulling your hand out of the flame being a genetically derived action – nature), the contribution of nurture is experiential memories downloaded in the subconscious mind.

While females are playing with their drive for what they see as the apex of the scanty, sparse, semioccasional, exiguous, what kind of downloading is added – when she was strayed away from what should be her main duty that was replaced with trades, etc.?

Answer: Internal enemies used as a catharsis, like sparkly sugars, processed garbage/burgers sabotaging our biology due to the aftermath of stress hormones of fear activated adrenal glands, which is set by the driven attitude prized by women to continuously employ fight-or-flight motives to survive in struggling environments. There’s a fight to make a living. Then alcohol, drugs/prescriptions, television is distracting.

Men who have REAL bravery are nice.

Power struggles is what women are interested with. Who will win? That’s a wrong question to ask because there’s hardly any winner due to polluting our psychology. Is there any real meaning with that?

A presentation of information with ones & zeros will mean something to someone who knows that language, but by a casual observer, it just looks like some random design. This is the way women see your experience, as they laugh when you vent, etc..

Men & women don’t even speak the same language. We use the same data, but we don’t speak the same:

Males & females have different types of processing. Males prefer “big picture”/optimistic strategies. ( Scam you not. Check the sources on end.) Women prefer more procedural mazes. When asking a man for directions, for example, there’s a tendency to tell the general layout. It’s an aspect of the male tendency to try to make something better.

There is research[4] that specialization between two hemispheres of the brain is different for the sexes. Brain scans give that women use more symmetrical brain areas than men for the same tasks. Women also generally have more percentage of connecting fibers in the corpus callosum.

Men’s brains are reported to be more lateralized.

The correlation of that research is that mens’ brains are more specialized, particularly with spatial processing in the right hemisphere. According to this, they are likely to be more proficient with right-hemisphere tasks than women because of this lateral specialization.

This latter type of cognition is a strategic type of thought processing, one of which has given to the female the adaptation of making themselves prettier – real direction. Don’t think this is female sexuality. She’s giving a front for attention. When females want their preferences, it’s violence. Violence with the median meaning of, for example, violent laughter, or something like that. The converse of what females do is the male taking other straying courses for her fleeting personality. Meaning: men want a companion. Women want to show status, like: “I can even get X if i want….”

Women are barbaric, but will “spice” it with “emotion,” “wisdom,” etc..

Further:[5] There has been research that autism can actually describe the “ultra-male” brain with unique configuration of specific skills & even less talk & partying.

With womens’ brains being different, they have a tendency of processing language differently – miasma superiority.

Then there’s other suggestions of different brains being differentially susceptible during development.

[6]Artificial testosterone injections generally cause male tendencies by women. Estrogen does the opposite for men.

[7] With oxytocin mediating “mother bear” tendencies, with much nurturing for those of the clan but aggression to those not of the clan, the most viable option is really to keep women mainly close to the family, so that she can keep that contained, as an object strategically employed for affection & nurturing association.

When plasma oxytocin levels are set to low[8], there is a general trend of addictions to video games, food, & other addictions.

Early care giving has long-term epigenetic effects for development, which can happen later of life.

Mediocre/bad mothers cause offspring to be susceptible to being less able to stop or pause fight-or-flight hormones. Factually, the fight-or-flight state is accepted because women approve the maxim of “don’t be nice,” or whatever. Those males have become feeble by women without even realizing it because defending or being passive are two aspects of the same thing. It comes from a disorder of society not controlling women well enough to have them regulating intense attachment, especially during early age, as she is assimilated with pursuits of men & allowed to sway. The racing, restless masculinity becomes “healthy.” It becomes the norm. Emotion dysregulation during 6 months predict bad social capacities, which is considered “good,” high blood pressure, metabolic problems, bad self control of appetite, which also gets converted as bad self control of other indulgence – the impulsive/entertaining masculinity that she likes, & even detrimental effects to reproduction. Monopolized emotions by her causes the mental insufficiency of males because males are basically for her entertainment instead of the reverse order.

Epigenetic – how experience affects expression of genes – realities have been tested with rats: They recorded effects of maternal touch on gene expression. Maternal affection during the first week of life is linked to altered expression of more than a thousand genes. Pups with a lot of nurturing (lots of licking) results with decreased levels of the defensive responses & what is translated with human interaction as that decrease as well well & a decrease of supercilious unfriendliness, nihilism or disorganized thinking.[10]

Women are not intellectual creatures. They are simply tactile, whether at home or the factories.

Passivity, as people accept disgusting hamburgers (“shut the fuck up, & eat & drink it”), instead of criticizing it, is then called “dominance.”

Defending it as enjoyment is almost like how feminists claim “don’t fat shame.”



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Who’s Really The Socially Retarded – Capricious? | Jessie Nagy

why fem hate moral males

Men are physically stronger. However, & what will be read will be misinterpreted as “just like the feminists,” &, as usual, I have EVIDENCE with a list of sources on end of article, when it comes to stress endurance, men are actually weaker.[1] Yes, that’s right. I typed it. Women live longer, lose the use of limbs later than men, have grey hair not as easily as men, keep their eye & hearing more easily, & are sexually stronger. Women also have less memory problems as they get older, not that they’re more intellectual creatures: they remember stupid, irrelevant things/they hold stupid grudges. Females also, although more males are conceived, survive birth processing more. [Reported 1988]

Men are less sensitive to pain due to the rampant alexithymia in society.

If females are making themselves prettier with false masks of face-paint, etc., basically lies, males are also lying to others, &, worse of all, to themselves, that they have some kind passion or “meaning” to be in various games for whores.

Look at this disgusting trash[2]: BEFORE & AFTER

The male hormone: Testosterone is known for being wired in males by history to make them assertive because, during those times, these male responses had survival value. T. has another mechanism which is much less regarded because the action mechanism of T. is way overinflated: John Bancroft reported[3] for ‘The Clinics of Obstetrics & Gynocology’, that males with profound T. also have extreme concentration skills.

Why is there such an illogical expectation & demand for males to act like they’re “not” vulnerable? It’s because of the different capacities monopolized: While men, & not to have a semantic debate because I don’t have time for that – I’m trying to help males, are weaker of terms of stress endurance, they are stronger with concentration & the mind (hence why I reiterate my arguments). The result of a contrast is, as females are weaker with the mind but stronger with longevity, females permit what they find to be sexually appealing, which is capricious because it isn’t possible, because of the female weakness of the mind. One lack of capacity overpowers the other.

& THIS HAS RESULTED WITH MALES DOING BASICALLY ALMOST ANYTHING TO HAVE THE SEX APPEAL FOR WOMEN OF BEING “ONE OF THE MEN THAT STANDS OUT.” You idiots will do almost anything for sex appeal. The sex appeal obsession over rides ethical thought.

Alexithymia is a subclinical phenomenon of lack of emotional acknowledgement/not identifying feelings of sensations. (Nemiah et al., 1976) – Neuroeconomics (second Edt.), 2014 [4].

What does subclinical mean? By early stage of disease, not noticeable. [5]

& what does phenomenon mean? Occurrence that is significant. [6]

So we have a phenomena that is basically shunned.

What happens to the male body due to the stressful demands of women & society? Disorders, diseases, dysfunction, even death [7]. This isn’t hyperbolic. Although death might not be the thing to worry about, quality of life can be seriously ruined, so the meaning of living is often ruined anyway.

& yet why do women hate it when men show the reality that men become fatigued much easier by stress?

Karl Pribam[8] of the University of California at Santa Cruz states: young boys have greater dominance for right-brain hemisphere communication as well. Right brain is generally less verbal & symbolic (why females ask stupid questions like “Why are you so quiet,” then slander him as “shy,” or whatever. Introverts aren’t necessarily “shy.” Introverts are just addicted to different things. Extroverts are addicted to excitement. Introverts are addicted to what’s soothing). Boys tend to gain left-hemisphere dominance by teen years. You combine that with Alexithemia/unhealthy motivation, you generally get destruction.

The genius symbolism by intactivist Mathew Hess is featured in his comic-book series: ‘Foreskin Man.’ [9].

Check his comic books[10] via mgmbill-dot-org. I would love a recorded interview with the creator. Make contact with him. Stay active.


Are women paying attention to ‘Foreskin Man’ comics? No. They’re not. This man who created it is a genius infiltrator. Women should be crawling on their knees towards men like that. A hero. Yet, no. Women don’t seriously worship heroes. They worship “Satan.”

I guarantee you most women will prefer the men with alyxethemia. Women want you to talk of terms of entertainment because women believe that your existence is for that, but realistic talk is not acceptable.

Alyxethemia is ESPECIALLY common with circumcised males, more than intact men [11], although it is possible to have it from other stressors., but one of the most severe forms of Alyxethemia is male genital mutilation (M.G.M.).

People suffering with alexithymia, particularly males, daydream less, confuse their emotions with something to be treated with a quick-fix of drugs, & place less value for imagination – what would be more male freedom. This causes them to have less respect for other males’ experiences. This is why other men, rather than truly understanding, will just tell you to become an “alpha male” – really bad advice.

We’ve regressed to atomized individualism, for a lack of a better description. Helping is seen as a “sickness,” or something. Can’t find a job? It’s your own fault. If you’re not John Wayne/Clint Eastwood, you “probably deserve death.”

Alexithymia is not an innate product of “toxic masculinity” (Only the outliers represent that latter). Rather, alexithymia is something that happens to males, & males get blamed for their alienation.

Males with alyxethemia also have worse passion because they have worse interaction. The reason they have worse interaction is because they’re more impulsive. The reason they’re more impulsive is because they have unbalanced emotions. Having this state of dissociation is not “being calm & collected.” It’s, more accurately, a dysfunction.

Alexithymia is not classified as a disorder by the DSM-IV, yet it is. [12]

Cut males are reported to have 60% more experience of suffering with alexithymia. [13], & they want you to suffer with them – “quit bitching, become alpha, do what Jordan Peterson tells you to do.”

Unlike PTSD, Alexithymia is persistent. [14]

A woman’s definition of “heroes” are the incendiary, malcontent ringleaders with quirks about them – outliers. Those types have the power to CONVERT others. Most men who subscribe to this “alpha male” garbage have only converted to it. It’s a religion.

This is, I believe, the most important recording[15], pertinent to the elite religion of alpha-males that males convert to because of the female attraction to outliers:

During history, Turkish invaders forced young Armenian boys to convert to their beliefs & circumcision[16]. They were brainwashed to be a part of their army.

When the pre-Columbian Aztec high-priests were sacrificing humans[17], they were rounding all these people by ringleaders who converted to the high-priest. The point is: a few compared to more.

Circumcision, which has some of its origins of ancient Egyptian ritual,[18] is a classic example of the outliers’ rituals collecting others to be CONVERTED to ringleaders’ malcontent agendas.

A mob-boss frequently needs gangsters to do work for him. They’re converted by the incentive of money, etc., just like males are converted to be alpha-males with the incentive of whores, etc..

The way Zionism gets money by theft is by feigning victim-hood of “the” Holocaust, using “the” like it’s the only & worst one that ever happened: “We’re a special interest group of victims. Convert to the cause of funding us.”

Women would be sucking the penises of these men because they have so much power, regardless of their crimes.

The most powerful organized crime cabal is the Khazarian Mafia.[19].

The reason people who know about this get dismissed as “paranoid losers” is because of the fact that they are organized so cleverly to be unnoticed.

They’re orchestration seeps into other aspects of culture, hence one of the reasons of how you see programs of how to be an “alpha male.”

According to Preston James, Ph.D., the evil society emerged during[20] 100-800 AD, which still has influence.

[21]Russia, & other neighbors, had so many complaints by the inhabitants, so they delivered a message to the king of Khazaria:

Choose one of the Abrahamic faiths for you & your people.

The Khazarain king chose Judaism. The Khazarian king kept secretly doing ancient Babylonian rituals,[22] involving child sacrifice, bleeding them out, drinking their blood, & eating their hearts.

This violence can also be seen with the influence of Holly-wood “slasher” films, etc..

It was based of ancient Baal worship, a.k.a. worship of the Owl, which they still practiced by fooling the confederacy of nations led by Russia that was monitoring Khazaria. They fooled them by melding evil practices with Judaism by the creation of a secret hybrid religion: Babylonian Talmudism.

[23] The Khazarians continued to rob & murder during history, even by taking the identities of their victims, becoming masters of disguise.

One of these disguises is circumcision as a “medicinal” practice, when it’s really a form of control.

[24] Another is the hijacking of British Banking & Hijacking the nation of England with The Rothschilds as front men.

1600s: The Khazarian mafia murder the British Royals & replace them with fakes.[25]

1700s: Murder French Royals.[26]

Right before WW1: They murder Austrian Archduke Ferdinand to start WW1.[27]

1917: Khazarian mafia gather their army, Bolsheviks, infiltrate Russia, murder the Czar & family, steal the Russian gold, silver, etc..[28]

Right before WW2: They murder Austrian & German royals.[29]

After: They remove Chinese Royals & disempower the Japanese ruler.[30]

The Rothschilds create global drug trafficking for the KM. [31]

[32] The Rothschilds were the funding agents of American colonies. The Hudson Bay Company & other trading companies were used to exploit the New World. They crippled Ameri-Indians to exploit the vast resources.

Same as what they did to the Caribbean & India.

Then they started the slave trade.

They also purchased slaves from chiefs of Africa.

They took these slaves to the Caribbean & America in cramped units. Many died at sea due to poor conditions.

[33] By lending money to both warring sides, they learned that war was a great way to gain money. To guarantee collections, they had to get taxation laws done, used to force payment.

[34] After losing the American Revolution, which Russians assisted the colonists with, the Rothschilds became obsessed with trying to retake America & getting revenge on American colonists.

They infiltrated & bribed members of congress.

The Rothschild/KM then start an illegal tax system in America.

World Zionism, with the inculcation to their henchmen that gentiles were intent to slaughter them, is a form of covert Babylonian Talmudism that was unknown to many Judaics.

[35] Adolf H. became a problem to the KM when he was free of their influence, began doing things of benefit to the German people, & developed his own banking system free of the Rothschilds.

Adolf H. introduced a financial system that was free of usury & beneficial to the working class of Germany.  Even more rare, this was an outlier giving to others.  This agitated the Khazarians & Rothschilds who created usury.

[36] Now, dumb Americans are manipulated to fight & die for for the KM to take other land & oil.

We’re ruled by a group of gangsters that own banks that control the media & government. They fund both sides of war to make money, & they manufacture consent of the public by persuasion.

[37] After agitating both the West & Islam, they decide to use Islam to be blamed, especially because Islam was also anti-usury.

The Khazarian Mafia has ruined so many aspects of society, from lots of unemployment [38] to other tactics.

Additional to the mass entertainment/distraction they use, much of the history of the Khazarian Mafia was excised[39] from libraries by the KM to protect themselves.

Their only power is their secrecy, so eliminate their power by getting the info to others.

Historically, for good reason, Jews have been expelled mainly for usury, subversion & treason. [40]:

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Who Really Invented Alcohol? | Jessie Nagy

Bocott itDon’t think that being judged (“Why do you care about what people think?”) has “no” relevance because it does. This ordains trends of who is allowed to have social status & who isn’t.

Not that this pertains to this article, but I’ll type it anyway: My mother died recently (~9/0/2018). Thanks for the free trips to Disney-land, the free jewelry, the free theological books, & some other stuff. Now, please get reincarnated as a cockroach, or something.

“You have Autism.” This is the new: ” You’re a paranoid conspiracy theorist.”

Being content is actually a need that correlates to bio-chemical processes. This is very similar to nutritional processing. It’s not even “only” a want. It’s an actual need. The problem is: Have you ever noticed how women say “needy” like it’s a bad thing. Yes, we humans are social, & males need interaction. The fact that females can’t even understand this is further proof that female ordination should be limited of the equation.

A male that a female has no or little experience with is not automatically a “loser,” or whatever the terms may be. How can you know something with the deflections by facade reading? How can you seriously know it without seriously trying it? It’s true that you can know something by a mental way – collecting data, etc., but females don’t even do that regarding those types of males. They just take a caricature of something like a “nerd”, which isn’t even real, then they concentrate opinions with gossip about those caricatures.

There is a really good quote from nannetteknowsmen-dot-com[1], who is the most androcentric female blogger I’ve read, pertaining to how females state something like “We don’t owe you anything” to a guy who makes a harmless off-color joke, then typically goes to bed with another male with another style, doing THE EXACT SAME STRATEGY – acting like they (the females) don’t entertain themselves like that. This happens only to different guys, & I’m not referring to loser males. I’m just referring to guys who are conserving themselves to not be with wasteful trends. My point is those other males who make the same off-color joke, etc., who are discarded, are not a part of “the fringe.” They are just simply not allowed to have their masculinity flourish because they don’t waste themselves with drinking, etc..

The male cosmetics were devised as men were wasting vital energy, when they should’ve really been working for a cure for prostate cancer.

Notice how men will create so much junk just to be a part of womens’ unreal, fleeting desires[2]:

for who created alcohol, which is better

Hildegard von Bingen, a woman, was reported to have been probably the first to describe hops scientifically – science wasted for garbage.[3]

We know now that alcohol (especially when combined with sugar) has estrogenic effects for males & bad health, so I’m not being hyperbolic when I type that it’s literally emasculating.[4]

Supposedly, women could’ve been the original brewers.[5] It might be true, but that’s not something to be proud of. The men that have been involved with the helping of that are the contributors of the male acceptance of exchanging male health & sovereignty for her thriving.

I was never fooled by the image of females as demure, etc.. I’ve always seen them as slovenly, ugly, disgusting animals. & I don’t mean ugly & disgusting, etc., physically.

If you really want TRUE male power for yourself, you have to stop participating with certain things.

I am not persuaded by bloggers like Lauren Southern with her commentary as to why she’s not married. The real reason she’s not married is because she’s greedy – waiting for more, & because she comes from a culture of which chivalry was the most popular. That enhanced MALE cosmetics – jousting & other stupid things. The modern version is men wasting money for clubs, bottles, flashy clothes, “self help” guides, etc. Cosmetics should be only for females.

Northern/Western culture is very smart with manufacturing, etc., but sex, they don’t know very well.

It’s not “nature-vs.-nurture.” It’s a combination of both, & it is an aspect of human nature to chose many things, one of which is to apply cosmetics.

When I was working for a restaurant earlier, & this was during a time That I was taking a lot of NATURAL supplements to increase my testosterone levels, like certain probiotics, ginseng, & other ones, so I was extremely assertive, this lady got this guy to tell me, when I was working in the back portion, for me to hurry, when I was already working fast. These whores would come back & forth just tossing sharp, jagged utilities into slippery, compact, unstable, areas near me that could easily cause damage. I told him: “Just tell those ladies in the front that I’m, even though they tell me back here to work faster, I’m working  with utilities that have to be handled steadily.”

He looks offended & says: “Don’t even trip, bro.”

In a culture of which females get to dictate what’s socially acceptable, even things like REAL dominance, which I was doing, especially because I don’t drink, etc., get re-defined. Being a follower of the “sheep” is seen as “dominance.” You will often be rewarded for having a casual/non-domineering way.

Look at this fucking loser[6]. Fucking Slob, & yet he would give some false answer that he “runs a business”. Yeah, he’s probably a fucking drug-dealer. “420” is trendy enough for me to not have to type the meaning:

for who created alc 2

Marijuana & alcohol is a gate-way drug. It’s a gate-way to lethargy, being overweight, unhealthy, mental torpor, hormonal problems, money wasted, time wasted, replacement of competence with lack of competence, etc..

Whether it was men or women who created alcohol is still a mystery because I’ve only been provided 3 articles with only lame suggestions that it was women who did, but the fact still is:

No level of alcohol is actually healthy[7]. (other than perhaps less than %1 for gym sessions) It’s been scientifically proven, yet the “benefits” of it have been by pseudo-science. There are risks of auto accidents, suicide, psychological problems, liver problems, cardiovascular problems & cancers.

Generally, the more income, the more prevalence of drinking. Isn’t it astounding how there can be a demand for garbage if there’s enough of a price on it?

Prior to findings of Dr. Gakidou, it was believed that moderate consumption was “healthy.” “Everything in moderation.” You have to realize that that maxim was used when, A., people knew less, &, B., it could’ve been more applicable because they didn’t have things like Donuts during those times. Dr. Gakidow now knows one drink a day for a year increases health problems. We used to live much less years during the past. When we discover more & more things like this, we’ll probably be able to prolong life to an average of 150(+).

These countercultures, etc., are artificial constructs to pretend to be more than a lack of genuine culture: seeking short-term hedonistic entertainment, (not that there’s something totally wrong with pleasure, but there’s no significant control) so they embrace more instincts & pursue instant gratification. Being valueless & even immorality is something very much esteemed. Short-term gain is more important than long-term goals, then gluttony, greed, unsophisticated lust, laziness rule their minds with obesity, drug abuse, lame debauchery that isn’t even slightly stimulating, & hatred for anyone who is superior to all of that. Healthy culture is less attractive as it emphasizes morality, etc.. They call it “sensitive.”

That is why a lot of females don’t like “Bros”/”basic guys,” for a lack of a better description (especially these indie-whores with their stupid little nose piercings/”metal boogers”). Or, if that is not understandable, have you ever heard of women stating something like: “I don’t like a guy who is too much into himself.” “He can’t have six-pack abs.” The reason females often don’t like (not that they’re all necessarily superior either) those types of males is  because those males basically structure a life for themselves that basically implies: You don’t get anything else. You’re not going to get me to do a dance, hop around like a monkey in a circus-suit. You’re not going to get journeys & a collection of exotic bottles. You’re getting me, & THAT’S IT.”

This transformation of culture to “Mtv.” is one of which the mentally adept creature with a strong sense of self control is seen as “pathetic,” etc., as people are even entertained by things like gangs, etc..

This child-like state that rules the mind of “Mtv.” sees society as one for largely attention seeking as an infant would, by the embrace of popularity, for a lack of a better word, as “Mtv.” cries out to be looked at & acknowledged. This craving is really not very different than a toddler making a tantrum. Yet now, when they’re so jaded, maintaining people’s superficial attention is increasingly difficult, which can even cause them to call you a “creep,” or something, for saying something realistic. You often have to do something EXTRA novel, something extra extreme to compete with toddler tantrums.

This isn’t “conspiratorial”: People want to sell what people are addicted to, not necessarily what is beneficial. A person that is marketing a product isn’t necessarily promoting what is of your best interest. They’re thinking: what do you enjoy the most/pay more for. It’s not a “conspiracy” against your well-being per se. It’s a conspiracy for economics by giving you what you crave & not what is beneficial. What people crave is as much dopamine stimulation as they can get as easily as possible because the motivational triad is pleasure seeking, pain avoidance, energy conservation, so you want to gain as much pleasure with as minimal pain & effort as possible. The result to those not programmed – who have self control & discipline – get projected to have “masochism” or “weakness.” You can control by volition because you have superior consciousness as a human, but it does take ENERGY, & if you have energy minimized of the equation due to indulging with what is craved rather than beneficial, you’re unlikely to use the methods to be successful.

Example: They use this sex-appeal argument to try to sell you what is going to drain you of vital energy: “Not eating meat will lower your testosterone.”

The more pleasure you seek, the more unhappy you get.

In Japan, silence is often readily understood that counterparts are seriously considering something. [8] In the U.S., it’s much more of something “meaning” discomfort. What is it about the Western people, especially Western whores, that makes them believe that being quiet “means” something bad to them? What kind of delusion do these people have to think it “means” one thing, when the reality is much, much more than that?

Without a serious intellectual hierarchy, the evidence is simple: They’ve been allowed by relentless neo-cons, etc., to be aggressive. You’re not a leader, you’re a pawn. Notice that I didn’t type created by neocons, so it’s not completely about social engineering. I used the word allowed, just like how women have selected.



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Aldous Huxley Was Right | Bright-Orange-Pills


When people say, “you’re philosophical critiques are boring” – totally irrelevant.

It’s not “sensitivity.” It’s the realization that Huxley was right. Orwell was right to the context of the East, especially with their shame culture.

I believe(?) it was Plato who stated, which I’m paraphrasing, (which will be another good study): Those who promote the truth are hated.

You can be hated as like a “rugged warrior”, or something stupid, for the sex-appeal, but you can’t be hated for the best reasons because you have no serious integrity, & you’re not different: You’re all the same infatuated people maintaining immediate gratification.

There’s a contrast of Orwell & Huxley: Orwell warns that we will have blatant imposed oppression. Huxley wrote that no “big brother” is needed because: People will just love their oppression, to adore all the distractions & entertainment/info-tainment that undo their capacity to be critical.

You smoke marijuana. That’s not “enlightenment.” That’s escapism. You argue with passion about opinions (“this band is better than that”). That’s not a mark of intelligence. That’s an indication of the subjective. The objective is an indication of intelligence.

Orwell feared that books would be banned.[1] Huxley feared that there would be no need to ban them because most wouldn’t care to read them anyway. Orwell feared the deprivation of knowledge. Huxley feared the over-stimulus of info-tainment & distractions that would reduce most to a captive culture. ‘1984’ – People are controlled by pain. ‘Brave New World’ – people are controlled by entertainment.

Edward Bernay’s changed the meaning of propoganda [2]from an original context of truthful disclosure to confront ignorance & disinfo, to the context of which it is regarded with hesitant faith. Bernay’s had an arrogance & disregard for the “little guy.” Berneys managed social science & marketing together – control. Berneys understood that people are ignorant, & they’re best manipulated when their craving is by a continuum.

There’s unification against common enemies[3]. Women’s “romance” novels – hate-speech – gets them to insinuate who is “creepy.” Our sensitivity to violence has declined[4] dramatically (reported 2009), & don’t think that women’s “romance” novels are somehow exempt from this. First, there’s an imposition of an authority figure, then a fear or dislike of the unknown – the harmless guys, for a lack of a better word (“creepy”), due to immediate gratification. Next, the fantasies offer relief & allegiance away from “creeps” for daring to live.

Colors have persuasion[5]. The color: red is a very energetic one often signifying life. It also is the same color as blood. It’s an intense color.

I will give anecdotal information that is relevant to the science: This isn’t “bitter,” or some stupid dismissal like that, & the fact that you would dismiss it like that is further proof of entertainment making people dumb: It’s confirmed by the science: When I was sitting on a bench, I was wearing all black, a female saw me from a distance. She walked in a path-way behind the bench because she thought I was “creepy.” Black is a stern, “solid,” masculine color. Women will only like it if they can know that it’s worn by a mafia member, etc., but if it’s too mysterious for them, if that information isn’t provided, it’s “creepy.”

I was talking to a female about how I prefer formal dark clothes – black & grey – with a good belt with a square metal “plate.” She said that’s a style that “tries too hard.” The point of this is not to start a tangent of preference of style. It’s to point the contradiction she had by the fact that her boyfriend had a mohawk, wore vibrant colors, sunglasses for no reason of sun-blocking, etc.. He was trying too hard.

Art-school will teach you the art of manipulation[6], & the commercial groups, completed with their courses, thrive by keeping people dumb by entertainment . Why would you want want to fund this?

The craving for entertainment is already there, so I’m not stating that this is all totally “social engineering,” but there is a way that they keep people dumb by keeping them craving for the next entertainment.



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Sinners | Jessie Nagy


Women are fucking scammers. Pay women with your status, she’ll give you a return of a, not only personality disorders, but also a return of a gamble to which she could easily switch priorities.

Jordan Peterson is such a pretentious pseudo intellectual. With all his shoddy “expertise” of psychology, he fails to acknowledge the fact that males become more loving quicker by fact of them being more visual creatures than women[1]. They’re also more likely to kill themselves due to failed relationships.[2] This is what is commonly described by popular parlance as “putting her on a pedestal.”

This visual aspect of masculinity is why males love comic books so much, or something else very visually oriented. Of course, the stories are ridiculous, but they are enjoyed because of the visual stimulation – the detail, the shading, etc.. If you like that as a grown man, there is generally an anti-male attitude to it, yet, if you like to watch the NFL, which features grown men realistically piling on top of each other to win the trophy/money for status, then you’re a “real man.”

By Jordan Peterson endorsing that type of masculinity instead of healthy Peter-Pan “syndrome,” with his willingness to promote “romance has got to die,” he’s actually anti-male. According to J.P., romance is the mentality of a “naive 12 year old girl.” Not really, you dumb cunt, you’ve just been emasculated, just like most of the other status seekers – masculine physiologically, but effete by demeanor. This nonsense that he endorses is one of the reasons for the rape of Earth, with various poisonous chemicals of cars, etc., into the sphere. smarter, patient males, the romantics, etc., could’ve constructed because they are not as concerned with making more & more status. This fucking J.P. idiot is such a poser.

Gene Simmons – band member of Kiss – was told by one of his female relatives after announcing he was rich, which I’m paraphrasing, “so how are you going to make more money now?”[3]

Women seem almost disdainful of men they’re not attracted to.

They’ve all bought the emasculated version of masculinity of status cultivation.

Men buy, literally buy, the phoney mystique of women.


Some would say that’s not real. Exactly, these symbols are totally false, yet realize how so many people worship these symbolist philosophers like J.P.. Women have been portrayed as some sort of grand judges of “justice”, or something like that. Matriarchal societies have been believed to be benevolent. Unfortunately, that’s not true.

The Egyptian goddess: Isis, usually wearing horns[4] & solar disk (seems like a prototypical devil.)

How was culture oriented to these female forms, including Ishtar & Astarte? Worshiping Isis involved the annual sacrificial drowning of a young virgin girl in the Nile. Ishtar’s priestesses were temple slaves. Asteroth’s son: Baal, was given sacrifices of children.

If we analyze these symbols without the deluding entertainment of Jordan Peterson, we realize it for the fact that idiots like Jordan Peterson are trying to persuade you to foolishly sacrifice your manhood for cooperation of sinners. This is a true “cuck,” as they’d say.

Factually, before mass entertainment & rapid distractions, it was an obvious truth of philosophy that women are mentally inferior[5] & less moral.

According to[6] ‘When She Was Bad: Violent Women & The Myth Of Innocence’ by Patricia Pearson, those women who are convicted of heinous crimes, have reduced punishment drastically.

A feminist/woman would call you a “creep” for not being amused, & an idiot like Jordan Peterson would advocate for males to just embrace feminized psychology, with his stupid, “respect mothers” archetypes. He wouldn’t explicitly condone feminism, but he is like a feminist, albeit a self proclaimed anti-feminist: Telling males to give to females instead of enjoying themselves.



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Distinguishing Different Types Of Fear | Jessie Nagy

hate speech

What research have you done? Answer the question. I’ve done research for YEARS not minutes of a short video.

If you’re a journalist (which I’m not. Journalists mainly report current events. I’m a philosopher belonging to a school I enhanced called counter-intuitive philosophy. I also report neuroscienec, general psychology, sexology, & more.), do you have to directly experience everything you report about? No. You talk to people, You look at data. You look at how they’re saying similar things, & then you put the suggestions before people & state: make of it what you will.

Ego is an expression of fear. It’s a natural motivator of life. We all (most) have it. I will bring sanity regarding this extremely confused topic touted about & make distinctions of healthy, rational fears & others. Ego & fear are so dominant in this culture, often not realized they are the same with various derivatives.

Freud was an experimentalist, not a theorist. He studied many, many people & realized they all had ego, & because they all seemed to be normal, like most everyone else, typical, average, then Freud made the conclusion that ego was generally a good thing. It depends. When most of the population has ego, they can’t make the distinction & realize they have their own version of fear.

Fear also has many disguises. One of which is loudness, convincing that it is not fear.

Defense mechanisms are used not by scientific, philosophical axioms, but by lazy assumptions & opinions shared – another manifestation of fear.

Fear can be disguised as courage. Fear can be the contrarian comparison to others for resentment that others don’t notice their lives/making them realize they’re not really important. Acting brave due to fear of seeming afraid is more commanding than fear of injury. He does not dare to suggest caution due to fear of being interpreted as a coward.

Fear can be snobbishness – snubbing others they’re not sure about. (Mine is the parallel of that, but how it differs is by knowing them: I’ve accumulated data to confirm experiences. There’s a difference.) Then there’s the derivative of that: not censuring others for fear of ruining a party or the feared label as being withdrawn. Fear can be impulsive hostility.

There’s many different types of fear. It can be good: fear of mysterious insects is good. It can be bad. Admitting fear as manifested differently is what separates me with the delusional.

Fear is disguised as ambition[1], dominance: “I can’t be a man with self preservation because that will make look “uncool,” so I have to dominate external things.”

Fear can be disguised as bohemianism, an urge to be animated at the party. Sometimes it hides with indulgence.

There’s fear manifested by school, church, legislature, etc.,

But having fear is sometimes fine, & admitting it is a part of being mature & realistic. Women ruin this type of realism & maturity by their craving. Acceptance is initial for transitioning. The system evolves by creating axioms, admitting to truth/honesty, by organizing real meaning. What is the meaning of human conditions? The significant purpose is to decrease entropy. If that doesn’t happen – by female invalidating of realistic information by ownership of filtering, it just becomes randomness, basically nothing – lack of created structures. By taking female filtering out of the equation, it optimizes itself with building systems. The female ego is not self awareness. It is self instincts – not awareness – of the service of fear & a bad ability to accept realism.

She wants you to present yourself a certain way to impress her friends.

Fear – We most have it (Maybe if you’re some kind of a mutant, you don’t). For women to validate the notion of dominance as “not” fear, society has failed to admit fear as a manifestation of life, therefore, has ruined distinctions of rational fear & other types.

How can you not derive a sane, healthy, logical type of fear due to this:

Murderers, including cop-killers, were reported to have received sex by female prison guard in the NSW prisons[2].

Fear can also be disguised as pride/possessiveness – territorial jealousy because another male comes near her, yet not being able to judge her for fear of losing it & realizing his relationship is based by lies.

Fear is so widespread with various manifestations that there is an overproduction of hiders/pretenders & a shortage of those willing to bravely admit RATIONAL fear – a healthy sign of being mature & realistic. By denial of allowing men to admit & acknowledge that the male experience IS fragile, it is allowing women to rate, with their selfishness, their crude taste, their shoddy standards, their materialism, the displays of the pretense of not having fear – making males commit rational “suicide.” As a result, males internalize their frustration, their confusion, so they attack other males both by the direct & indirect meaning. Don’t pretend & make a performance for whores. Just admit that you are human & not some fucking fantasy that the woman believes she’s entitled to. There’s nothing wrong withe males admitting their REALISTIC experience, & there’s no such thing as the reality of what a woman ultimately wants, so give her the middle-finger & bravely admit that you’re not really, completely brave, say: “Yeah, I am vulnerable.”

Some desire is beneficial – the kind that brings contentment. Women are generally not content though. It is an unhealthy type of desire[3]. All the qualities women want men to be generally do not come together. This is why women burden society with their inability to be content, & make males “implode.” Buddha understood this, & he didn’t need to “cut up” facts to elaborate formulas: He called-a-spade-a-spade – that’s a masculine form of linguistics. Women have the detrimental desires that lead to perennial nonsense. It also causes the cultural idea that if something is not physical, it is likely to “not” be real. Women eventually don’t like or think lesser of husbands who can’t give them their desires, but you can’t really make a woman’s desires complete. Women are not truly grateful. They are unethical.

Buddha understood that making women happy is usually a trap. Instead, control desires, rather than having it control you.

Factually,[4] the more women are satisfied, the more they will commit unethical actions: A study published by Journal of Sexuality & Culture noted the more satisfied she is with primary relationship, the more satisfied she is with affairs. “Everything’s going great.” This is what charged female optimism is – destructive for masculinity.

Women try to get more because of their defect to not be satisfied. They will flirt with demons to get it:

A husband’s wife was cheating during marriage with a prisoner. This was from a source that actually sensationalizes things like this rather than criticizing it, so I will not actually provide a the source to it because I care more about ethics than some whore who can only understand the physical: according to them, it’s not real if it doesn’t involve physical experience.

Women need to be “called out,” as they’d say, before men start stopping the cycle by giving.

Factually, Australian prison guards keep – CONTINUOUSLY – getting caught having sex with inmates.

One female officer even smuggled steroids to an inmate[5].

Why isn’t the Me-too trend talking about this?

We/most have fear, but I have rational fear. There’s a difference. It’s not “fear of women.” I’s fear of results because of their fake, dumb ethics that could have a person like me, who actually has serious ethics, made a martyr  by their social retardation.

& why isn’t the Me-too trend talking about this:

It’s estimated that there are more women with debt counseling, but when men have debt, they have more trouble paying for it. Still, women have more debt than men.[6]

Women have more of a challenge with resisting sales. Women spend more recklessly.

Women like to shop a lot. That is a problem. Keep her badly planned desire at the mall restricted. Don’t encourage the addiction.

The fact that women manage money differently, males need to understand what kind of problems she can create before giving to her. I’d say don’t even give.

Some solutions (of Many) for males:

Let’s establish that you are one with a lot of stress – a typical male experience, the stress of that can reduce serotonin. Serotonin is a chemical that basically creates or serves as neurotransmitters. It helps your brain & central nervous system function. Without enough serotonin you feel depressed, so you can, with all that stress & negativity, get moods that reduce your serotonin. When that happens you get more bogged. That’s the mind starting something that the body will be effected by. Chronic negativity will have the body getting used to producing less serotonin – modifying the physical by the mental & emotional. Males need to be more engaging with their emotions regardless of what women want. The doctor then might prescribe you one of the ~10 or ~20 drugs that are of that same family of serotonin modifiers. Thanks to one of the factors being whores telling masculinity that it’s “wrong” to be “too nice,” or whatever dumb whores are calling it these days. The doctor tells you it’s a physical problem. The physical & mental though are connected, & the mental causes physical changes often.

Simply: find a constructive hobby that doesn’t really include her desires & impressing her, & be proud of it. Enjoy it. Continue it, but, of course, always have good information to know what you’re doing.

Turning to drugs, alcohol, etc., is the last thing you want to do.

Serotonin factually reduces appetite as you eat.[7]

A counter argument could be by pick-up-artists that impressing whores is a source of serotonin stimulation. Well, it’s possible that retards can do it that way. However (not that I buy it), this isn’t advice for them. This is advice for smarter males who gain satisfaction by holier-than-thou means.

Could it be that their whores are really just dragging them down? Factually, females have an incremental amount of negativity compared to males[8], especially when younger, so I just don’t buy that these pick-up-artists are “liberated.” I believe they’re just infected with female delusion.

Interestingly, women have more “internal” related depression due to things like interpersonal relationships + the usual biological processes. You know the drill. They don’t know how to have affection. Compared to that, males have depression displayed more sensitively to career, etc.. Hmm, I wonder what the obvious source of that is – not. Both factors though have one thing missing – proper established androcentric sexuality. I just don’t buy that these men wasting $30.00(+) dollars on bottles & flashy clothes of some sort are really “enjoying” themselves. Why do you see so much scape goats by them?

Reduced levels of serotonin increases aggressive behaviours.[9] Reduced serotonin creates instinct-hierarchies. Increased serotonin enhances pro-social actions.

Pick-up-artists & people who believe the alpha-male myth are actually unconsciously sanctioning a type of masculinity with defective brain function with damaged chemical processes. Her source of satisfaction is your desensitizing, & so many males are so desensitized they actually call it “winning” & “dominance.” Men & women are not each other’s helpers. We are engaged with a tug-of-war whether we know it or not. Better to take from her than for her to take from the male. But my strategy is not to “act kind of like a dick,” or whatever, because that’s her benefit. My strategy is to agreeableness with “Peter-Pan syndrome.” Increasing serotonin also helps males to achieve real power. Feeling good is generally associated with longevity[10], so go do your own thing. No. the real own thing, & do it with being smart about it. Pick-up-artists are not really living for themselves. They’re living for whores by whore terms.

Lambert argued that decline of vigorous physical exercise may contribute to incremental depression of modernity[11]

You are likely one of the feminized men today controlled by women & sex with the pretense of “dominance.” You’re not dominating anything but a game of cultivating delusions.  The fact is is that women are not men’s equals, & the pretense of “dominance” that most men have gives women dominance over men. Like the fucking cunt that she is, she claims “wimps.” This is absolutely not true. Respected men of many fields – not “wimps” – will state the same experience.

This is why we call women bitches. They have an animal-pack mentality.




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Hey, Bohemians & Normal People, Stop Quelling Bookstores, Especially Independent Ones | Jessie Nagy, AKA: Pen-etrator

what I do


There was book burning & programs of censorship in several Western localities during the Eisenhower president era.[1] Modern book “burning” could be likened to reported stagnation of civilization:

Only a moment is needed for a casual person, arrogating the resonance of authority, to stigmatize a book – to label it implausible, etc.. It takes rather longer to refute such work. One must be engaged with intricacy & fact-checking quibbles that scarcely conduce to  the television. Good television revels more with dramatic bloodbath, etc., than “robotic” info..

I was speaking to a lady at one of my local bookstores. She told me that there used to be more than 50 independent bookstores. Now it is reduced to 16. She told me it was because of things like digital books, etc..

I decided, after being angry by what she told me, with a courtesy amount, to spend $100.00 for my favorite category: neuroscience. It’s the most relevant. I don’t like things because it’s fun. I like things for being relevant. I like things for it being worthy obligations. I’m usually not that nice to females, but this situation had me obligated to certain ethics. I later donated an entire, huge box of valuable books to help their business, & she was only the co-owner anyway. The main owner is a man.

To be vulgar, stupid, or only mildly educated is fashionable.

The new technology is bringing illiteracy not literacy. Some of the articles are so bad it actually states it all with the title. There’s much less serious understanding of much meaning – much more intent to things you can do very quickly. There’s even some studies of neuroscience which suggests that cognitive changes as an effect of the reduction due to the rapid stimulation of kind of stimulus hunger that results & the restrictions of attention by the new technology[2]. The new technology does offer more understanding, but it can also often reduce it.

(Do not mistake technetronic markets with technocratic.)

With the increase of catharsis-culture: People are thinking more about their smart-phones, etc., then serious things.

Internet selling also raped the communities of bookstores. There’s an incentive for people to sell because they’ve all been conditioned by slave-wage schedules to sell by auction prices: A book that would otherwise be $15.00-$25.00 dollars is soled for $80.00-$150.00. You’re really just doing a disservice. STOP SELLING LIKE THAT. Give back to your community, & encourage more local INDEPENDENT bookstores to thrive. Why would you want to live in a culture that doesn’t offer enough of that? It also makes worse jobs. How stupid can you be? STOP SELLING BY EGREGIOUS AUCTION PRICES WITH E-SELLING, YOU FUCKING CUNTS. Those books need to be set to accessible prices.

Because of the idiots of the Albert Camus persuasion, they’ve ruined book culture by molesting book-culture, with their stupid vape-consuming, ETC. They say that I’m sad because I actually have standards. They think that I “need to get a life.” I’m actually doing something with my life. They need to get a life.

Addictions are not limited to substances. They are addicted to delusions of grandeur & casual lifestyles. When the reward circuits are stimulated, an addiction forms, whether it’s someone taking heroin to ease suffering or the compulsive irritation a whore has when a new person asks questions about options to a particular task. Unlike illicit drug use which is stigmatized, obsessive casual life-styles does not share the same social disapproval. A conformity bias tends to produce the belief that there is nothing bad about this behavior. Normality should not be confused with mental health.

It’s all because of them, the hoards have many names: Beatniks, normies – all basically worthless.

Social networks (superficial) help the social choose better answers yet they don’t prime them to answer more logically themselves. Social “learning” does not help individuals control their intuition. It helps society thrive with castigating critical thought, which is a form of being anti-social. Most aspects of “social networks” is just isolating units anyway, even when they meet, there will be no real ability to learn new customs, etc., because they’re habituated to be instant gratification addicts.

There’s an ideology that markets provide “freedom of choice.” That’s not true. Freedom of choice starts with the will to think more seriously. Is that what you want in life – just more & more habituating gadgets? There are lots of other things in life that the market doesn’t even offer.

If males dedicated more time to discipline, they wouldn’t have to do all these other stupid things to get attention of whores, rather, they could assemble females directly instead.

I did classes for my food-handler’s card, yet no one checked. The managers would have unsanitary methods. This lack of serious ethics to subscribe to rules, what they would call “doing things by the book,” is due to their life of appetites.

Serious ethics are not rewarded by socializing of which the female is primary. Factually, it’s even punished.

Idiots addicted to dopamine processes, this is what you don’t get: DISCIPLINE IS SUPPOSED TO BE BORING. BORING/TRANQUILITY IS A GOOD THING. It’s an indication of self control.

Can we clean the fucking streets of all these disgusting vape-shops, liquor stores, alcohol lounges, smoke shops, tattoo parlors, fast-food places, etc., & replace them with bookstores, especially used, learning work-shops, & independent health-grocery stores?

If you participate with anti-systems culture, you are effeminate, & I don’t mean that as a pejorative. You act feminine with feminine activities – self-worship, covetousness, fame – to be with them.

People have barely any respect for mutualism. If you think it’s so pathetic, then you should fend for yourself without the help of the police department, street cleaning, parks, the fire department, trash pick-up, snow plows, public schools, LIBRARIES, etc..

The real parasitic hippies are the predatory profit seekers of excess.

Capitalism is seen by a lot of people, particularly as those who value American drives, as a “freedom.” Modern capitalism is not freedom. It’s the antithesis. Then there’s the left-right divide/democratic vs. republican. “If you don’t like capitalism, then you must be a Socialist or the other c. word.”

Actually, the money-power people have much more shared commonality with the Marxists because Marxism, Communism are materialist oriented. (The different materialism I condone – books – is oriented for the mind.) Capitalism & Communism are two “sides of the same coin.”

The producers are being over-regulated by these parasitic forces. The producers are the farmers, the carpenters, the builders, etc.. Are they the ones controlling. No. the usurers are. The ultimate parasites are the bankers, etc..

This is permitting moral degeneracy: to condone someone like Rand. This is linked to other moral failings.  The worship of money is also the worship of women.

They say: “That’s just business.” They tolerate unethical practices with commerce.

Consider this: The market offers a choice – this brand of automobile or that brand. It’s like being offered the same cola packed by different design. It doesn’t offer the choice of a sub-way – what’s good for me, what’s good for the environment, good for future generations. Markets offer individual consumption, & the concern for markets is to get buyers to think of terms of selfishness, amassing more stuff, “forget other considerations.” Most adds are designed to make the buyer make an irrational choice. They won’t necessarily state it by economic courses in college.

When these companies make addictive products & sell toxins, products we don’t really need, etc., they defeat the competition, but society participates with it because they are kept ignorant. This type of predatory capitalism is something that Ayn Rand encouraged. This isn’t even objectivism. It’s subjective because it redistributes immediate gratification – not being seriously concerned with what’s ultimately right, but being concerned with various comfort, for a lack of a better word (subjective). It inhibits shared respect & disciplined development.

Truth becomes “spam” because of those idiots.

The economic system is destroying the environment.

Books Are Weapons, so, with the current state, please fund local book-stores, even thrift stores, so that we can have more of that on almost every street corner & more understanding people instead of “Golden Arches” of soiled/fake/modified food, etc., on every street corner. Spend that $20.00 on some books instead of a “dub sack,” poppers, or whatever. You can easily buy 3-4(+ sometimes) in a used/independent store. I just recently bought 5 books – molecular biology, 2 books on economics, linguistics/psychology of symbolism, & ancient central/south American mysteries – for $3.00 at my local thrift store. They have a deal of $1.00 per book or 5 for $3.00. When you sift through these books & it makes you look like an “old lady,” it’s supposed to be “dorky.” That’s a GOOD thing.

Get this: people don’t have serious ethics. The reason they don’t have serious ethics is because they’d rather spend their money on lucrative things as bong-shops, etc., & the reason they don’t have ethics is because they don’t read books – a vicious cycle.

Those stupid body modifications that people waste their money for, that originates by rituals of impressing to have sex appeal. Don’t believe this nonsense that they have some kind of “unique identity.” They are just desperate to impress.

I saw the other day what appeared to be a “dust-devil.” (I live in a desert.) when I got closer, I realized the yellow smoke was actually from a fast-food place – disgusting. This what money is going to.

Those who make their living by lending money are parasitical for the real economic activities of agriculture & manufacturing .

This mentality seeps into other aspects of living: There was a short article on even dictionary-dot-com: ‘What’s So Wrong With “Nice”?’ The article states an etymology of nice as nescius – “ignorant” [14th century] By 100 years later, it was referred to someone who dressed well & was precise, reserved. Who the fuck are the ignorant to judge others as “ignorant”? This idea wasn’t even by a scientific analysis. This was a cultural/artistic one by something like folklore.  This archaic mentality is still apart of our culture[3]. Excuse me, YOUR culture, you filthy animal, not my culture. YOU’RE the one that’s ignorant. These fucking people are inhibiting better people by what was during the medieval. Sarcasm: Gee, what a great argument – to live by a code from 100s of years ago when people couldn’t even wipe themselves properly. Look: women have an in-group bias: They’re attracted to effeminate men: They’re attracted to other men who act like them – not nice.

An article published[4] with a psychological journal, entitled ‘Emotion,’ featured data that happy expressions exhibited by males were seen as less attractive to females. Although female happiness was liked by males more than females, female happiness is insignificant, fake, & inconsistent by varying moods/PMS, so this aspect of women not liking happy male expressions is an aspect of their in-group bias. You experience it when women get frustrated in the work-force. Showing happiness is contrarian to the  ripe conditions of over-work to impress women – this broken, rugged masculinity with hard hands. The ethos of: (not referring to giving to her – referring to altruism to others) “better to give than to receive”  is hated by women. This “uncool” warmth & friendliness, giving instead of getting is hated by the Ayn Rand philosophy of being selfish.

Ayn Rand is such a shill, with her subversion of the meaning of objective. Giving back to the communities is objectivism because it’s functional for transitions.

The article also stated that pride was seen as attractive to females. That depends on what distinct type of pride is understood.  When a male has pride, talking about the fallacies of male genital mutilation (MGM), it’s “overbearing,” “embarrassing,” etc.. Pride is only allowed by whores if you’re proud of “playing in your own dung” – wasting money on a drink at a club.

Yes, I have a very serious conservative moral code. REAL pride/self control.



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Religious Nonsense | Jessie Nagy





Ancient exploring people from the north left a religious legacy.

If you go to Nepal, you will find a Matriarchal religion – the Kumari.

The original comes from the North.

She was the one who allowed the king to rule. She had to renew his power.

The North exported this religion to the Indus-valley. The same religion was shared.

The king was selected by a process of trials. He could have leadership present with this matriarchal society. He could be the ruler with the woman giving him power.

The mentality of the May Queen was the best woman choosing the best man based on his Olympian acts. The man was not the one who chose the woman. He had to become attractive to the woman.

The Northern May Queen kept the religious procesessions. It even survived to Christianity, often disguised as “Maria.”

The cycles of time, as it generally does, edits the original contexts, so just any search on Google isn’t going to necessarily be precise.

With the absence of sexual “Mormonism,” you have your own anthropology partly to blame for the decline of civilization.

While I have heard that women of Northern traditions have a history of being more passive & receptive, liking smarter males, supposedly letting decent guys control, it’s also a lot easier for the North to not even have the least bit understanding about the situation men have in America. These fucking whores will “just drop you at the drop of a hat,” regardless of how much of an “alpha” male you are.

Now that that is typed, regarding something else:

The early Christian Church, with the guidance of St. Paul, condemned circumcision.

It began with Abraham, discontinued by Jesus.

Mormons also condemn it.

Traditional Christianity takes it as an insult.

There’s a variety of answers regarding J***** (taboo word) traditions of cutting. Some claim it’s unnecessary.

Biblical scholars claim that a passage persuading to circumcise was added ~500 B.C. – more than 1,000 years after the time of Abraham.

By the fifth century B.C. , during the time of the return of the J*** from Babylonian captivity, the priesthood tried to dominate politics. They did this by instituting a temple-centered sacrificial cult, & this is by a source by an M.D. (Paul M. Fleiss) – I scam you not, which newborn males were initiated by male genital mutilation. Thus the creation of the Abrahamic cutting myth was added to ‘Genesis,’ pretending it was already there. The priesthood’s power was diminished by ~ A.D. 71. The practice of cutting was still a part of the He*****.

Rules of cutting are maintained by the Talmud & Mishnah, the former being a commentary of the latter.

By the Mishnah, ritual cutting has 3 applications: milah (slicing), periah (tearing), & metzitzah (sucking).

The second instruction is done by the cutter inserting a specially sharpened fingernail into the wound & tears & scrapes the inner fold.

The third instruction: The cutter sucks the blood of penis.

Don’t believe it? Believe it. There’s plenty of video recordings of it on the internet. The reason there is lots of entertainment distracting people is so that they won’t be watching the rituals anyway. If they do, they’ll just try to make more entertainment. Entertainment is a fucking disease.

While many sects of the J*** have modified this practice, they still need to be disclosed.

Sigismund Schlomo Freud defended his sons to not experience cutting. Would he protect others? Theodore Herzl did the same for his son. Would he do the same for others?

Many infants stop crying because they have a state of shock.

Even though Muslims are largest cutting group, their holy book does not condone it.

The Koran is anticircumcision.

It even blames the archetypal Satan for tricking man:

(Satan said:) “I will mislead them, I will entice them, I will command them to mark the ears of livestock…….” [4:119]

The Sunnah, written hundreds of years after Muhammad’s death, feature recommendation for cutting both male & female.

This similar thing has happened as many poseurs have joined the more worthy extremist pro-male spaces, with acolytes of Gavin Mcinnes.

Classical Greek historians claim that some Arab tribes dwelling in the Red Sea did penile mutilations before the birth of Muhammad. Migrations, slave trading, competition allowed cutting to go to Africa & parts of Asia. They are done as tests of pain endurance.

Get these fucking posers with their pop. culture ideas out.

Many Muslim cutters are barbers, often used with razors or kitchen knives.

It was reported that during nineteenth century North Africa, the barber dipped the cut penis in a basin of egg white, then dusted it with rabbit waste matter & powdered henna. If the boy displayed pain. the consequences for his family could be worse. Muslim fathers have actually killed their boys after displaying discomfort.

With dominance hierarchies, all that is required is for one to have others subscribe to it. This is why I type that abandoning “alpha” male competition is needed. They’re subscribing to trends. It only gives credit to a fringe. Masculinity can better society by adhering to the various nature of masculinity, so get these fucking posers out who try preach that you should be adhering to a prescribed dominant archetype. It’s a religion – a cult, not realism. Politics infiltrate agendas.

In some parts of the Muslim world, there is entire removal of all the pubic skin – cutting from naval to anus to remove surface skin, then hot oil is applied. I scam you not. There’s a whole other world besides internet “funnies,” etc..

Again, there’s quarrels of Moslems with unauthentic & unreliable Sunnah & Hadith.

Political laws are conjured by a few males to dominate others, & then these idiots ruin it for other males.

Circumcision is a blood ritual disguised as science.

What – you think that religious sects have no persuasion over politics? Why is it do you see religious figures exchanging with world leaders? What kind of bubble are you living in? Get a life.

Anthropologists have suggested that genital mutilation began ~10,000 years ago by Arab & African Tribes who lived near what is now known as the Saharah desert. They became increasingly violent because of the ruined food supply due to climate changes. Yes, catastrophic environmental changes happened. Rape, slavery, & war ensued. They began to worship a bloodthirsty deity, starting child sacrifice.

Freud believed that they altered killing their boys to killing parts: cutting off penises & testicles, then cutting off just parts of skin.

Thousands of years later, Egypt was doing circumcision.

Don’t think that these are THE only defective. Anyone who has a penchant for violence has something wrong with them. I might use it to teach someone a lesson, but I don’t waste money on degenerate, garbage “snuff” films. Women liking “snuff” themes is something that society doesn’t care to acknowledge.

The pharaohs & other members of the ruling class were free to not be circumcised by the long span of Egyptian history.

Maintaining the dominance hierarchy, celebrating the fewer alpha-males, is just a rudimentary model of the same thing. It might not be any amount of the same brutality, but it does allow for others to make excuses to not be moral. For what – so that you can impress others?

The rulers of these tribes were suggested to control slaves by neutralizing their sexuality, sometimes with even castration.

The ancient Greeks were proud that they were intact, unlike their neighbors in the Near East.

The Greeks expanding their empire after Alexander The Great, after 336 B.C., tried to civilize these savages.

They will not teach this in schools generically. This requires to not be “spoon fed.”

The Greeks banned it & castration where they could find it. They tried to stop it for the He*****.

The Romans tried even harder to abolish it & castration. They punished perpetrators with death & confiscation of property.

I will not concede: “But those Romans & Greeks were alpha males.” WRONG. Alpha-males, whatever divisions of various groups, features domination of others by a greedy fewer. The Romans, Greeks, Christians, which by the way features the ultimate archetypal hated nice-guy – Jesus, were legion compared to the fewer. (Not that I’m Christian.) Warriors don’t really want to do it: They’re usually commanded by a  few, so they use some fake aesthetic.

Thousands more years later: Victorian doctors did not know much about anatomy, physiology, epidemiology. They thought that amputation & bleeding were curatives. This differs from the alpha males because the others mentioned did castrations, etc., for controlling slaves. Doctors were trying to help. Clumsy, but they tried.

They borrowed ideas of circumcision from the J*** because that’s what they had.

Circumcision became confused with the understanding of “hygiene” because cutters warned that bathed intact penises would cause arousal.

If you believe everything the normal media states, you are an idiot.

The 19th century had attempts of making Christians of North/West extract accept male genital mutilation. They’re morality & health was still considered worse with the hierarchy, & Christianity gives little emphasis of doing the dominance hierarchy.

During the late 1890s, MGM was encouraged by an admittedly eugenics persuasion. Didn’t know that, did you, as you were watching your Rom-com?

MGM is alpha-male social engineering. It was a small Cabal, one of which was Abraham L. Wolbarst, who wanted the imposing routinely done on newborn boys in the west. A.L. Wolbarst was one of the most influential for ruining the freedoms of Western people, just like in Ancient Egypt.

When you see these comedy shows featured by cable-tv: ‘Who Is Merica,’ or whatever it’s called, again, it’s designed to distract you.

The best-selling magazine of the 1940s era: ‘Parents’ was published by Dr. Alan F. Guttmacher. A secret about him is that he was the director of the American Eugenics Society.

You have been fooled by alpha-males. They are clever, but not smart. There’s a difference. The fact that you have been purchasing self-help guides for how to be that is just proof that it is now social engineering, originating by deficient nutrition they experienced with extremely dry conditions, so you are aspiring to freaks. Yeah, there’s SOME scientific validity to those self-help guides, mainly the part of alpha-males being few, which makes others crave that, but it’s mostly just based by the “Top-Ammo” trends. People crave what is exclusively small numbers, inscrutable. It’s why people will pay for expensive RARE, meaningless junk. Neglecting actual objective thought process, the rest is sold with subtle inflammatory surges: “It was the Valkyries mythology.” “It’s the bad-ass Yakuza, who have to replace organs due to health problems of excessive tattoo ink,” “It’s the artist $00.15, or whatever his stupid name is, “It’s the archetypes of Jordan Peterson,” “It’s the underground experimentalism of  Boyd Rice,” etc., etc.. When males employ all of that, it’s mostly a gimmick. The main way that most males experience this alpha-male phenomena is the same way that you crave chemically modified foods, & females usually want glamour. Glamour isn’t real. Even those actors have problems. It’s a farce, a sham, a travesty. Claims that “an alpha male can have healthy levels of both intellectual & dominating features” are not defining alpha males. Those are just sane males.

Abraham Ravish was one of the most active lobby agents during the 1950s to penalize intact males & either deny them insurance protection or charge them a hefty surcharge.

One of the only respectable ones was Dr. Spock, who had the courage to admit his mistake.

The 1970 edition of the country’s urological textbook claimed for another generation of medical students that a long foreskin causes “rectal prolapse,” epistaxis (nose bleed), & a list of other false claims.

Cutters charge $121.00-$300.00 per cutting [circa: 2002]. 150-200 cutting session per year is enough to make $60,000 extra. That’s enough to provide glamour for whores by instilling the pecking-order on other males due to their  “failure” of not being certified as “alpha” just by being born.

Cutters are collecting between $145-million & $360-million. That’s only the amount cutters take home. There’s related “hidden” fees for hospitals & doctors.

The foreskin has also been commodified without permission or knowledge of the Majority of the Western. Pharmaceutical companies use it for the manufacturing of drugs & other experiments & profits. One foreskin contains enough genetic matter to grow 250,000 square feet of skin.

According to Forbes magazine, the annual market for it could be $1 billion-$2 billion. ~$1 million worth of baby-penis-derived products has been sold to Procter & Gamble, & others.

The Food & Drug Administration has given approval to biotechnology firms. During January 1998, the FDA gave a respected human rights attorney only 5 minutes to give to the committee why MGM is unethical.

During 1986, Aaron J. Fink invented the myth that MGM prevents human immunodeficiency virus/acquired immunodeficiency syndrome.

During 1973, a trio consisting Melvin L. Selzer, et al, published an article insinuating that anyone who didn’t agree with their agenda is “mentally ill.”

Capitalism is state sponsored usury. (It’s also a religion to a particular people.) The communist system is one of taking all property for the state.

The Capitalist philosopher: Ayn Rand was an advertiser of this will of Capitalism. Capitalism transfers wealth to the plutocratic, incorporated with a globalist agenda, taking control by ownership. With corrupt money lending (usury) as a weapon to control bonded/debt slaves, cosmopolitan capitalism eventuates the plantation state as Communism –  only to labour to pay their DEBTS. This is the cycle of Usury –  consumer/slave labour, with the “soul” diminished ( A communist idea – equality).

If you stop female consumption entitlements, this boycotts the state by alpha-males.

There’s some merits to Capitalism, but not significantly. That’s why you see a “Star-dick’s” Cafe on what seems to be almost every street corner instead of a bookstore. There isn’t a good market for people to have discipline & time for themselves to learn more because capitalism creates the conditions of what would otherwise  be a means to some result, but is no longer that means, but the main life itself. Actors make lots of money, but they are not producing anything of value: they are EQUAL to the homeless person that plays his acoustic guitar for spare money.




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