REALITY CHECK: Tranquility Does NOT Mean Shyness | Jessie Nagy

a access to shyness

“Be ye therefore wise as serpents & harmless as doves.”

Domineering men die sooner[1]

Michael Babyak, PhD, researched a study of 750 men.

Men who make quick responses & interrupt conversation are 60% more likely to die sooner than men who are more quiet & tranquil.

It is given that the attitude of being a strong-man, which is really a weak man, has altered blood due to increase of stress hormones, damaging immune system & cardiovascular system.

The pretense of aesthetics, etc., which isn’t even real, which is how they would shame the information because of the unappealing presentation, with their little “liquid courage” they waste money with at clubs, is that you “have” to be obligated to a contest for their weak intelligence, immature sexuality, undeveloped value systems, etc.. When you get older, you stop caring about such stupid things, but this is often too late, & I’ve always had this mentality.

“Why are you so quiet?” – every fucking idiot who mistakes the importance of tranquility for “shyness.”

Answer: Because my existence is not for your cheap entertainment (or even mine because I don’t actually value that much entertainment. I get it out of my system accordingly. I think it’s a waste of time.)

Being driven the way they define it gives you no more power than constantly hitting a wall.

Maybe if you would “shut the fuck up,” as they’d say, you’d actually learn something. You see, little kids, this is how reality actually is, the feeble who prate about the subjective are emasculated. That’s not a hyperbolic statement. They literally have altered blood. It only gives the image of vigor, so stay quiet, access & embrace “shyness,” study, be observant, & be creepy.

An anecdote pertaining to this: I heard this conversation these two were having in a store. He stated: “I don’t think I’m going to hire him because he doesn’t have an out-going personality & he gives me a creepy vibe.” What kind of ethics is that? “I’ll influence your life because of my rating of how you entertain me.”

How does this pretense of aesthetics pertain to female psychology? Answer:  fiction. There are other stories of sex & brutality that women consider “hot.”[2] Some garbage called ‘The Kiss’ & another one called “Because They Wanted To.’ I don’t know because I have real things to study.

I’ve heard that women buy more books than men, but men buy more non-fiction than women. I haven’t had time to study this thoroughly, but it’s certain that their purchasing patterns states nothing significant about female intellect. They could just have them accumulate dust anyway.

Having an exceptional IQ doesn’t always make you a good person, because, of this context, even when women have exceptional IQs or are as smart as men, they will generally have that intellect additional to a subjective mind, so the exceptional IQ is like having an expensive lap-top that has been ruined with too many computer viruses. (J*** have exceptional IQs. Doesn’t make them good people.)

Human males don’t think like monkeys. They have more cognitive ability. This makes them better with tools, etc..

The man who is successful doesn’t have “dominance.” There’s some of that, but it’s actually more functional cooperation manifested by modern mechanization, which is mistaken as mostly dominance. Yes, cooperation, that word that people think means “leftist,” or something. These turgid meanings replace the meaning of actual existence, especially by a culture almost constantly bombarded with the casual age.

Most men don’t even want to “dominate.” Most men want to have a barbecue or attend to hobbies.

Philosophy has stated that female frigidity is actually due to emotional & psychological factors or a physical defect.

Not that I care about making women feel better, or whatever, because It’s the male sovereignty I’m concerned with, this philosophical axiom has been [Reported with one of my previous articles: ‘How Women Promote Body Negativity’] the dictating narrative of how males are grouped: “Can you be validated by my ill judgement.”

The more impure the life-style & suffering defined by women as “quality” is assigned to males, the more the bad quality of male vitality will be with impure customs for males.

Those males want to “take every other males down” with their frustrated state of mind to be with whores.

I’m not an enthusiast of hip-hop music & fashion, but this is integral: When I heard of this gossip of the artist: Drake, he was defamed as a “beta male” by the masses. Yes, a male who already has lots of fame, power, etc., & they called him a “beta male,” proving it’s all false.

Women take lack of direction as “strong will of doing whatever one wants.” According to women, “good expression” of conveying what’s on his mind is rapid changes of mood. They take moral goodness as “low self worth.”

These are fictions that are counter to what makes humans humans, helping women filter realism for her comfort. Only by the movies can a thug discover cures.

Are you, the male, a taker or a performer?



1: The World’s Greatest Treasury Of Health Secrets, pg. 197 – Bottom Line Publications

2: Women Buy Fiction in Bulk & Publishers Take Notice | Trip Gabriel – NYTimes-dot-com



How Women Promote Body Negativity | Jessie Nagy


The first aspect is obviously how the leftist ideology, while hypocritically being supposedly anti-corporate, uses slogans of re-dressing their bad choices of paying the toxicity manufacturers, yet what are the same results presented differently by traditional society? You can still have a body that looks fit yet congested with garbage.

My father, raised by a single mother, has very, very bad preference for women, life-style, etc.. He also doesn’t really know how talking works. He claims to have known his bad ex-wife when she was “better” during their first passions. But he actually misunderstands: He did not know her being level. He only knew her acting/indulging level.

Narcissistic people can be charismatic & entertaining but can also be very anti-social. Studies suggest this starts to show after charisma, etc., decreases.[1]

Machiavellianism only generally decreases when people are dealing with life-experiences that make them mature – new job[2], etc.. Mastering occupational tasks is suggested to mitigate Machiavellianism.

Both machiavellianism & narcissism is the standard female psychology, so it would only be logical to suppress these traits to stop it influencing the gatherings by enforcing sweat-shop styled tasks for women. They might not mature, but it’ll definitely keep masculine psychology guarded.

I have to differentiate the latter necessity contrasted with sexual masochism. The latter application is not for female pleasure. It’s for male ruler-ship.

Female pleasure is irrelevant, wining & dining, catering is irrelevant:
Research has confirmed that women with borderline personality disorder are more likely to engage with sexual masochism.[3] That’s a way to ruin an entire culture – by allowing women to define masculinity.

This is what I’ve been saying for years, which was totally dismissed as: “you just have emotional problems,” etc., yet the study published by a peer-reviewed staff of a scientific journal: Archives of Sexual Behavior by corresponding author, Alvaro Frias states the apposite: that THEY have emotional problems.

Disenfranchising women will guarantee, even for the women who aren’t like that, that the masculinity will not have to be burdened by any (potential) feminine policies.

The publisher responded not enough sample size. Had the publisher thought about the state of “politics,” he’d know that this is female “voting.”

Psychopathic related traits similar to, for not the best example, an Ultimate Fighter Champion, are, by females, not only “voted” for/extracted/allowed to take over & harm other masculinity, (& also often NOT innate but becomes equipped) but, published with the journal: Psychophysiology | Scott Tillem, it is also proven to be exhibited by men who have less efficient neural communication within the alpha1 & gamma frequency bands, so these men are actually mentally deficient, & yet it is standardized by women as something to aspire to by the same way that women consider good men lame men. With women, up becomes down, no means yes, etc.. :

Psychopathic traits are related to alterations of efficiency of neural communication[4].

Neurologically, psychopaths interpret the world as it really is NOT. The related associations to those males that women want some variation of are actually constructing farces.

Counterfactual reasoning is the ability to cognize alternatives to life situations – a form of self-analyzing, like “hmm, maybe I did something wrong during that time.” This type of psychology is anathema to female psychology because of the feel-good priority of dismissing realism as “just bitter.” The female priorities for associations to her psychology is a “scorched earth”/”get out of the way” type of psychology.

I would suggest more samples of that study should be done to unnoticed psychopaths made totemic by women – CEOs, etc..

Even when intoxicated, women do not like men with facial features that look like it belongs to a ‘Dark Triad’ – “shady.”[5]

The guy could just be a hard-worker & doesn’t have time to look appealing. Saying “the ‘Dark Triad’ traits is associated with particular facial features” is like saying a girl with a rebel fashion is not a part of the pop. culture. No, she is. Those females are some of the most normal people ever.

Proven to be judges of covers/mostly surfaces, they’ll definitely like varying Dark-Triad traits though if it’s re-dressed well or presented with some kind of style they do like, & this is why women will like a guy who has immoral tendencies if he is esteemed by others to be exciting.

If my father had bad preferences for women, lifestyles, etc., what is the re-dressed version of that? It is an integral question to the paragraph before it because it answers the perennial tasks males are burdened with. Women want recreation & re-dressing to make realism obscure. The effects of this are dire because males have to reorganize to that supplication, which subtracts from him but gives to her.

The pattern of female psychology is: “I’ll just have fun now & think about looting from a man later”/”I’ll bribe you with the release of social stigma if you entertain me & make me happy.”

Marijuana use is 74% more than the national average in Colorado. It is having a terrible effect for education of youth.[6]

The point is: Because females get to dictate who’s “creepy” & who “needs to get a life,” especially during the building years, there is a decrease of what boys & men know what to do when females prioritize their existence compared to males because it gives males less times to adjust themselves to better reasoning. Being trendy & popular is the priority. This is a problem.

College students with access to the recreational drug have worse grades & fail more often.

[7]Cannabis contains delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol. The compound binds to receptors on neurons of the brain, but which are concentrated in regions crucial for memory & learning, which is particularly bad for younger people.

Even if it doesn’t cause significant brain damage, even though it has been shown to inhibit memory[8], it’s just another distraction people can guard themselves with to deflect others who don’t waste time with entertainment as “just bitter,” so, again, even if there’s no brain damage, there’s still logic damage.

The man who then consumes badly during the aftermath of the leftist activity of smoking marijuana does the exact same as the traditional man who barely has time to think about the food that is basically artificial when he comes home stressed by over-work.

[9] Diets of the latter consist of an abundance of the depression-linked fatty acid (n-6 PUFA) & a relative lack of the depression-fighting fatty acid (n-3 LCPUFA) (which is found in fish, which I do not condone, but that’s a whole other article). It might not readily show as apparent depression, but it could manifest with with other behavior, such as anti-intellectual behavior.

This depressive, lack of creation mentality is belittled by women, stopping masculinity & society to even understand the process. They want you to stop any kind of scientific analysis about it – how boring.

The diet, by the cause & effect of women not allowing men enough time to be much more introspective, that men are consuming due to a lack of control, not necessarily lack of self-control, but lack of control due to lack of information because of the obligations for her (“don’t think for yourself, think of what you can do for my entertainment & excitement, & be industrious for my existence”), has a major effect for the brain, which is why I have emphasized it many times.

It seems so obvious yet people can’t even realize what they’ve been doing the whole time.

Nutritional science is not just a science of the gut. It’s also a neuroscience.

[10]Most take-out food, fried, red meat, pork, dairy, processed, baked foods loaded with trans fats & refined sugar such as biscuits, cakes, frozen pizza, many snacks, margarine, commercial cheeses, other cream products, bologna & the like, increase risk of cognitive decline & dementia.

& women incentivize & innervate men to do it. “don’t think,” “just do it.” Thanks to them, a man is a combination of exciting/dangerous/ & stupid. (Paradoxically, it seems that women are more likely to guard a better diet, usually for vanity reason rather than ethical.) This is not specifically “social engineering.” This is much more specifically the fact of selection: Women CHOOSE certain groups, (or are sometimes bombarded with only a subset) which reinforce behavior. Women are the gate-keepers of allowing more impulse instead of reason.

Don’t worry about pills, just cast out what you put into your body. There’s no need for medications if you’ve already done it correctly, so if you understand the cause – females as gate-keepers to what’s socially acceptable, you don’t need to obsess with the symptoms.

The biological brain “has a mind of its own”: it releases endogenous opioids – painkillers – after eating a meal.[11]

Even those who don’t have type 2 diabetes, who have high blood sugar experience worse long-term cognitive decline[12].

It’s becoming more known that, even when not diabetic, diets with a lot of sugar are harming.

Don’t think really salty foods is necessarily better. It has been reported to starve the brain of nutrients.[13]

So what’s the solution? The solution is a lot of foods that’s left out of the list. By a process of elimination, the optimum foods is the least popular foods. The “boring” foods & plain foods. Popularity is a disease. While it can give you short-term fun & practicality, it causes more damage.

Have you heard of the hype with Omega-3 fats found in fish. Not to be confused with omega-6 fatty acids, which causes a problem when more consumption of omega-6 is present because it decreases omega-3 fats[14]: Both kinds of fat compete for an enzyme that converts them to a form the body can use. Yes, Omega-3 promotes happiness & other benefits, but getting omega-3 from fish is like taking an apple as a snack & dragging it in a toilet, & getting more omega-3 means decreasing omega-6.

Omega-3 originates from algae – what the fish get it from.[15]

They say seafood & omega-3 eggs are the only omega-3 foods that can provide the biologically active forms of DHA & EPA[16], but when there was further research, red & brown species of algae were reported to contain DHA, so the conclusion is there is no significant difference of the quality of omega-3 found in fish compared to algae, other than the difference that fish coats it as a heavier, congesting one.

Omega-3 can also be found in kale, & other leafy greens.[17]

Combine the right choice of consumption & exercise. Endurance exercise modifies disease, including mental ones.[18]

The female should be assigned to breastfeeding, etc.:

Having the gut colonized by prebiotics is a benefit to development, enhancing positive social interaction & enhancing cognition[19].

Pregnant mothers should consume good amounts of choline[20], which is found in cruciferous vegetables, for supplementing lifelong benefits for cognitive function of offspring.

930 mg/day consumed showed cognitive speed & better information processing. That’s a significantly larger amount than average consumption.

Scientists [year: 2016] are investigating the effects of probiotics for neurodevelopment, & how the absence of one specific gut bacteria causes social deficits associated with autism spectrum disorders.

The report was inspired by human epidemiological studies that found that maternal obesity during pregnancy could increase childrens’ risk of neurodevelopmental disorders.[21]

The study showed, with rat models, mothers eating a high-fat diet is responsible for social deficits of offspring.

Lactobacillus reuteri (which I take) can help rescue social behavior.

You’re typical diet that a casual couple refers to is suggested to be associated with ADHD.

Less concentrations of various B-vitamins are also associated with it.[22]

REMINDER: Sugar causes hormonal problems[23]. Eliminate it COMPLETELY. ( Minimized fruit sugar is alright) When you’re tired, moody, it can obviously stop missions/control you. Resulting with less Testosterone, you’re body will turn sugar into fat much quicker than your body will turn fat into fat. Factually, your body can even burn fat faster than sugar. (Not that I recommend many fats, other than the good ones like carefully calculated Coconut oil, anti-inflammatory fatty acids, omega-3 fats found in chia seeds (my favorite is drinks that contain it.)) Sugar causes a lot of blocking during activity. It literally makes you slow, & I notice by my anecdotes how sugar has caused a lot more cramps & soreness during endurance exercise. When I completely quit sugar (except for a little fruit sugar), I noticed my speed training did not give me the same pain anymore.

If you want to be a man not controlled & doing his own thing, first, start by making your enemies fall by tripping by taking away their base support system. Culture is not your friend.

There’s a time of a man’s life when women create a trap for him – menopause[24]. This is the time when she becomes significantly mentally ill. Seriously, think about this concept: “men are paused”/pause a man/ ruin his drive. With men’s-rights-activists endorsing such stupid things as “equality” or what they think is fair treatment, they completely disregard & don’t realize that this trap derived of her being not equal to men is one of the fundamental reasons (of other ones) for the things that the m.r.a. factions complain about firstly. When you have a preliminary application of body integrity for yourself – the man, you can control the trap before it ever happens because you will have conditioned yourself with the mental state of not being relaxed. It’s not your responsibility to be a “hero.” A true hero knows her as a rival only to be used for mainly giving birth, services, etc.. Like the sugar you do not allow in your life, the ultimate ethics is to  know she is not allowed to be more than of service. Don’t let emotions control you, rather, control it. You don’t let a criminal free. Fuck her. Let the filthy animal rot.

Don’t buy the hype of artificial sweeteners that are acclaimed to be a “better” alternative to sugar. Although I’ve only read some studies that only suggest that it increases more hunger[25], making you pay more, why even bother? Keep your money for things of better certainty. Don’t live “gracefully” with uncertainty.  That is a feminine/new-age garbage concept. (Not that spirituality is necessarily a bad thing.)

Which reminds me of an anecdote I need to share: Fasting I would not recommend because, & it has different effects for different people, with my experience, it is too complicating: It caused me sleep disorders & too much weakness for my job of being active. Anyway, fasting is generally a form of cheating: People like to use it to make excuses for themselves to have cycles of consuming garbage that they can fix later with autophagy/”self eating” If you already defiled yourself firstly, you need need to be totally controlling during all times – NEVER RELAX. But what’s more: If you can practice it with a life suited for it, try to practice the stress tolerance with good info. about it, but I know what works for me is extreme endurance exercise & some marathon running. I’ve only done autophagy due to necessity of prior years of accumulating toxins when I was less informed. I haven’t done it the way it’s become trendy as a way for people to keep their excuses.

You have to start reading all of the ingredient sections to acquire a controlling personality, which causes real dominance. It is not an annoying task. That is a state of mind. It really becomes fascinating when you have to study biochemistry. You start to realize how it’s all correlated. Industry & technology is correlated to chemistry. Chemistry is correlated to neuroscience. Neuroscience is correlated to biology. Biology is correlated to health. Health/medicine is correlated to exercise physiology. Exercise is correlated to self-help guides/popular culture. Pop. culture is correlated to history. History is correlated to politics. Politics is correlated to religion. Religion is correlated to symbolism. Symbolism is correlated to psychology. Psychology is correlated to sexology. Sexology is correlated to anatomy. Anatomy is correlated to gynecology. Gynecology is correlated to father-hood parenting. Father-hood parenting is correlated to sociology. Sociology is correlated to statistics. Statistics is correlated to mathematics. Mathematics is correlated to technical science. Technical science is correlated to cosmology. It’s all eventually correlated to each other, so you have to study ALL of it, but always study all of it by a reference of what is the most relevant & fundamental.


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How Anti-Feminists, Particularly Women-Against-Feminists, Use Anti-Feminism As A Distraction | Jessie Nagy


Firstly, before even the main article: Some who think they’re the “center of the universe” don’t understand why I already typed many of my arguments. There’s a reason I have to re-produce. It’s for newer divisions. There’s OTHER people who have never been informed before.

They want to blame most of it to political factions that “made women” a certain way. This is actually something that the left believes social constructs. Women are that way regardless – expectant. Blaming it mostly to social engineering is like saying: if someone chooses a pack of cigarettes instead of a package of herbal tea, it’s the “fault” of the tester for her choice. Rather than acknowledging that females are incompetent & should be reduced with the influence of her choices, they want to blame social engineering instead for her poor actions. This actually makes women-against-feminists just like feminists because both types of misdirected thought is leftist.

With all these misdirecting arguments by anti-feminists, I can make much better content than most people doing pro-male & supposed “pro-male” content.

I liked some of the content a lot more during their raging years.

Also: If you think the theological abstractions is false, it has been existing long before scientific formulas.

Whatever re-fashioned female dynamics you have, “anti-feminists,” feminist, traditional, whatever, it is always practically the same: Feminism = interception by having females complaining to the state. Traditional women = justifications for their bad, mentally slow choosing of men with violent tendencies, war-machines, neo-cons. “Anti-feminists” = perpetuating, so that they can never consider true pro-masculinity, lies about male & female “equality,” yet failing to acknowledge that even their own “Bible” of evolutionary psychology pioneered arguments that female cognition was much less tested by the forces, so less advanced. So how can the sexes be equal, & why should they be treated equal if equal tendencies is not applicable?

I know this isn’t readily known, but most women have (unintentionally) predatory mentalities, many of which are not even aware of: Coercive males will automatically, with little thought/trial, be willing to defend. Women “vote” for this, which sets the field for vying. Businesses want the maximum. Valid buildings disappear because vices are easy to sell rather than investing for something that’s of actual benefit. The same way that many vice sellers sell to the ignorant, females have passion for people that hurt OTHER people, mainly because it is of self interest for her to know the hurt will mostly be towards others for optimum gain of success shared with her. You can now understand how women are dangerous. They are not physically dangerous themselves, but they are that way by what they start, & this is why society needs to neglect what women want – sexual satisfaction, money, policies, etc.. It’s much more valid what the male wants.

The narrative that many women have attractions to beast-men because of daddy-issues, while I’m sure that can add to it, is mostly not the ultimate truth. The ultimate truth is because women do not have an equal cognition as masculinity. This is why woman do not like hyper moral males.

Women & feminists misconstrue various anti-intellectual expressions, & even savagery, as the good-guys because it flatters their egos that appeals to their casual animal life.

Women like a repeating pattern of the men that they like because her willingness to invest to what produces fear associations is her survival instinct. People who have really poorly cultivated egos have a feeling of their lives being threatened, or something like that: That they need to control others’ harmless differences rather than respecting others’ harmless differences. I’m not typing about respecting losers. Even a man who has enough to live a comfortable life is not a man she can brag about to her female peers.

During history, the brutally strong was the standard. The weak – females – reproduced with the savage. They do no want to save/”heal” these men. They want to wield them. This has created the state of which female selection is still regarded as a “necessity.” It has seemed that it is the best optimal way, but the next evolution is for hyper moral males to adopt militant misogyny – almost no rights for women & restrict their lives. Not to direct the hatred the similar way as most would define hatred as “machismo” but a calm, scolding misogyny, keeping women sexually dissatisfied & bored because female sexuality is disgusting & has major ramifications to society.

Anti-feminists will never have respect for total science because, according to them, because it’s socially boring, it’s “autistic,” & because of this, they want the same coercion that feminists want to different guys for “getting out of line.”

Most women – bully-breeders – just want their agendas enforced by executioners, while the other majority of whores just want to domesticate good men, which will eventually ruin their lives. True pro-masculinity will not do the bidding for women, & this is why I do not buy the hype of anti-feminists, especially their “equality.”

Leftism, especially with all the chanting, rioting, etc., is forms of hybristophilia, & anti-feminism, with all the slander to moral males, is Stockholm syndrome with fake “pro-masculinity,” so feminists & anti-feminists are the same.

Hybristophilia is a poorly understood thing to masses because the social structures, especially women, & especially the instincts to entertain women, will not fund or advertise that kind of research, just like how female m.r.a.s will suppress that this less ethical aspect of their psychology is an aspect of their worse cognition, which makes them just like the feminists because both suppress it. Having successful cognition doesn’t necessarily make you any better because ethics can still be lacking.

& Get that fucking disgusting Gynocentrist-writes-shit/Karen Straughen out. “Ooh, she’s a woman saying novel things.” There’s times when you have to NOT make deals with people, regardless of how appealing they are, because of ETHICS.

Favorite Books (Of No Particular Order) | Jessie Nagy

my other emblem

Yes, I am bragging because book-lovers require more respect: I’ve read MANY hundreds & hundreds combined with HUNDREDS of different articles & magazines, but these books were the most memorable. There’s more that are also memorable, but this list is sufficient.

& once again, don’t purchase digitally. Book-stores disappear & get replaced by junk-food places, bong-shops, etc.. Then there’s more jobs of that rather than ones that share a good amount of both real productivity & tranquility.


In Defense of Wilhelm Reich: Opposing the 80-Years’ War of Mainstream Defamatory Slander Against One of the 20th Century’s Most Brilliant Physicians and Natural Scientists | James DeMeo

Some will think that I’m some kind of “leftist,” or something for promoting him. Not every type of knowledge is 100% complete.

Reich was persecuted by both the left & the right.

His research is this simplified: You can either go to an Ultimate Fighter Championship & call that a “good way of spending your time” or you can learn some better applications of sexuality rather than buying self-help guides of “don’t be nice,” or whatever.

The book tries to Set the records proper.

A master sexologist.

Politicians have no business with science.

What Reich missed though, because he was really determined with his laboratory, is that female sexuality is problematic for what Reich’s teachings would result with. He will claim more than one thing, some agreeable, some not, but I care for the results. Female sexuality always states this illogical thing: “They want a guy who has a lot of passion, yet not clingy.” What that translates to is they want a guy with poor impulse control. They do it all the time: “A guy spending hours in libraries, what a creepy loser.” “Get a life.” This type of sexuality, female sexuality, is a burden to masculinity because it’s anti-intellectual, & intellectuals are who guides society. We have an absence of much potential/ much guidance.


Fury On Earth: A Biography Of Wilhelm Reich | Myron Sharaf

Stimulating, & the reason I emphasize stimulation is this: A good source to start for those who rate by pleasure & have not learned to control their priorities for mostly pleasure. When I purchase spinach, the cashier always states: “you must really like spinach.” The reason I consume that is not for pleasure. I eat food for the benefit of how I can use it, not for how it tastes. It’s a similar principle of cardiovascular health: pleasure is not really the best word to use when running, but it’s necessary if you want to have optimum vascularity. Books are not rated by pleasure. They’re rated for the value of the truth. It’s earning by discipline.


Asimov’s New Guide to Science | Isaac Asimov

This guy writes like a robot – very precise. If you want to be exceptionally articulate, read this guy’s works.


Brain Sex: The Real Difference Between Men and Women | Anne Moir

There’s so much distracting talking points about irrelevant situations of how “the green haired feminist made her self look silly,” & other current events, etc.. This is different though. It’s a good source to start for ORGANIC axioms. Some semantic issues sometimes & other petty problems, but other than that, a good book.


Sex & Character | Otto Weininger

He predicted that, from “divine feminine” worshipers to delusional self-help guides of how to demerit ethics with the replacement of power, society will adopt feminine traits when women are allowed more emancipation because of female in-group bias.  Arrogance, greed, jealousy, gluttony, wrath & slovenly acts, etc.. Those characteristics are, of the cores hidden by imagery, by nature feminine of degrees. ¶ It’s almost comical how modern info. on such topics are so lame in comparison. Weininger states more profoundness in the space of one page than modern authors commonly state in an entire book, I’ll even type in their entire careers. ¶ It is, without a doubt, the greatest philosopher I have ever read, both of his pure realist analysis – no cultural contamination/very stern will of ability to understand reality for what it truly is,  & of the “violent” delivery that gives the total truth. Not violent in the sense that females would like, but a non-easy-comfort philosophical “violence”. A philosophical integrity to not repress. It stops all infatuation and demands the masculine to stop acting & to get back to the task of being cerebral. ¶ ♂ Men do actions. Women do gestures. ¶ Weininger’s ‘Sex & Character’ is an Idealist work on the true, original natures of female & male, & not what feels to be. The feminine being lesser than & material, not just as greedy, but as in babyish sensory concluding – little thinking – mostly base seeing, touching, hearing, smelling, tasting. The masculine world as “meditation”. Man has fallen to the base materialism of basic sensory experience. The original masculine state was of ideals, value/worth, understanding, concentration & individuality. Feminine is mostly impulse, sexual desire, limitation of consciousness & mostly pleasure. Females do not have strong souls because they are mostly just automatons. The modern adoption of feminine tendencies by males has caused masculinity to “absorb” automaton behaviour from the herd-instinct of female-hood. ¶ Personally, I am not complaining of females automaton nature. In fact, which is how I differ from Weininger, I believe we should take advantage of females’ automaton nature & teach them further to be service appliances – “battery-chargers” for the masculine to receive oxytocin & have their maid requirements. Keep females away from knowledge so that their impulse can not usurp. Weininger’s inability to realize the former application is his biggest error. Once we have progressed from feminine “absorption” of limited consciousness – base seeing, tasting, hearing, smelling, touching, we then can advance even more by turning on them with highly skilled means of control & employing. ¶ The idea, for female-hood, that opposites attract – the Je**** concept of corresponding duality symbolized by union of inverted & upwards triangles – is not really true. Most males know of varying levels that in order to maintain harmony with females, a male has to emulate a female – acting like a wild animal to “top” the animal. Masculinity in its pure characteristic is wretched & frustrating to females. Imagine if there weren’t females around to influence the behaviour of males. You’d know masculinity for what it truly is. ¶ The J*****/Hollywood, effeminate culture has made the over emphasized 5-sense animal-life. Just like how J*** have inculcated a society of impulse/”intuition”, a general attitude of egotism based of this silly, immature, superficial thing called “talent” & style, & an attitude of laughing, often, whether latent or not, very feminine actually, of implicit smug opponents ready for signs of weakness that encourages one to add-injury-to-wound – sadistic comedy, etc., female herds has also inculcated anti-science, lack of integrity, & general nihilism. Not  specifically nihilism as an “alcoholic biker-gang”, but non-ideal, poor or lazy planning, lots of quantity-over-quality, indifference of people who just want their “french-fries”. Most of the ideals are very lame & backwards ones – defending silly things, petty politics, etc..  ¶ Although the male is sexual, he is both sexual & much more. ¶ Simply rejecting as “misogyny” and “extremism” (or what female m.r.a.s would deflect as “autistic”, which translates in other situations as “a wuss”) does not constitute as valid critiques. He is not writing on simplistic levels that similarly simplistic criticism can be used. ¶ According to Weininger: Man is born in sin, woman is bad, although I differ on the latter; women/materialism is not totally bad, but a miss-application is. ¶ Although I’m sure sometimes he craved the opera of his time, pleasure is mostly immoral. It deludes, wastes time, & causes arrogance.  ¶ Very much, not exactly the same message, but similar to, “hysterically” symbolically regarding greed: ‘Lord Of The Rings’, as “one ring to bind them”, many are clumsily obsessed with attaining that crippling mind-control.


The Man’s No-Nonsense Guide to Women: How to Succeed in Romance on Planet Earth | Marc H. Rudov

Easy to read, short, insightful, good advice


Circumcision, The Hidden Trauma: How an American Cultural Practice Affects Infants and Ultimately Us All | Ronald Goldman

One of my first introductions to intactivism.

Don’t start debates about trivial mistakes. That book is packed with facts.

The true purpose of male genital mutilation is to control populations, not “cleanliness”. When you can control people’s sexuality, you can control lives.


Webster’s Encyclopedic Unabridged Dictionary, Second Edition (Revised Edition) Rh Value Publishing

Read all of it. Took about 4 months if I remember correctly.



Merriam Webster’s Collegiate Encyclopedia | Mark Stevens

Also read all of it. Took me about 2 months I think.

Admittedly, I like to pet books. I have to do at least one irrational thing.

The milky pages contain stimulating, frequently changing journeys to re-energize your general fluency.


Character Analysis | Wilhelm Reich.

No one is perfect, but this guy made an essential point: with his unpopular warmth, masculinity allowing the exploration of sensitivity will give them true power. Fuck you, Jordan Peterson.

This was not a man who liked to play around & waste time, & the reason that is is because he had value for more mature things.  This becomes “shy” by society who does not know much about reality other than taste: These people who are ahead of time get called “shy,” or whatever, because they are not interested because they know more & are interested with non-casual things. More questions & less opinions & informal fallacies based on immediate impressions, you dumb cunts.

He was about ~1000 years ahead of his time.

We don’t need some fucking whores telling us it’s wrong to be overtly sexual just because they think only stupid, casual men can have that but won’t like intellectual males doing it. I’m not referring to “sexual harassment.” When I talk about circumcision, they think “he’s paranoid.” When you go out in the big, bad, REAL world, there’s people who know & experience more than you’ll ever know of your entire life. You don’t own everything.


The Woman Racket: the New Science Explaining How The Sexes Relate at Work, at Play and in Society | Steve Moxon

I like how it’s British English. That makes it so that I’m gaining a lot more.

Fairly challenging, good read.

Probably shouldn’t waste time trying  to re-sell it (?) because book-stores have been hi-jacked by retards with nose-piercings who basically don’t know anything about books. From my experience, they did not take it/redistribute it, so you should either give it to a friend after reading it, or keep it for the reference value of it. Make some blog posts about sections of it.


The Manipulated Man | Esther Vilar

No appeal to authority, just plain, blunt logic.

With the pseudo “arguments” made by people that there’s no technical citations, a female writer giving anecdotes about female collectives will gain the attention as an “entry level” to this straight truth by speaking to their level of novelty – a female doing something strange.

Patrolling of research is infiltrated by factions to disrupt serious investigations, so always appealing to authority is dumb. Use logic instead. How do you think things like College-Humor gets its material? It logs how demographics are. The SPLC is an appeal to authority not logic. [Proof: Je**** Psychological & Political Warfare (Part 11) | Jonas E. Alexis – veteranstoday-dot-com]


The Privileged Sex | Martin Van Creveld

Strong points, Essential reference columns. If there was a blog-post per just one each single reference found in the citations sections, that’s major counter-arguments towards enemies.


The Art of Knowing: Expositions on Free Will and Selected Essays | Christopher Michael Langen

Mercilessly challenging writer.

I found in his writings him condoning meditation. A scientist mind doing really hard math condoning meditation.


Dictionary Of Psychology & Psychiatry | Steven M. Kaplan

The most relevant field – psychology.

I read a different version.

I need to get this one to become better with Spanish also. That’ll keep me busy for a while.



Ju***** Discovered | Michael Hoffman

It’s a bad-word. Guess what it is.

Enlarge the picture to get a sample of an excerpt.

A classic book of occult knowledge. I won’t spoil it. Get it. YOU GIVE ME FACTS.

Cognitive Dissonance/ I Don’t Think Erin Pizzey Realizes/Introducing: The “Alt-Up” | Jessie Nagy

for cognitive Dissonance EP review
I am Not Of The Alt-Right. I’m Of The Alt-Up

The reason I don’t care about women’s side of the story is that women have been the ones basically apathetic & even laughing to male experience & trial & error, yet all of a sudden, when memetics is gaining some amount of a.d.d. induced popularity, you have whores who magically concern themselves on some diluted level.

With the question often by the political of whether we’ve become Machiavellian with the materialism & carelessness/nihilism of the dominant culture, similarly, my question is from the psychological point: Has the society become feminine? The answer is yes.
The fact that the casual is ignorant & uncaring about these enormous feminine tendencies is proof they’re ordained by the feminine.
The amorality that is required to be glamorized is portrayed as developed by “tough-minded” people.

When you could ask “sally to get a shake,” there was a little bit more option for the male to actually discern what he was investing his time with.
The excess now given to female-centrism of speed-dating culture makes them bored, agitated, etc., when they see the slightest little thing. Women’s ideals of courtship are false, & their inconsistency is increasingly being disclosed.
We don’t really have the experience of friendship. Girl-friend & boy-friend is false terminology because women view men the way as consumerism products: “So I met this super-popular guy on a dating site that I was using to advertise my cam-whore profile. He told me that his ex-girlfriend dumped him. I’m not getting another’s “trash,” so I blocked him on Twatter.”
Patience is gone. Development is gone. Building a “visualization” for the male to have it become real is devalued.
The generations of texting retards has it that if someone makes one little mistake, it’s next swipe. That’s the way female psychology is. Masculine technology has given us evidence of female psychology that is the most blatant.

As female greed is starting to show their delusions & agitation, angry women make men have torpor. Male torpor makes women angry. You know what you get in return, as a male, for your efforts? Practically nothing.
There’s nothing wrong with you as a male for being calculating. They’re basically eliminating masculinity.

Of course, believing that Feminism is wrong, one of the things that I’ve gained is that I can understand the world by the objective/masculine point, women have the other view, & when I say view, I really do define it by seeing & judging by limiting surfaces, such as when a baby sees a dark shadow, or something like that, it gets scared, but when you get older, you realize that it’s silly to get scared about things like that, yet female psychology is not that much different from that, & now with what was typed with the previous paragraph, it’s extremely obvious of how they interpret reality with total inconsistency & subjectivity.

People don’t comprehend & I’ve been taken out of context, so I need to reiterate:
Now “Mama Shanequa Gypsy,” or some rediculous nick-name, has 10 kids with 5 mystery fathers. While she’s looking for another partner-in-crime to help her “indie” business of selling marijuana, while collecting welfare, Goldie-locks is looking for “Mr. Unreal” – owns three fancy buffets, walks with a peg-leg, like a pirate, has a scar on his left eye-area, & also owns a dungeon.
Since they will not give you serious answers, & good communication is seen as “weakness,” etc., to women, ordaining you to postmodernism, this is the answer of what they want: “I love a man who’s been hardened by a hard life” – abused masculinity: that’s what women are attracted to, or the other one is: “I love a man that can entertain me.” – not firm or independent.
If women had also never incentivized so much novelty, northern/western society, which featured much more chivalry, which turns into female greed, they could’ve concentrated their own throughout history to the mass that abundance of eastern societies have.

Getting sex isn’t a serious mark of being true.
It’s going to take a lot of excessive effort because it’s against the level of savage thinking & ad hominems.
They’re the ones consuming escapism. Cognitive dissonance/delusion (such as asking for citations, which there are many on end) is a major factor of various personality disorders. It’s obvious of the casual nature of some who would defend various histrionic personality disorders just because of excitement or a desire for social bonding. The inability to even realize the obviousness of the cruelty of that thought process by denouncing another as “normal”/boring, etc. (possibly useful), just proves how feminine you are, even if you are a man. Real men have extreme,dogmatic, fanatical, fundamentalist morals.
Viruses are spread by contamination. Gynocentrism is a mental disease, especially becoming an “alpha” male, which puts one in a state of perpetual naivety.

Purist male Buddhist priests – hard-line moralists, preaching mindfulness/subdued instincts, no emphasis on fashionable popularity contests for the male, compassion – have realized that women, who are deeply sinful, cannot, unless they are reborn as male, attain Buddhahood, which is the realization that much of prior sensory experience is similar to hogs rolling in dung.

Being amoral, dramatic, etc. – all easy. Being moral – that’s the hard thing.

With identity & name removed so that I don’t have to deal with whores claiming I do “internet bullying”, etc., look at that disgusting title-picture, which is actually bullying, of proof of female psychology I found. It was from a Lesbian pick-up-artist group that I have spied on.
I know, there’s immature women out there, but the “sophisticated” women are just doing a different rendition.
The key to experiments is it needs to be repeated: If you’ve experienced female behavioral universals multiple times, you can discern there are patterns: Scientific controls work that way as well: With female collectivism – most women are extremely similar, which is why you don’t need pretentious degrees to make axioms about their actions, you have “diplomatic” women with lesbians.
Females have the idea that in order for something to be good, it “needs” to be identical. The mature realization is that you can have quality, but quality because the differences compliment each other. Female collectivism doesn’t work. It’s a tried & primitive thing. Women can’t even maintain that ideal of identical society anyway. That mentality leads to social incompetence, as they can’t take reality, they go to gossip about all the differences of others when those others are not there.
I remember my last girlfriend had her collective hating me because I was truely different – not different “trademark harcuts,” but REAL difference. They all didn’t like that she was betraying the feminine collective.
With the effeminate “Mtv.” generation, they have ownership of really stupid routines.I guarantee you, that the guy she abuses like that probably got anxiety from experimenting with marijuana. While people think it’s a great drug, marijuana increasingly makes it difficult for one to be capable of dealing with even basic situations.
According to a study of the open access journal PLOS ONE by Shashwatch Meda, college students who consume medium-to-high levels of marijuana & alcohol have a consistently lower GPA, but, hey, you know, it’s alright when you’re given courses that aren’t even a real sign of intelligence, like art-school. (Sarcasm.) If you haven’t noticed, I absolutely despise MOST art-students.
As the artistic influences are introducing marijuana, claiming ownership of lamer forms of entertainment anyway, which makes them not even smart enough to know how to experiment, it actually is associated with an increase of physical violence in relationships & general problems among young people, according to a study published in Drug and Alcohol Dependence. Studies resulted with associations strongest by females.
If I were that guy, I would’ve schooled that whore & had her running to another guy to try to beat me, to which I would traumatize intellectually. I don’t need to physically attack anyone, I can scold them & have them “crying to mommy.” I’m not necessarily defending that guy who is a part of stupidity, but knowing the wrong communication & tactics of women, he’s probably been subdued by some kind of feminine forces.
There’s even a reversed meme that realistically “calling out”, as they would say, constitutes as being p.c.. But p.c. is actually when you don’t judge realistically.

Male enemies of women can still be desired because of women’s instinct to try to hoard as much power as possible with almost all costs.

I’ve been slandered so many times: From “low-status degenerate who takes the pogo-stick to welfare,” to “liar,” & much more. I remember this fucking bitch slandered me as “trashy,” without even knowing me, because I was gaining some amount of focus from others, while she was with a sleazy drug-dealer. It’s because of that perennial comparison that women do with the female herd, as they get together to gossip, etc.. Last whore I was with ended it abruptly because her female associates, without even knowing me, claimed that I was “creepy.” They say that conspiracies are just “paranoid theories by losers,” but conspiring is just a trait of mammalian societies, from micro to macro. What they do isn’t bullying of the way it is commonly thought, but they do get together & use some kind of force against others.

I remember when I started meditating. It’s just a technique – a mental exercise. When I became a lot more mellow when doing this, I noticed all the women around me got so agitated by me really easily.

There is that general pattern happening when a self respecting male can’t take something stupid seriously to be slandered by women as a “loser.”

Simplicity & exaggeration of sentiments of crowds result with women’s extremes. A suspicion transforms itself as soon as announced into incontrovertible evidence.

They don’t realize that alphas get ruined also. What’s even the point of distinguishing male levels? The divorce industry indicates an analysis of men who were, by definition, successful. Why is there a 75% divorce rate by women? Personality disorders & delusions is just in a woman’s nature.

Men generally have a basic instinct to defend women. I don’t really have that because I’m in total control of my biology. I have absolutely no hypocritical tendencies because I abide by being hard-line. The reason that is is that men have the capability of being moral, which women lack.
To maintain such contradictions in one’s mind, most common of the feminine, is pathological. It is a pathological response of a crowd.

The feminine champions women’s rights & gay rights, but ignores the mistreatment of women & gays of policies of the exotic for some fake gesture. They glorify negative complications for good-person badges, yet they oppose different, complex thoughts.

There’s a theory that angry foreigners are so because they “can’t get laid.” The fanatics of those other cultures have very, very strict rules of sex: celibacy, as well as total ownership of women. I think the anger is due to completely different politics.

Androcentrism is not “reversed sex roles.” It’s reversed worship, for a lack of a better description.
Choosing gynocentrism over heterosexual androcentrism makes you reject order & the moral terms over her.

Allowing females to exercise their collectivism weakens masculinity, as they are greedy for novelty, etc., they will get together for perennial comparisons & political gossip. By disrupting the social collective of femininity, real power is given to males. The first target is popular entertainment.
The so called home-maker evolves to homewrecker for scheming to upgrade incessantly.

Get rid of the old system & rebuild something new. We know right & wrong for the most part. Morality is subjected to the passions though, & that’s why you need education. Androcentrism is the juncture of both order & passions.

The “mother’s intuition” – a silly statement. What it translates to is that “truth” is the opinion of the popular. There are many fronts for appetite with fake order.
A study published in Human Ethology Bulletin found that men concluded sexual flirtations by women as the most effective. Women thought flirtations that represented commitment & exclusivity as most effective. Men already have their minds made of the beginning that women create major traps, hence why they prefer non-committed flirting. So much for the idea of female intuition having “more wisdom” with their level of baby reading.
The Journal of Sex Research gathered that it is common for young women to persuade their partners to have sex without a condom. Sarcasm: Yeah, really good intuition. They used, obviously, seduction & risk reassurance.
Women have a tendency to gather information about a male to report & gossip back with their female consensus, while convincing males that he is “significant” to her.
Males have much more wisdom & better facts than females.

The one who gave theory of relativity also was “infected” by politics, as he was associated with political factions,the Atom Bomb was created.
Politics is not science. Politics should have no business in science. Politics is feminine. It’s done numerously by males, but mostly for showing themselves as “alpha” males. That’s right; I typed it.
The men who didn’t care about the game aren’t even safe from the “scorched earth” tendencies of women. To get to the ranks of the small percentage of masculinity that women see, you have to basically lose some levels of sanity.
There isn’t a balance. Women are often complaining about “dating down” & don’t even realize what’s happening. This is how it happens: As the ranks of the greedy gets increasingly smaller & smaller, women become even more unrealistic. Women’s further liberation, especially with pretentious degrees inflating their egos, has made them have smaller chance of getting a man who cares about her delusional ego as much as she does. Of other words. If you put a woman in a position of a president of a company, she’s not going to seriously get a man because she’s now looking for something with less probability. As more & more women are liberated, the value of masculinity is cheapened. Yes, that means: when you allow a woman to be directer of fashion-blogging, or something, she’s going to think that the automobile dealer is “nothing.”
Further, by the time males get to the increasingly narrowing top, as they lose more sanity, they’re not likely going to want to dedicate it to one. All that hard work, they’ll want to enjoy their fruits.

I actually got saved. If I would’ve gotten married, etc., although not necessarily the exact same thing, I would’ve been relegated to the similar situation I noticed my father did: he was an alpha male who was the leader of the operation. His wife got annoyed by him, called him a “wuss,” then got a large some of his assets in the divorce industry, which is enhanced by the feminine. Now, I have a new thing I have to save myself from, & it’s YOUR JOB to help other males from the very real traps of women:
You’re punishment from women for not even caring about the game & just wanting to be a waiter at a food-place will eventually be replaced by a similar process of a new invention used by greedy corporations of an automated type of waiter because the narrowed top enhanced by femininity turns you into a psychopath, or docile idiot. How can you not understand that women are the enemy?
It’s a mental illness due to the feminine because jealousy/popularity is intrinsic of the feminine: to be a partner in crime with another is her fantasy. Women are actually MORE competitive than men are, but their competition is not set by the mental intricacies. It’s like a football player pushing away all the others coming near. But the “pushing” by whores is it’s all those other men she’s with to have as a means to an end. What’s the end? Well there is no real end to a woman because that would require some amount of moralistic thought/consistency.
Thanks, women, for exercising your belief in some unrealistic masculinity, which has caused society to miss the men who are already perfectly healthy, & has caused dysfunction posed as “discipline.”

It’s largely a money racket.
A vast majority are actually too stupid to even be indoctrinated, so what’s the next level?
The education system indoctrinates youth for relative nonsense consisting of occasional truths.
The vast majority of the professoriate are a-scientific, anti-science, or incompletely scientific – repressive. It is a fact.

I’m tired of the infantile sexuality of the culture advising me. The true methods of sexuality is a “painfully,” literal “mechanical” one, which would make the normal culture thinking: “who the fuck talks like that?” Being a “dork,” as they would say, is a good thing. It’s what you’re supposed to try to become.

There are major professionals teaching to generations that there is no Truth. (You got to be joking me.) They claim that there is no good & evil, right & wrong. It’s such an easy fad for even aging guys keeping themselves as non mechanical as possible to not be seen as “awkward.”

Narratives are maintained by idiots who have, with their fake virtues, a wrong understanding of reality by the “experience” of liking things & products, & they have complexes that sharing opinions with others makes them qualified – barely any mental experiences & barely experiential learning, mostly sensation fixation.

Females “evolved,” to have personality disorders. The most commonly obvious ones are narcissistic personality disorder, histrionic personality disorder, & delusion is also a major one, among others. Why is it that when society regards evolution, they always make the assumption that both sexes shared evolution? They didn’t. Men evolved. Women barely did.
Just my personal observation, I have noticed that, for analytical reasons of mine, whenever I witness BDSM sites, there is much more emphasis by women. I’ve seen a lot more lesbian, or lesbian experimenters, managing & interested. The men involved have a lot less energy with it than they do. Men might have the organizational skills to front such communities, but women are much more insistent with it.
This calls for an extremely ethical mass reporting & testing by males to select traits males want.
Bluntly & simplistically because I don’t have time for semantics: women selectively breed & encourage males to have personality disorders like women do, keeping men in the past, or maybe a better way of putting it is no real personality, you’re just simply a “propulsion” grunting retardation to the whore, which is why no men should even take women’s tests seriously. (Which reminds me that being intellectual with women can work because, even though some males don’t like that method because they don’t want to have her as a combative peer, a lot of times they actually just parrot you like a little kid if it’s done a certain way.)
You don’t actually need to stabilize her if she is already committed, i.e., is prone to truly love you, which is why BDSM is really kind of a joke. Whenever I interact with whores, as they try to see if they can switch to me to get more accommodations for their privileges, without telling me they already have another initially, they have a tendency afterwards of saying “my boyfriend doesn’t let me hang out with other guys.” They say this of a way that discloses no real integrity – no real personal, serious consciousness.

The culture threatened by REAL male-centrism casts male exploration & experimentation as “peter-pan syndrome,” yet suffering & struggling is worshiped by gynocentrism. Masculinity is celebrated as almost mindless toil because females have the exclusive ownership of creation. Men are actually the ones who have assisted birth with female literal self destruction.

In a gynocentric culture, the masculine birthright of peace, for a lack of a better word is ruined: The boy lives in a world where struggling of the collective unconscious of the past is encouraged by gynocentrism. The child then bonds to struggling. This bonding then becomes an addiction to struggling. The male then creates situations of struggling to stir the main feelings of satisfaction.

Besides defending destructive trendy culture, which inculcates that individuated/mental males are “embarrassing,” females will even defend convicted criminals – as long as they’re exciting/”non-awkward.” The “assault” on mentally self-controlled males – calling them all these irrelevant” things as “awkward” – is the basis for every impulsive agenda of the whore. It bestows them leeway to indulge with thugs/immature, lame men & murderers.
While women strive for various styles, they actively appose real variation.

Erin Pizzey, writer on issues of domestic violence, which was even suppressed in England, addressed groups of workers described as having staff burnout. It occured when all provisions were made, yet women would still return to violent situations.
Just take the violent situations out of the equation. What do you get? Other types of burnout due to women.
Also, consider that emotional violence, which is more feminine, can be extremely cruel.
Anyway, all forms of violence occurs with both sexes, the most common for of female physical violence is proxy. So much for the theory that only men are aggressors.
Some claim that women who are attracted to violent/unhealthy relationships have daddy-issues, but there is not enough evidence for me to believe that’s mostly true, & there are mass demographics of females, of many consumers, to have amoral, bad tendencies. Knowing the “bipolar” nature of female men’s rights activists, I question Erin Pizzey’s potential level of cognitive dissonance.
The communities who have failed to build a structure necessary to provide an anti-naive way are the ones who are habituated to feel the ebb & flow of excitement & uncaring attitudes.

Warped masculinity is by the fact that women like men for a period, then deject/forget – literal anti-masculinity. It requires an excess for female inconsistency to be lessened.

In a foul, ineffectual nation, masculinity copes too well to not even realize it: the adjustment results with an addiction to instincts & struggle.

Erin Pizzey makes no serious mention that males who have degrees of immoral behavior have had major influence from the maternal. E.P. only makes the isolated argument that women who are attracted to the drama & excitement of a violent/immoral man just have daddy-issues.
Family counselor, Jesse Lee Peterson, with other studies, has stated that most violent male offenders come from single female-headed household.
It’s true: both from experiential learning of female collectivism, as well as empirical data, most males I’ve known who were raised by single mothers, or had too much influence from the maternal, had some serious personality disorders, or were impolite.
By first impression, you can’t discern the exact influence that would make mothers poor candidates, but drama tends to be more intimate/inclusive.
There’s an aspect about female nature that’s very destructive, as they feed on negative energy.
Stating “correlation does not imply causation” is a very fashionable thing. The relationship between women & immoral behavior is very real ( you can investigate the citations on end), as women have a tendency to, not only set conditions by their abuse, most often hypocritical, immature, emotionally-charged, also have limitation of understanding, & fueling more of it, on some kind of force, tainting decision making on the age-range when consciousness hasn’t even seriously developed.
Suicide rate of youth from fatherless homes is much more frequent, behavioral disorders are more frequent, high-school quitting, etc.. Without the male having proper diagnostics & help, the mother assigns emotionally damaging pills.
Women need to be noticed by mass culture to not be allowed to have any control of what is critical.
When Ann Coulter, which I don’t promote extremely – she’s not that impressive, explained some of these points on the Father Albert show, most of the women in the audience just proved her points by exhibiting primal responses.
Sure, not all males who have a major maternal schooling will become criminals, but the point is is that it can happen, & they usually adopt some level of immorality.

When pain & pleasure become mixed of early childhood, the result is further abuse.
Erin Pizzey records a case of, & it is an integral one, When 5 years of age, a girl named Olga was smacked by hand. As she felt a sense of fear & anxiety, she suddenly got a warm, tingling pleasure within her whole body.
She began to seek more.
Sexual intercourse was meaningless years later. It was extreme beatings she wanted.

What Paul Julius Moebius concluded – that the woman is an imbecile due to her physiology – has given me two conclusions:
According to researchers at Rutgers University, pain tolerance, which I’m not arguing for, happens during female orgasm, which is noticeable of how different it is than that of males, as well as that brain regions became more engaging during stimulation & orgasm.
Because of that, it gives masculinity, 1, more reason to have women sexually androcentric for the most part, to give females analgesics & stress relief, &, 2, to keep them with something busy, not tainting masculine studies.

I don’t think Erin Pizzey is intellectually honest (or gets it): Even though she makes a distinction of violence prone women, who will cling to such situations, & the other type, who can get with a violent relationship, will love the man but hate his violence, there is an unwillingness to address female amorality, which has it’s very basis of females being sensation creatures of various flexibility. They’re not intellectual creatures.
Women use words, & I define use as exploit, to further their drives of sensations.

Professionals are inhibited by policies. Policies are due to survival mechanisms. Survival mechanisms are due to female collectivism: “I can’t say that to my peers because I could lose my job, etc.. If I lose that, I could lose chance with a whore.”

It is further axioms that women are delusional on many levels: The adrenaline rush women want of some ways are burdening society with, which gives them more false beliefs, suddenly they feel like they are super-human, or something.
It’s partly why whores have the delusional fetish of an “invincible” masculinity, or something like that, that they think they’re going to get, & then when women interpret that he’s not, she then ruins him. It’s no wonder that women just run out of men, as they sift them out periodically before & after being with them for an indefinite amount of time. It’s almost as if they run out of them to keep themselves from ever realizing how delusional they are & that what they fantasize about doesn’t really exist (other than some sloppier versions).

People who are aggressive have inferiority complexes anyway, or are not intelligent. The wrinkles on ones skin are earned by age. A more reserved personality is earned by having more intelligence.

I’ve typed about what a spectrum is, but consider this: the color red can have other associations: The hybrid color: metallic pink-orange is not red, but it is associated with red.
Daddy-issues or not, there is a wealth of information – anecdotal, i.e., alert to female collectivism, as well as empirical – of how immature the spectrum, without using the word immature, of female sexuality actually is.
I think Erin Pizzey has a sort of “Tom Boy” condition of accumulating some information because she didn’t make it as really attractive, & I don’t mean that from a subjective way: Most men would not have the strong urge to have sex with her, so, because of her practical approach, she likely doesn’t even realize aspects about her own collective (or she denies it).
Yeah, beauty can be subjective on occasion, but you don’t need citations to make the general axiom that most men have a universal preference of a body figure.
There is a general trend of female psychology that “to punish is to improve,” or “the different is creepy,” etc.. They love facades of alternative lifestyles, but they hate alternative strategies.

There is a compulsory aspect about males who are burdened with female collectivism.

So I saw this group of teenage kids, wasting time, smoking, drinking at a park. There was one girl. I approached to school them. Talked to them a little, then ended it with: “you guys are wasting your time with her: when she finds another guy with better cigarettes, she’s going to “stab you in the back.”” Then I mocked them: “Yo, yo, dog, smoke weed.” I fled because they were preparing 4 vs. 1. Both sexes of that instance devalued me – “pussy” – because I didn’t give them entertainment. Get some potential brain damage, etc. – what kind of logic is that?

Bad guys are first for whores. They’ll introduce you to drugs, clumsy, feminine sex, & rock-n-roll. Good guys are for paying the bills.

Let me deconstruct a quote by Erin Pizzey:

“If society follows this pattern of moral decline, the future for children in this country looks even bleaker than the present.
………… a deep greedy need of self-service. They got where they are by a ruthless driving ambition. ( E.P. also makes distinctions of different types of violence. She notes of “intellectual” violence of middle-class, of which some ‘go mad’) ….contended human beings seldom seek high office.”

That’s the essential samples of a couple of her paragraphs.
My question is: What are the events & actions that serves as a stimulus & initiate or precipitates those series of reactions? The appetition of women does. Because female collectivism is the opposite of “spiritual” nature, it produces more primal instincts of man, unnoticed by mechanization.

When I was reading some of Erin Pizzey’s work, even though she associates with men’s rights activists, she seems more like a feminist.
She even gives her feminine tendecies of stating: “I have never met a monster, only vulnerable, confused, grief-stricken people expressing their pain in rage and despair.” – female lame morality. She probably masturbated to violent beastiality porn afterwards.
The “monstars”, implied by women, are harmless males. You get the point. I’m being provocative It’s not an issue of semantics.

Your decisions are much better by your information, & the really extraordinary information is, whether intentionally or not, stopped by female nature.
If all you’ve known your entire life is a poor way of living, then you think it’s “great.”
America is a culture of the archetype of “Thanatose” – death. The entertainment is a large portion of the information that we get.
This is not “social constructs” or “social engineering” of its core. It’s that women have men operating as “compulsory”, for a lack of a better word. Women also like their surroundings to be familiar: they want you, like them, to have have various forms of histrionic personality disorders: they weed out the masculine men from the effeminate men.
I hate anything that involves violence. It’s not even necessarily a “sensitive” thing. It’s just: How can I even take that seriously?
Why would you want to make obscurantist what shouldn’t be. Women are the ones who are obsessed with making it that way.
As female’s less evolved selection is contaminating the social pool, Female romance/sexuality is infested with fickleness, immaturity, additionally to women being clumsy & not even knowing how affection of quality works, drama & horror/suspense themes.
The reason this is is the same phenomenal parallel of the majority of artists who don’t actually have real talent. Most people don’t have real creativity. When you go to even the most extreme concerts, you see people doing the same thing, & there is trends of making their presentations dramatic because they don’t actually have any real creativity. There’s no need for the artificial like that.
This is the way that female sexuality is as well: Female sexuality is a soap-opera because they feel the need to over-hype & dramatize to maintain the female ego.

The only point that Erin Pizzey makes that I fundamentally agree with is that she states that experiences can cause addictions.
There are many men now who are defeatist, which is understandable, because they learned from experience, while naive little-boys keep persuading to apply male versions of cosmetics for women.


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How Female “Voting” Helped Ruin Communities With E-Selling | Jessie Nagy


To expect men to read your mind so that you don’t have to have any social intelligence is quite a common sort of sexual thing for women. Let that level of entitlement register. “Risk having your life ruined to kiss me. How hot.” Since women don’t have social intelligence, often with the aid of the nonsensical “beta” terms, why should they have any influence of society?

(Then add the “Me-too” thing.)

How is this related to Amazon-dot-com? I will provide the truth about how Amazon-dot-com implements its draconian policies after, but the first answer is: What women allow. If you don’t understand this concept, think of voting. This is not specifically about “social constructing.” This is about ALLOWING. There is a difference.

Even though we have built civilization that alleviates many of these impulses, the female attraction to erratic males, & even violence, still remains. It’s because women are immature, as an evolutionary way & other ways.

Your average women does not necessarily have TOTAL hybristophilia[1] that resembles a horror film, but she does want some type of it.

When women glamorize it by saying: “tall, DARK, handsome,” they don’t mean dark visually.

The obsession that women have to control her settings by allowing proxy erratic, feral, simple-minded men, while not seriously allowing other types of males, increases draconian customs.

It is not extreme cases of female psychology. It is A CONTINUUM.

Women will love this guy:

The severely demanding policies by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos resembles almost jail.

Coworkers would urinate in trash-cans for fear of missing their timed targets.[2]

Some workers claimed their brief, timed breaks were reduced even more when waiting for security lines.

The company stated that it abolished penalties for free time, & that they don’t time bathroom breaks, but to even have that as a rule firstly & then claim to change it later means there’s something obviously wrong. That type of a person probably needs to be told not to throw rocks at homeless people, or something like that.

A spokeswoman, generally aligned with these defective males, with her fake psychology & fake words, stated: “Amazon provides a safe & positive workplace….” Right, I believe that – not.

Debates about different economical systems isn’t the point. The point is this is not the right type of ethics, yet you actually see a woman defending these actions with her fake response.

Lunch-time was jail-time: rushing to the metal detector, waiting for not enough time, sitting only for a brief moment, then rushing back to the detector. They were 10 minute breaks with 20 minutes standing in line.

One man was penalized for taking a sick-day after an asthma attack during night shift.

They declined to comment to the employee’s account.

Jeff Bezos is one of the richest, yet still not content, still abusive.

With 13,000 new jobs the company has created, this ‘1984’ type of work could replace the “library atmosphere” of better jobs of working in a bookstore, etc..

With relentless long hours, workers sleep during the job.[3]

Some were pressured to do over-time – 55-hour week when Christmas was coming.

Ambulance crews have even come.

Threats of potential job termination for creating politics have been used against employees.[4]

Working 10-hour shifts for slave-wage.[5]

15 miles a day while working 10 & a half hour shifts, one worker stated.

Amazon failed to report 26 instances of work-related injury & illness, which resulted with a $7000.00 fine.

This type of “voting” for defective masculinity that female sexuality allows has also contributed to the notion of equality: It’s like this: uniformity, & I don’t mean that as a positive way of organization & order, is the common norm of which you could get seriously troubled by making a whore introduced to reality, which I know of by experience, because they’re addicted to convenience. “This guy wearing clothes that I don’t like said something to me, I hope he gets beaten by security,” all because idiots “need” convenience. Yeah, I’m like you – not. That’s why I’m doing such non-sexy things, as being only one of the FEW customers at my local independent book-shops managed by a good guy, who would never use draconian policies, while other people are wasting money on other gaudy predation. It’s the same thing when I walk into a typical grocery store: They don’t have pomegranate frequently because the sales are based of what people are frequently buying. They’re ill-informed, so they don’t buy quality food, which makes it that I have to deal with their garbage. This is how equality/democracy is. This female sexuality transcends the generic setting to politics, business, & more.

If you don’t believe me & think that I was the “creep” during those situations: Another contribution of digital/e-selling culture has been the studies stating that people now have attention spans of less than 8 seconds. That’s less than a goldfish, which has 9 seconds[6], so, with that attention span, more complex people are going to be more likely ignored by draconian methods by people who don’t know how to live with reality.

The other aspect is that multitasking has improved. You know, that’s really great if you want to flip 30 boxes for 10 hours, or something like that.

For all the people who think that aliens are having an effect for jobs, which is a whole other article, what about companies like Amazon that are demolishing independent book-shops – a place I need to work in?

When the blogger Karen Straughen, also known as: “Gynocentrist-writes-shit,” slandered me as a “feminist,” that was pure hybristophilia. She was trying to get others to hate me, the same way that feminists use tactics & slander, because I was reporting about how female sexuality/psychology is, as just typed, a major burden to the advancement of masculinity/society. There’s no references for it because it was done with the internet, so the content got lost in shuffles.

What does violence actually mean? Many things. Doing abdominal strengthening can be violent. A bad example, but it defines violence as having more than “bloody” definitions. Most women are attracted to violent/erratic/socially retarded men because they are themselves socially retarded. They only VARY with the level of violence they like.

Don’t support them. If you must buy something essential, fine. But buy from independent shops instead.



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How The “Mtv.” Generation Applies Sociology As Excuses, As Cosmetics, For The Apposite Sex To Stop Values/Origins Of Body Modifications| Jessie Nagy:

stupid people 2

The young males are the the most influenced by sociology derived via the success of the fewer men who gave to female greed. They apply this: “You know how girls like it when you act like kind of a dick?” Tattoos are another aspect of this same cosmetic. They studied this self-help – sociology – & used it to stop thinking about serious issues. If you think this is wrong because it’s not biologically probabilistic, the pretense as a product of sexual cronyism has the ability to induce social engineering. When you see aesthetics of these stupid gauged ears, etc., that is LITERALLY social constructing/ engineering. Women create so much fake nonsense by way of allowing/”voting.” Women CHOOSE men who are concerned with the latest fads & novelty. Paradoxically, most of this novelty is a product of archaic/primitive behavior of men who now have delusions of being “elite,” which women subscribe to.

There’s this pervasive attitude that the contrarian styles have that they are “different,” “better,” or whatever, than the supposed “jocks” or “yuppies.” But all these people, with their rendition of their popularity contests, have done is they’ve just replaced what they claim to be antithetical to with another immature, non-evolved contest mentality: These idiots are constantly reinventing their image, making provocations, contriving the artificial so that they can just “fluidly slide in & out” of their inconsistency when they’re questioned, & expecting others to acknowledge their next front & excitement their going to provide.

What they’ve done is they’ve just re-dressed the same identity to give themselves the belief that they’re “not” like that.

Paradoxically, the fact that they believe they’re of focal worth creates the belief of uniformity/identity of the same rank/parity/likeness/equipoise: That people, rather than constructing, producing by eclectic abstraction, have to be obligated to worshiping them or else their “missing” something of their lives – the idea that others are with their level: participating with their casual culture & dealing with “living in a pigpen/rolling in their own dung.”

Grow up, kids, get a life, instead of the “brawn,” the immediate, & parasitical inflation.

So I was having a debate with this idiot with tattoos all over his body. He stated that my content is boring. I told him that’s not how science works. By his logic, if a doctor told him that he needed to minimize meats because of cardiovascular problems (which they most likely wouldn’t because doctors would more likely try to sell prescription pills instead) & eat a lot more plants, that doctor would be, according to him, “invalid” because it’s boring. I’m not going to have semantic arguments about the subjective nature of existence. You know what I mean: Science doesn’t really deal with the subjective. It deals with the objective.

So this is kind of revenge towards that guy for calling me a “pussy” & for the notion that he knows so much. Maybe if he actually spent as much time as I do studying instead of wasting it for tattoos, drugs, etc., he’d be qualified enough.

Origins of body modifications, both as inflicted bodily hollowing, as well as bodily congesting:

What are some products after instincts? Rites are some of them. From the North/West, some of these rites were flaunting with armor on horses, etc..

Although Africa, Australia, & some parts of the East have a male-empowerment of polygamy[1], other rites crippling masculinity has its origins in some of those places.

Does this seem like a sustainable way (defined as r/k selection[2]): to have males perform so much by Western, etc., culture that it causes slow reproduction due to monogamy & chivalrous rites, etc.? Those wasting time pea-cocking male power displays will be out-reproduced by others, who simply are mostly eating & reproducing oriented.

Western types of women have participated with the pattern of using beta males (the quality males who actually created society) during the ~30 ages by re-appropriating their descriptions as “alpha.” This inaccurate description owned by females is one society is unaware of, causing beta males to lose proper appeal.

[3] Circumcision, also originally a type of pea-cocking by alpha males, has its first origins as initiation ceremonies. Subincision is done in Australia. With a sharp chipped piece of flint, subincision is the cutting of the penile urethra opened from meatus to scrotum. Indo-Germanic, Mongols, Finno-Ugrian people were completely unacquainted with it before modernity.

Whatever form of male disposing, (which the previously typed polygamy is not. It is androcentric), whether self inflicted harm for status symbols or conquest of stressful situations for status symbols, it retards true male power.

Contrary to what some might assume, the rites were not by barely controlled aggression because of the obvious destructive connotations, which it is. The rites were actually done due to obsession with new life. It is all orientation of cults dedicated to the goddess – birth, menstrual blood, fertility.

I believe that females generally like to believe that sexuality should have some connotations of competition due to the fact that women bleed.

What is it about the male psyche that would wrongly make him believe that sexuality has more connotation of competition than it actually has? Not menstruation per se, but the fear & stress of navigating in socializing:

Two factors:

1: The explicitly sexual.

2: Work-life. The whole concept of sex as “nock me” comes from the survival mechanisms of work-life, etc.: People are so pressurized, often without even realizing it, & infected with instincts from being too busy that they bring that to sexuality.

It is well known of the initiation rites of violence that gangs intimidate new members with. Circumcision originates with the exact same idea[4]: a male must join groups’ common cohabitation with females. This resembles very stupid alpha males’ desires to prove their worth. Circumcision, which is really just body modification that has morphed as medical practice, originated with pre-literate man trying to master fear by trying to show displays of power to be liked by women. Rather than admitting that they have fear, the ~20-~10%, arbitrary masculinity creates an idea that aggression is somehow a “negation” of fear by trying to muster it, much like a practice of violent sexuality, which women set as the model of varying degrees because they extrapolate from only what they see. Think of it this way: Why would you sometimes be loud/scream? It’s to compensate for fear. They might not readily make it understood that they have fear, but aggression originates from fear.

I remember when I was having sex with a female when I was younger, I was doing it very fast & hard, pulling her hair, etc.. It was not standardized BDSM with all the systems & tools, etc.. It was just fast/hard. I remember when I got tired & I had her on top just to regulate by breathing, she actually had less respect for me. The point is: women use all this primitive body language – BDSM – to extrapolate what man can survive the “best.”

It all just comes from the female tendency to resent moral guys (also a fear-based mentality – fear of the unknown: women don’t seriously know these men (sometimes use)) & generally slander them.

Women will claim “we have respect for men who don’t put us on a pedestal, & who will have leadership skills.” This is totally misguiding. It is a fascination with the man thumping down 10 enemies, etc.. This is not real respect. It’s a USE. Using a tool without caring about the rust accumulating isn’t real respect.

With the fear based mentality/aggression the arbitrary masculinity has, the more women will literally unconsciously select social institutions for things like procedures of circumcision.

It is questionable to understand prehistoric events, especially by relying by archeological artifacts that can only give vague suggestions, but it is quite possible of the conjecture that men, originally living with hordes, submitted to the domination of a single (or a few) powerful, violent, jealous masculinity. But how does this make it true that one (or a few) represents masculinity? This is literally an outlier. Science deals with generalities. It only uses outliers as comparisons, yet you get from professional academics frequently that an outlier = “masculinity.” The parallel of that is female sexual selection – deluded: they are attracted to outliers. It’s pseudo science to state that males are supposed to be the unrealistic alpha-male just to entertain women. They are only resorting to social constructs. Women are greedy for what is basically a rare delicacy of a pecking order. The only reason society makes itself believe that it’s more realistic is due to the fact that males use cosmetics. Yes, males have their OWN VERSION OF COSMETICS.

With the dominance hierarchy maintained by outliers of masculinity, various destructive rites occur.

Do you know the reports of what alpha males used to do to other males for interfering with females? It has been reported that they would castrate other males[5]. Fast-forward to now, the beta male shaming is a tame evolution of the same processes. There isn’t castration like that, but there are now metaphorical castrations & other means of control by OUTLIERS, which idiots like Jordan Peterson condone to entertain women, done to healthy masculinity.

Initiated pain as a price children pay for the prerogatives of adulthood – this was the true origins of the rite of circumcision.

Truth is is that most of these alpha-male idiots, whether it’s the leaders of tribes of Australia or whatever, don’t know how to make an easy affection economy, so, instead, they create other things & activities to compensate for what they don’t know how to do.

Browe believes[6] that castration came from the Hittites & went to Semitic & other cultures next. Browe stresses castration among priests of mother goddesses. Other reasons for it was later, but the original can be traced to an axiom of the few inflicting it to gain control of other males’ power. That’s the way it generally is: Defective ringleaders. It’s the same reality as how a brand selling the same product as another would want another brand to fail so that the continuing brand can get more. The apex of masculinity is generally infected with bad ethics because they’re obsessed with power for whores. It’s not masculinity that’s bad. It’s the outliers of masculinity that’s generally bad, & women are generally seeking them.

There are different stories with similar themes: whether it’s mutilations done by apex/elite ringleaders for control, ancient religions of emasculating for mother goddess deities, or priming to be tough, all of these have the lunatic rationalization of ascribing them to gynocentrism. There’s even other accounts of these mutilations due to wanting to be female, or a fear of them.

Whether you do or do not believe the existence of god(s), religion has had an effect on societies before science ever had. Parallel to the history of castration for the Magna Mater, is the biblical story of Zipporah & other numerous reports. News to atheists: The Bible also contains real history. Dismissing it as “that’s not science” is a cop-out. I’m not reporting about you’re understanding of modern science. I’m reporting the arcane. According to these, it was women who imposed circumcision to men.

There’s accounts that circumcision was originally done as sacrifices to a female goddess, & all Semitic cutting was a sacrifice to the goddess of fertility. It can be described as even transactions similar to money.

I know, what a shocker that the personality disorders exhibited in the work-force due to their different hormonal processing could be a remnant of their prime savagery – not.

With cross-cultural similar themes, The New Hebrides explicitly state that women invented circumcision.

Factually, African Azande women prefer it. [Reported: 1954] With no or little religion, & with women having rejected uncircumcised men, it is a trend in the Congo & Sudan.

Then there’s the other possibility: that cutting was done due to mens’ envy of her power to bear young, then the men (ringleaders – there’s the fewer to spoil it for others) regarded women as responsible for the rites, or the other possibility is that men should bleed from their genitals.

The possibility of envy could be true because subincision is done in few parts of the world.

Blood is believed by primitives to evoke magic. Subincision is the effusion of blood, which has a probable correspondence to female menstruation [7] – feminization, & one of the explanations for the psychology of this is that the male “needs to fill the emotional vacuum created by their inability to bear children.”

Female sports enjoyment causes males to adopt sadistic & masochistic tendencies. If you believe a domino-effect is only physical, you are mistaken. Domino-effects are also psychological.

While it is quite probable that society was founded by homicidal men, then changed evil tendencies, women took that earlier psychology further. These men are “demon possessed” & they need to be exorcized by fanatical, fundamentalist extremists.

There is ideas that secret societies hoodwink women: The men use other men as pawns, don’t mind killing a few boys to convince the women for the given reasons. With the casual deflection of “autism being the new “paranoid conspiracy theorist,” yes, even when it involves their casual indulgence of entertainment, I’ll type it anyway: This is the axiom though of ‘The Lord Of The Rings’ “One ring to bind them,” some are trying to attain it’s crippling mind control. The ringleaders have joined the dark-side by becoming traitors.

The story of ‘Genesis’ in ‘The Bible’ is symbolic[8]. If you read such works like you do science – literally, you are likely symbol illiterate, & will, like a numerous amount of religious people, not even understand it:

The “tree of life” is a study of anatomy: The spine is like a tree with roots & branches of afferent & efferent nerves. The “tree of life” has many enjoyable “fruits” – sensations. But, because of the technical & impractical application of accessing the practice, it has been garbled. Only those with strict, “robotic” self control can have the knowledge.

This serpent that tempted Eve was not the first will of the penis of Adam that “manipulated” eve. The serpent is a force that is not meant to be dabbled with without proper instruction. It was the evil of Eve that was interested with being impatient, as women think they can just greedily get almost whatever they want with little consideration of the consequences for others, to disregard precise reason. Harnessing spinal centers of occult energy can be very dangerous & change your plans that warp your life. The empowering knowledge can only be inclusive to males with the most extremist, fanatical, fundamentalism by the maxim of: MY BODY IS A TEMPLE, & I WILL NOT DEFILE IT, not by partying with animals. This boycotting would change a lot of business for corporations – the same corporations who live by poorly self-controlled instincts, presented as “well-adapted”, with reactions of feelings overpowering true reason. It is for whores to make treasures by distributing & polluting your psychology with tobacco, meats packaged as machismo, sugar (the bad kinds of sugars. You need other sugar), GMO, alcohol packaged as “interesting or intellectual,” dairy, & the list continues. Women have dominated men by monopolizing that maxim of “my body is a temple” for mainly themselves (even when they’re still slovenly – “don’t fat-shame”), & doling the social status for males helping preserve the irrelevant meaning of “boring.” This social status has accepted the idea of “romance has got to die.” Romance is self control & very logical with collected vital masculine energy.

Tantric sex is not the type of sex that is associated with aggressive lust done on this planet. Tantric sex is a different, totally euphoric type of sex that can be magnified by the millions with an immersion of care.

Eating by mostly craving rather than thought causes a type of body modification, congesting the body. The persuasions, damaging the body, is not much different than how people get tattoos. With machismo, they try to persuade to you that not eating enough meat causes low T. & reduces the vitamins you “need.” That’s debatable. However, what about ethics. What about other living entities? Eating meat is unethical, & none of this “I eat free range animals” excuses changes it. Someone needs to stop the cycle. (Muscles, particularly oysters, might be acceptable.)

My main concern is vascularity not machismo. Machismo is a male cosmetic.

The difference of male cosmetics compared to female cosmetics is that male cosmetics, due to males being more abstract creatures, is much more elaborate. Female cosmetics are very easy.

The vascularity of a strict, stoic, ascetic plant diet combined with speed exercises for endurance is what I do. I want endurance not strength. The best option for ultimate vascularity is a plant-based diet.

This machismo is exhibited, for example, because Japan is a perfect example of sheep mentality/shame culture with probably the most preserved hypergamy, of a developed nation by the work-obsessed [reported: 2000]. That’s not the real you. They have a more linear culture – playing with their tech-toys like babies with barely any significant wisdom, but what’s the point when meaning has been deprived? It is like ordering a collection of books yet never having any free time to even learn the mysteries of reality. Yeah, hypergamy helps evolution, right, that makes sense – not. How can you know other evolution if you’ve been so used to only one idea of evolution? During the past decade of Japan[9], Japanese executives feel that vacation users are disloyal to peers. Vacations of more than a week are rare. They often don’t even know what to do with their leisure time. Abused masculinity is her entertainment. Wives who haven’t seen much of each other for years have “leisure stress.” I don’t even know what that report is supposed to mean, but it was reported that this is a reason for increasing divorce rates.

They have automatic obedience. Confucianism/Japanese culture teaches not to question, etc. – superficial “evolution.’ This is a fake dominance which transcends them. Real dominance is thinking-outside-the-box. To many people, “dominance” is something physical or readily seen. They are taught to not do something because people will laugh.

The western version is basically the contrasting version of the same thing: “Having uncool warmth & not doing trends will have you laughed at,” for a lack of a better description.

Their chauvinism is also fake because it’s just by the automatic obedience to business – male cosmetics of machismo/fake dominance.

Another aspect of fake dominance of Western society is so many various opiates for the masses for those too lazy & fragile to realize reality – REAL dominance. Persuasions by the trendy that marijuana “enhances consciousness” does not work for me. Oxygen is one of your brains primary sources of energy. The brain demands 20% of total oxygen intake. The lungs weigh 2% of your body weight[10], so that intake is a lot. Without a continuous supply of intake, brain cells die. Yeah, smoking marijuana makes you smart – not.

The “orgonomic” principle is that without the inclusion of tranquility realizations, the vulnerability & risk, thanks to females dominating the social of youngsters, will cause self-abuse, more often times like the machismo of Japanese shame-culture.

This is not by an appeal to authority, this is just logic: When bio-energy is damned, it results with irrationality, perversion, neurosis.

There’s an idea that women are more anti-prude, for a lack of a better word, but they’re actually more repressive, more disapproving because you have to provide cheap entertainment, & this is the kind of entertainment that stupid people laugh at.

Again, with female domination of the social, male experts are seen as “creepy,” etc.. It inhibits true male liberation by knowledge of the masculine self:

The membrane surrounding neurons & internal energy producers, mitochondria, is the lipid bilayer [11]. It’s comprised of certain fats & Omega-3, DHA.

The protein obsessed say that we “need” Omega-3 from fish, but the problem is that fish is packed with EXCESSIVE protein, congesting the body. With conflicting studies, you have to know what corporations FUND those studies firstly. It’s basically bribing the same way that women bribe men to present fake “dominance.” [12] Fish can’t produce omega-3. They have to get it from algae.

The lipid membrane of the brain is extremely susceptible to peroxidation, a damaging form of free radical attack. Acetylaldehyde, which is done by alcohol waste, by the implication of females that “you’re boring, creepy, a wuss” if you’re more concerned about yourself, & a fast-action purchasing of bad brain fats & foods & stress, causes the brain to experience severe levels of free radicals. It has been reported to be like pouring acid on skin [13]

Negative ions of mountains, trees, etc., increases flow to the brain. [14]                             Negative ions are also believed to increase serotonin.

Many polluted areas have low levels of oxygen & less negative ions, & even have neurotoxins. Offices of work-environment, & when I type environment, I really do mean environment because living is done in places not meant to be lived, that recirculate air are ion depleted.

Paradoxically, the fake “dominance”/machismo – herd instinct for whores – typed earlier about the Japanese toil has also caused males to become more effete.

Exercise not only increases blood flow to the hippocampus, learning & memory zone, it can also increase new brain cells – neurogenesis, & has been shown to increase amount of recently retained info. [15]

Some will quote Paracelsus (1493-1541) [16]:

“..all substances are poison. The right dose differentiates a poison & a remedy.”

When have women allowed serious differentiation when they imply studious males to be “creepy,” etc.?

A conflict of ethics could be the argument that plants are still predatory: [17] Unlike animals, they can’t run away, so an evolutionary strategy is: poison. Alright, you might have an argument, but do plant based diet for vascularity anyway.

The most probable food-related cancers are, & this is not “living life with fear,” from traditional foods: [18] red meats, poultry (very bad protein), badly prepared grain/bread, certain starches, sugar, chocolate, & excessive salt, drug residues, pesticides, additives. Life is a technical, intricate chess-game. It’s not a “fear” that I have.

You’re likely to get cancer by bad/ill informed choice of food.

I’d even say: maybe grow your own plants.

Don’t think that all plants are good though. I mostly do cruciferous plant diet. It’s not for pleasure. It’s for logic.

Overweight people have even been reported to have smaller hippocampus zones of the brain. [19] 66% of Americans are considered overweight.

Trans fats are the worst type of fat for the brain. French fries, cookies, cakes, pastries, potato chips, fried chicken, etc. – very bad. The molecules, refined by industry, can attach to capillary walls & membranes, slowing intracellular communication.

Additionally to animal & dairy products contributing to cardiovascular disease, insulin resistance, Alzheimer’s stroke, diabetes & obesity, chronically elevated glucose, insulin, alcohol, cortisol levels causes brain inflammation [20] – another type of body modification due to the impulse to not think for women. Nothing bores a woman so much as a thinking man interested with himself. They own you with this.

Have you ever noticed that some of the most p.c. people who will violently or erratically appose these types of philosophies presented with pro-male spaces are generally the ones who religiously consume soda, cookies, croissants, etc., & other forms of “fast paced” degeneracy? Wasting yourself with foods that are high on the glycemic index is what sets the sugar insulin toxicity, & even causes COGNITIVE IMPAIRMENT. YOU READ CORRECTLY: EATING THESE JUNK/SUGAR FOODS RETARDS THE MIND. [21] These idiots are too concerned with racing home to their movies, etc., to precisely read the ingredient sections. Any carb over 50 on the index is considered a high-glycemic carb. All that for their sugar-rush is what puts you – the philosopher – at risk for disturbing them.

Alcohol is also one source of hidden blood sugar toxicity. Combine that with the typical diet, they get even more damage. “Lets relax. Lets have a good time” – fucking idiots, & it’s all due to their association with the feminine, yet these are the same type of people who will persuade to you to “not be beta”/don’t follow a woman’s lead,” yet they’re doing just that: They’re following a woman’s lead.  REAL dominance by males is boring & stern.

The metabolic processing of alcohol causes production of a chemical called acetylaldehyde – AH. AH harms the brain. It misappropriates brain nutrients, especially vitamin B1, B5, & B6. AH also disharmonizes an important enzyme called Acetyl Coenzyme – CoA. Your mitochondria produce 90% of energy – ATP – for the entire brain. The mitochondria get raw ingredients needed to produce ATP from CoA.

DHA, Magnesium, B Vitamins, & many other essential nutrients are depleted by alcohol.

Alcohol shrinks the brain – literally.

They say: “moderate red wine might be good for you.” It is actually NOT the alcohol in wine that is brain beneficial. It’s the flavonoids of the skin & seeds of dark grapes. Saying that red wine is good for you is kind of, after dragging spinach in used toilet paper, like saying it’s “good for you.”

It’s not that males who waste a lot of money on thousands of vinyl records, video games, etc., are necessarily what women & female MRAs consider “socially retarded.” It’s that females own social structures with no outlet for males who aren’t truly willing to do what they do, even if they pretend, so the result is them substituting empowering assembly with more destructive assembling.

Had they found Eastern thought, Buddhism, etc., they would find truth much more empowering than Jordan Peterson, who will even hijack stories of Buddhism as decorations for his own gain.

Definition is important because, to communicate about technical subjects, we must know meaning.

Buddhism has been called a religion. Religion refers to belief in another power controlling the universe. Buddhism understands controlling the mind by the self. Religion has an emotional component, which Jordan Peterson loves. Pure Buddhism does not share the sentiment. Buddhism is not really a religion.

Philosophy means love of wisdom/knowledge. Female nature is an abuser of philosophy.

There are two types of philosophical thinking: metaphysics & phenomenology. Metaphysics is the study of absolute or first principles. It doesn’t need to appeal to authority (a female instinct). It simply thinks it’s way to discover. Metaphysics is also sometimes called the science of ontology, study of essence. Phenomenology is the description of things as they are experienced by the individual: it is the science of epistemology, the study of things as they are known.

Psychology is the study of the mind & mental states. Like philosophy, it has two aspects: pure psychology – general study of mental phenomena. The other is psychotherapy/applied psychology – adjusting disease, etc..

Buddhism, with it’s strict morality, study of the mind/psychology, & philosophy is extremely rational & logical.

A book by Christine A. Chandler: ‘Enthralled: The Guru Cult of Tibetan Buddhism’ slanders Buddhism because of the ascetic discipline to save oneself for superior realizations rather than short, temporary, immediate gratification. The book is nothing more than moral-guy shaming. [22]

Who is trying to educate the next generation on the net? A lot of leftists: The New York Times, T.Y.T., Vox, & others.[23]

What is the source of this? You guessed it: the ordination by women.

Neocon expansionism by persuasion of consumption is another aspect of the left while not even calling itself the left.

Fun is prioritized over science, just like how the fun presentation of the iconic milk mustache by celebrities to condone dairy. What is their actual relevance when they are “whores” for money?[24]

Ice cream is fun, but it’s not scientific to eat it to have ill effects.

The USDA’S persuasion to drink 3 glasses is not based on strict science. [25]

Some of the contributors of the USDA food pyramid actually work for the dairy industry, which means that it’s about money interests, not science. (This article does not pertain to breast milk for development.)

They are motivated by money/survival/gynocentrism rather than science. That’s the way money works. Hypergamy doesn’t “push evolution.” (Other than a little bit.)

The guide of the early 1990s to have 6-11 servings daily of bread, sugar, carbs, cereals & pasta caused the largest epidemic of obesity of the history of our species. [26]

These USDA food policies are used in school programs.

It is true that food industries know about chemicals, manipulate ingredients to stimulate addictive cycles, &, yes, they are REAL addictions, not just pleasure. [27]

Soda contains caffeine – a stimulant & diuretic, & salt. When you excrete salt & liquids, you become thirsty. Soda brands hide lots of salt with sugar in their drinks to get you addicted to them. It’s a very clever business strategy. [28]

Conventional wisdom states that excessive full-fat dairy increases the risk of heart disease due to excessive saturated fat content[29], yet wisdom is decreased when life-styles of instincts are accepted.

So what answers do I give? Try the Okinawa diet. Those who comprise of the Okinawan diet, a totally different system with people who live to be centenarians more than those of a neo-con diet, have reduced rates of arteriosclerosis[30]. You add saturated fats, the average cholesterol increases. People who live to be 100 don’t eat foods rich with saturated fats. They CONTROL with a little. (your definition of “dominance” is equal to a cartoon character) They don’t have a lot. They eat almost NO dietary fat in Okinawa, so that’s a major argument to completely restrict animal products to zero.

Get this: Real men are not moderate. Real men are fanatical, but if you really want to have an issue of semantics, they’re the ones who are actually extremists: causing hazards to themselves all because they want to accept casual culture.

There is much more about the hazards of incompetent outliers/traitors for whores retarding the nutritional & thriving power of other males. However, YOU give me facts. YOU pump out 100s of articles.

It’s quite possible that you can’t pump out 100s of articles, even when you claim to be anti-feminist, etc., because you’re the type of person who “rapes” bookstores. You might be anti-feminist, but you’re still “anti-consciousness”/pro-female: “Don’t be nice,” etc.. Do you know the true reason that women don’t like fundamentalist moralists as myself? For the same reason that kids buy bongs instead of books. For the same reason that people tortured Jesus Christ when he was found a criminal for protesting hypocrites. The meme of “dorks” comes from this societal tendency to be traitors for cheap/immature/unskilled lust. For the same reason that people support theatres instead of what they think looks “tacky” – book covers, which is a reason that some of them would buy books superficially – for the gloss, only to afterwards think: “What am I going to do with these books?” They’re so inured by entertainment that they have the true “peter pan” syndrome. These people would probably even kick you down stairs if they had the chance simply because they don’t like how perfectly oblivious you are to their sports-teams, which reminds me of how I was threatened in Phoenix, Az. to get the police called because I was asking for customer service.

FUCK YOU, Phoenix. You have no culture. I don’t need to provide another citation about this, as I already have with one of my other articles, because I’m not appealing to authority. I’m using logic because I can use strict self control: I’m not controlled by entertainment. Your definition of culture is bong-shops & the lard-storage Mexican food places people go to between another binge of their lack of self-control, like those stupid “pagans” dancing around a fire. This is one of the most emasculated places you can go to. Meaning: dumb/hostile people dictating how smart people “should” be. I don’t mean emasculated by how the popular would define it. I have a peer who thinks that women here own the way others live by even fashion. According to him, they don’t like men wearing sun-glasses because it has a “creepy” effect of not allowing them to read men – control them – as easily. It’s possible. One thing is for certain: they don’t like my solitude & will slander it as “shady,” etc..

I was watching a very brief segment regarding A food-place called Dick’s. This place makes money with a theme of being rude to customers. As I was watching it, I thought, this is just how people, “professional” or otherwise, are in Phoenix, Az.. The people who are constantly seeking novelty, when having boundaries, principles, judgement is seen as “awkward,” will inevitably create the degeneracy of society. [31] They are making a monopoly of being anti-ethics, which is a product of the pattern of female socializing.

Friedrich Nietzsche, addicted to hyperbole, totally over-rated & nothing compared to Otto Weininger, knew these tendencies of people of some ways, so he wanted to preserve himself & not get infected by the rest. His problem is that he, unlike Otto Weininger who strategically stated that pleasure is immoral, was motivated by entertainment as well. He had MUCH MORE POTENTIAL. With his hyperbole, hence why I state that entertainment is not a friend, it was not the ultimate praxis/skill because, if you realize by results & not his claims, his will to power was easily overpowered by entertainment. Where was his power ultimately when he lived as a bohemian, not much different than the hippies living by a code of entertainment? Seriously, I ask you for answers of the results of how he lived. I’m not going to provide you with an answer. Your turn.

Ayn Rand took Nietzsche’s philosophy to a totally other lover of economics. What does her individuality really translate to? Results is not the claims. Her individuality translates to being reserved for a few, so that predatory competition can “rape” book-stores with fast-impulse chain stores, etc.. Altruism is not mysticism. Altruism is about making the surroundings better because it makes life better. She couldn’t even realize this simple fact. The female psychology/clap-trap will never have the same profound meaning as the visual stimulation that is perennially enjoyed by males – gaining peace by just observing.

‘Adam’ is reason. ‘Eve’ is feeling. When ‘Eve’ overpowers, ‘Adam’ is dominated – what has been the state. Yes, what you have thought about male domination has been a farce.

Eve does not give birth because she’s a “noble warrior.” She gives painful birth because it was punishment for her karmic sin. When you worship women, assist them with chivalry, etc., you are helping them cheat their karmic punishment for what Eve did to Adam – causing him to fall, undermining his immortality. In ‘Adam’, reason predominated. In Eve, feeling was ascendant. Adam’s fall has only given him a sluggish coma to not allow him the reality of this polarity of the phenomenal world – that women are more like enemies than friends, so women need to be uneducated, rid of rights, & only used after they have been malleable to transition to it. We are not womens’ daddies.

Eve got us out of heaven & into “Maya.”

If you can get an infection & become ill, what makes you think that it’s “not” possible to have psychological infections.

Paradoxically, because of the scattered, inconsistent, impulsive nature of females, with little self control of instincts, prioritized & glamorized, females believe that they are entitled to the non-probable male who is perfectly controlling, yet they use the same psychological contamination to sabotage male control.

With this arcane knowledge, males have much more power because, historically, much of female power has been by them as “spies”/collecting data, then abuse the knowledge by giving it to the wrong people – other females, destroying male foundations. We can now use this strategy against them. Go out, teach groups, notify the young. Show that women have no power over you.

The “beta” label is a fail when you start to realize more knowledge. I know these arguments can be an issue of semantics, but when regarding the topic of “beta,” etc., I interpret the results & not the claims, especially when it’s by women. The true reason for the dislike & hatred of moral males with a type of affection of his own & not what the society wants it to be, whether they word it one way or another, while the results are another, but the true reason for “romance has got to die,” etc., whatever you want to call it is (are you ready for this unbelievable realization?) because women have an in-group bias & they allow other males who will be like them.

I can’t even think of enjoying the company of women anymore. I mean, I do solo tantra, & this is not an advertisement for other males to do a dangerous practice that has become somewhat of a topic sometimes, especially because it’s not supposed to be to reward women, but the thought of actually sharing with a woman is disgusting to me. I’ll get something that I want from them, but I’m not going to share more. I gain much more satisfaction by scolding & humiliating women in public then I do by trying to get sex from her. Factually, If I could do worse to them, I would, but there are legal ramifications. I’ll still get sex, but I am on the path of hatred. Hating women is TRUE morality. In night clubs, almost everywhere, women are the ultimate harassers by implication for you to “man up.” It’s not acceptable for males to express sensitivity or even vulnerability. It’s not that women are “trying to bring the best out of you.” It’s that women are looters, both looting treasures & looting psychology, so sharing that to me is extremely unethical.

& I’ll interject: The subject of tantric male vitality is technically an esoteric one. Regarding the chakras, energies when you’re reading any of the books is garbled. Initiation is not by being referred to writings but other secret tests. When you read such books, it’s garbled. It can not be read verbatim, except for the simple facts. Why it’s garbled is because it’s only meant for those those who can conquer the tests of purity.

Those that give you courses regarding chakra balancing, chakra healing, etc., by the new age are ignorant.

There are many truths of the metaphysical.

A person who is trying to get you to buy the practical reasoning will tell you that: hybristophilia is just because women want protection. Not a ultimate reason. The real truth is, according to Eastern esoteric knowledge, women have a record of defilement because they’ve accumulated immoral deeds, which is why they’re attracted to defilement, not because of “protection.”

With the artificial displays of masculinity, no true, really valid expressions, there’s also the counter-culture. These counter-culture idiots are a part of the same pop. culture of many ways, but the most obvious is how they take pride with their relentless craving for trash, & how they hate fundamentalist moralists. They’ll take advantage of how trendy/networking they are & make libels of how “shy,” etc., you are for rightly insulting their entertainment.

Their ego formation is largely masked by a pretense that they’re “strong individuals,” when many of them don’t even have the social skills (probably due to maternal deprivation) to respond cohesively, & as day-care culture replaces social interaction of how people can be realistic with each other, by disruption & disturbance with all these ineffectual digital apps, etc., artifacts of trash, children respond to later situations with hostile, aggressive, inappropriate/FEMININE ways, just like how feminists impose proxy anti-construction:

They are selling these pins for ~$10.00 as collector tributes to Dahmer, Ted Bundy, & the artist GG Allin releasing bowel waste, which I will not put a reference for because it’s unethical to allow them the advertisement – profit seeking with art-war/propaganda to hate/dislike hyper moral males. I’m not “shocked.” I’m just simply making a statement.

Oh, I’m so impressed with your toddler tantrums & delusions of grandeur – not.

One of the most pervasive arenas of hybristophiliacs is counter cultures, not that it excuses the commonly soccer-mom hybristophilia. Counter-cultures are some of the most anti-male places of them all.

I’ve seen an article by one of these female counter-culture idiots extolling how “great” it was that the primitive Mayan culture had various different types of pain-rites, from tattoo-cutting to others. She was proud of stating how this is a type of “self improvement.” [32] You know the drill: “a transformation thanks to pain,” also sex appeal. The self abuse by males tends to get female attention, which they will encourage, also what hypergamy is. REALITY CHECK: Women enjoy abused masculinity. The similar theme of penile blood letting to compensate for female menstrual cycles was reported. That’s what “equality” does to men.

While they did not have a technical culture before the Spanish came, the explorers, because they’re more abstract, had their own more elaborate forms of self-sabotaging impulses, like the chivalrous jousting, & other stupid warrior symbols, as did other people sharing the same tendencies.

One of the oldest tattoos was discovered on frozen remains of a man, Otzi, ina glacier in the Austrian-Italian border. From c. 3250 BCE, it was discovered during 1991 CE. It was interpreted as for therapeutic reasons. [33](Which reminds me of this: If one needs to do a fast, as they say that fasting processes accumulation of unhealthy substances in the body, one lost control & is trying to cheat. Many aspects of therapy is the same. It’s people who are cheating because they lost control.)

These body modifications have been found to be a part of more than one ancient place, from Polynesia to Egypt, but they all have the same common theme: branding for someone or something else – trading their own respect for some kind of symbol of security, status of a pack [34], or, more commonly, as being known as tough, & now that meme has morphed to the subconscious minds of these idiots. That is some fucking whore mentality, & the perfect language for them to use to claim that’s “not” it is by insinuating that you’re a “wuss”/boring. Tattoos have been cultic symbols dedicated to gods, branded symbols of servitude, & now they’re used to display toddler tantrums of stating: “Look at how much I can endure just to tell my story so that I can form my own sense of belonging by signalling to others my endurance.” Endurance of weakness – that’s all it is. They don’t have the endurance to be controlling: They’d rather just lay there, or whatever, & take it all in. They don’t want to be labeled a coward. They’re losers.

Same principle of skateboarders risking injury just to impress people. They might claim they get some kind of “spiritual high” like they’re flying, & I’m sure there’s some of that involved, but it’s mostly just guys with the pea-cocking mentality, albeit a preliminary one.

The women who claim they “don’t do it for attention”/”they just like it for themselves”, etc., are either delusional or it’s even worse: they just subscribe to whatever trends with little thought. The females who do it also signal cliques: “Fuck those moral males.”

The branding makes it appear more worthy than it actually is – some kind of sign of prestige, albeit a supposedly exotic one. They are signs of values devoid of actual real value. Post-industrial/entertainment era societies is polluted with signs of these fake types of value. Most of them have no real significant identity, rather just more signs among others.

The psychology of males is inundated with these signs, brands, & objects. Whatever extreme limits of entertainment he has to participate with, the signs, objects, brands, artificiality & pretense triumph over the masculine subject, like many forms of advertisement, not just commercial, there are auto-smiles & unnecessary expressions, etc.: Smile if you have nothing to say, do not hide the fact that you have nothing to say. With all this inundation of unnecessary, artificial expression, realism only gets reported about immature things. The debate about the politics is the same as the debates about sports feuds.

Electronic cigarettes are associated with “pop corn lungs.” (I mean, it’s pretty self evident, but I’ll provide a reference anyway[35]) this is the point of artificial value & pretense & the very mean spirited implication of society of calling better people “whimps,” making it worse for others who actually have value. Diacetyl is linked to lung disease. When I go looking for a job, I’ve been to numerous vape-stores, they always ask me the same thing: “Do you know about vapes or have experience?” This is the point, why would I have that much info. about these products of pretense if I’m studying neuroscience?(Other than the cognitive social aspects) More importantly: that building used to sell their garbage should be a bookstore. Because I have to live with these stupid people, my life is actually harder.

With more facile identity of women (& men), they do not have a differentiated identity. Tribal badges, fashions, life-styles, etc., do not make the majority of the same to be significantly different. Womens’ attraction/allowing to an archaic masculinity features the repeating pattern of them denouncing males who can’t abide by these badges & life-styles that don’t have any real meaning.

Male cosmetics, whether tattoos or “suits & ties,” are by effete/feeble males who are mostly concerned with the superficial, mate-attracting flash, & minimized capability of having resolving skills because they’ve been cultivating fake/wrong will power, vanity & immediate self-indulgence that compensates for real quality male stimulation & power. This is a mirror image of female social retardation. Development of pathologic emotionally tinged notions of “honor,” “duty,” “bravery,” whatever, are psychic attitudes strongly antithetical to masculine vigor. You’ve seen all these men protecting whores by treating other men unfairly because they don’t know hot to make their will of value.

Women like to punish good guys, & you likely have not noticed it because that’s the way society wants to keep it. Socially retarded punishment or derogation is because they don’t like knowing what they are. It’s not entertaining to have to feel like they look bad when they have a good guy in front of them. They want to knock them down, not the way you might think, but with subtle effects, the same way that people resent some one who is extremely skilled with books & showing it. SOMEONE DOING SOMETHING DIFFERENT, A PARADIGM, IS A THREAT TO TERRITORY. They will unconsciously do things to try to knock them down a level, instead of trying to improve, & that’s what dominance hierarchies are: as results, NOT CLAIMS, it’s just collectivism for feminine social retardation. It’s the same exact thing when whores gossip about a pretty female who has sexual radiance: It’s showing a different way that excludes them. The dominance socialization is masculine imprisonment & undeveloped psychology. Your continuum of masculine strife & no epiphanies is her sustenance.

There are many levels of consciousness. Women retard those levels to only a basic level when men do not deal with them with the proper applicable knowledge.

When you consider the research of Wilhelm Reich, &, yes, no one is perfect, but this man is mostly androcentric, or his results are anyway, his results would put women as a functional utility. I’m more interested with the RESULTS rather than purely the claims.

If you have to be interested with philosophers & scientists without an optimism to small, trivial disagreements, you are seeking a guru rather than using quality logic.

The men of political thought processes who claim that his “sexual freedom” preaching is leftist, like Kinsey, & matriarchal are circumventing their own nature of masculinity, which is an aspect of social constructs – leftism. Wilhelm Reich is not like Kinsey. They’re only similar with very superficial ways. Having hair makes me no more like a woman than a toothbrush.

A man like Reich who has been censored & slandered, which James Demeo has provided with his book: ‘In Defense of Wilhelm Reich: Opposing the 80-Years’ War of Mainstream Defamatory Slander Against One of the 20th Century’s Most Brilliant Physicians & Natural Scientists,’ is someone to be read, like Mark Rudov, Author of ‘Under The Clitoral Hood: How to Crank Her Engine Without Cash, Booze, or Jumper Cables by Mark H. Rudov,’ Esther Vilar, & others. THE MOST IMPORTANT WRITERS ARE THE HATED WRITERS.

Wilhelm Reich’s work is strange & hard.

Unlike writers like Wilhelm Reich, the main function of writers like Jordan Peterson is to keep rightly justified angry males fragmented. Jordan Peterson warns of the “dangers” of helping brothers, for a lack of a better description. How being nice “ruins” lives. You’re making your community less worthy of living with that kind of attitude. Jordan Peterson is a “false flag” to sell “cleaning products.”

REMINDER: Hygiene was not the fundamental reason for circumcision. It was a way of branding males as warriors, which is anti-male, as one would commit plastic surgery for oneself because of not accepting themselves. [36]

Psychological influences to brand males with a warrior mentality is just one aspect of this body modification, another one, particularly of the J***** religion, is the meaning of circumcision as submission to a powerful male despot – religion of worshiping MINIMIZED alpha-males, & yet people who subscribe to things like alpha male attitudes think they’re being “edgy,” or something like that. [37] If you really want to have a serious, realistic, objective understanding of who created society, it was beta males, just like Isaac Newton, etc.. What people who subscribe to all this alpha-male nonsense do is they re-appropriate some the superficial definition of order, instead of giving it to the rightful owners, by allowing society to give the credit to types of males who had very little involvement of constructing it compared to the real order creators.

Some males will experience continuing vigilance, will be ready to fight, flee, freeze, or have a mentality of being disconnected. [38]

The act of violence to male genitals being a cause of clumsy passion to females, & even anti-social tendencies, is not a new idea.

How is the next claim so? Workable, problem solving requires a mentality by masculinity that women are not aroused by. Circumcision makes males subscribe to sportsmen. Females selected sportsmen & the casual, erratic by female sexuality. Therefore, females implemented circumcision, among other things.

It is guarding, need for more intensity with relations (coming to the female level of anti-patience).

Psychological results of circumcision studied have been lacking [39]

Psychic trauma is programmed when the boy has an aggressive attack to his body.

I’ve typed numerously about this & will repeat it because it is integral: Male aggression is a very poorly understood subject. The male rage after being abused by circumcision then persuades them to join the military, beating someone in a boxing arena, waste hours watching sports, movies. They are being redirected by forces, taking away from masculinity.

The pop. culture joke: “My penis has a mind of its own” also comes from circumcision: When a significant chunk is severed, the covering that should’ve been there is exposing the penis to dry numbness, so sexuality becomes much less cherished afterwards. It’s just another typical “walk to the mall.”

Many males don’t even know why they like certain types of sexuality. It is not their authentic selves.

A “sword with no sheeth has no place to rest.”

Women hate these anti-circumcision articles because it totally destroys they’re little cherished ideas of “alpha men.” They deflect this information because it emphasizes that females are amoral. The info. implies that women enjoy things that are wrong.

Some claim that male rape of females has happened long before genital mutilation. Firstly, while I’m sure that happened, the amount of it is theoretical. Secondly, even so, history reports mostly male figures that are noticeable. History would neglect reporting many other males. Thirdly, men & women were operating, with a less developed language during those times, like wild animals. Males that invented more sophisticated types of language, which stopped a lot of that wild animal behavior that women are fixated to, for socializing are not even seriously attractive to women.

The symptoms of stress are, which is due to the demands of work/whores: changes of appetite, gastrointestinal problems, headaches, impaired concentration, irritability, muscle tension, bad sleep, teeth grinding.

With impaired concentration, etc., the males, taking in all the stress, shows anti-concentration by wasting more money for drinking neurotoxins & taking other poisons, which can ruin adrenocorticotropic hormonal processes. The less of the adrenocorticotropic steroid in the body, the weaker the body’s physical response to stress. [40]

This all seems very exaggerated, but let me share an anecdote regarding herds, which makes this anecdote scientific because it is equivalent to measuring & applying logic to controlled experiments: When the artists like Nicky Minaj & alternative rock music producers made it popular for neo-normal-idiots to have green-hair, etc., there were hoards of these neo-normal-idiots who then took that trend combined with their introductions with social media: They saw some of these punk-rockers, metal-heads, goths, avant-garde subscribers displayed as profiles. They saw that these guys had something going for themselves – some of them had played concerts in other regions, some of them produced albums, some of them were interviewed by magazines, etc., some of them had gained some amount of popularity, or at least got some amount of recognition by a coterie. What these neo-normal-idiots started doing afterwards, when those scenes were already bad enough, is they started “infiltrating” these scenes & hijacked them. They started to dictate the narrative of what kind of behavior, is allowed. Or, I shouldn’t say behaviour because females are too superficial to even deal with behaviour. Rather: They started to dictate the narrative of what kind of mien & body language is allowed, when these scenes were a lot less concerned with that before the hijacking. For example: When I used to go to many different types of these events, one particular situation being a punk-rock event, there was this anarchist whore portraying her fake image, talking about her pseudo intellectual ideas, she noticed me, because I used to be pretty comparatively contrarian with even those scenes. That’s how these immature events are: It’s all about keeping people guessing & impressed with the next anti-merit flash. I was with an exceptionally pretty female with a really good body. The anarchist whore resented & absolutely hated her because I, even though anarchists are supposed to be about “equality,” had something that looked more extravagant. Whenever whores start “infiltrating” scenes, any of them, they “rape” the scenes by bringing politics & other really stupid contests.

The fundamental problem to this pattern is: These males of those scenes, who are already confused with badly channeled energy, they become frustrated & even more confused because of these patterns. What they do is: they start venting, especially because they haven’t realized an intellectual contest, thanks to whores’ hatred of real intellectual males, & inappropriately abusing other males as a contest: Bickering about really stupid things, like how if you don’t collect vinyl & cassettes, or whatever, or if you don’t waste money for all these mediocre bands & you make time for yourself, then you’re a “poser,” when these males should’ve never been performing for whores firstly. It’s just like how normal people subscribe to politics via the media, distracted with not the total enemy & distracted to not know the actual valid issues.

The males who waste money for these stupid warrior symbols, whether they’re called tattoos or alpha-male posturing, signal to whores: “Look at how much stress I can take to get you’re attention. Look at how much of a fake image I can give.”

Although females also get tattoos, etc., they’re not for those same reasons. They signal, instead: “I want pretense, & I will reward more pretense.”

With the introduction of survival/terror mode, CIRCUMCISION HAS PROGRAMMED MALES THAT SEX IS ROUGH, but with all the pretense, the artificial signs, etc., we can’t realize that well.

False reasons have been invented to replace rituals.

There’s two problems by females:

1.: They’re so addicted to entertainment that the next guy is going to have to compare himself to something more scarce because she has a poor satiation, causing weary masculinity.

2: The scarce dominant males for female craving makes different sorts of unproductive changes. They “manage” things, corruption increases. They take ownership. With the scarce dominant depleting the energy of others because of things like, just one example, pornography, male dopamine, which regulates the release of various hormones & is known to calm the nervous system, involves mood, memory, proper sleep, & mental functions, is altered badly, resulting with, because the correct levels of dopamine is crucial, retarding motivation, enjoyment, & even sexual drive. Afterwards, the male is replacing mental-health with artificial/negative sense of accomplishment, engaging with gambling, which tattoos share the EXACT same mental state of gambling (“I’m doing something stupid for the thrill/I’m wasting my money with poor planning”) smoking, over-eating, etc.. [41] The chemicals of stress, which is really the chemicals of gynocentrism, deregulates our biology, which can cause disease. That’s a fact. These chemicals of gynocentrism is because of the competing psychologies of male & female. It’s a pop. culture idea that men want to compete with other males. We compete with other males because we are not allowed disclosure that competing psychologies of male & female is the true source of this attitude. Women don’t like the freed masculinity. Tell her that you go camping without the dependence of corporations by burying your bowel matter in the woods, or wear pants up to your belly, she will absolutely hate you for doing something different. Most men want to have a good time. When this is thwarted, it causes degenerate versions of good times.

The males might as well be forced because they are so ill-informed because they over-work for slave-wages.

But even more fundamental: The female, with multiple combinations, such as isolating cell-phone culture, internet selling that replaced communities of public domains of walking happily with strangers, etc., the female has acquired even more personality disorders because they’re so accustomed to other males without enough dopamine that those males are lethargic, unfocused, & even depressed, which makes the female similar to that, so then everything is even MORE creepy to her.

Her preferences for comfort is your toll to existing well, & this is why female selection/sexuality for brutal councils is absolutely disgusting, & needs to be only owned by intellectual males – not for her main sexuality.

“As above, so below”: Circumcised men also have much more difficulty gaining good satisfaction – ruined dopamine, so females, also with poor dopamine, because the male is less interested, make interaction & sexuality more rigorous & more naively complicated. It’s only one rough, shoddy sessions sometimes instead of more intently bonded sessions.[42]

You know all of that road-trip, psychedelic experimentation, etc.? That’s all mostly owned by females because of what was previously typed. You know all of those taxing, redundant group business meetings you have to go to during 4 AM that totally “rapes” your need for good sleep. That’s also owned by females.

The gliding in-&-out “communication” of the foreskin with the vagina is diminished.

Women are just good for mostly services. When they are not, you get more & more complications, & not even the good kind like rock-climbing, or something, with gains. You get women cancelling hiring you because one word was misinterpreted by how it was imagined by her rather than the actual content – same thing as “beta” rating.

Nihilism doesn’t promote enough. Discipline encourages self-improvement. I’m presenting real discipline, not like these body modifications pretending to embrace reality. They might have tough skin – the facade, the illusion, front, disguise, veneer, but they have very weak minds.

I don’t know much about Freud because I mostly try to abide by neuroscience & not the psychoanalysis. When Freud talked (among many of his theories) about castration anxiety, the supposed subconscious fear of being castrated by the father for the competition for the mother’s affection, then joining him for practical reasons, was he, firstly, using “father” – dominant – metaphorically, &, secondly, using other codes to try to justify oppressive exploitation of “lower animals” & cruel, unjust authority from the feminine source of a penchant for an assuetude of posterior, unearthly, barely accessible men, incompatible to society, which has created a proclivity of the masses obeying snobbish, haughty trash? I don’t know, that’s why I asked the question.

When vitality is sparsely scattered, the man with rude states has his power only to a superficial state as the cult of “self improvement” – “strength” as the level normalized by gynocentrism. But these men with no significant force are realistically industrialized, irritable, casual, fatigued. A better way I mean is that it is a FAKE vitality or a badly appropriated vitality, & this is the state of alpha males, it’s “bullshit,” as they would say.

Society likes to pretend or ignore, thanks to how men change their behavior for women, that a revenge mentality towards women is “unstable,” yet these hypocritical idiots would be excited for others who have a license to punish.

They say that I “need to get a life,” that the way I present myself is “not interesting,” etc., etc.. I just abide by things as it is, living realistically. I don’t have any ways of hiding behind a pretense, with escapist, cathartic recreations, etc..

There is a local tattoo parlor, not that I intently check – I just happened to notice it, with, I joke you not, the painted words on glass: “NO KNOW-IT-ALLS ALLOWED.” I found this ridiculous because no true intellectuals would seriously waste money for those stupid masochist “warrior” guises anyway. They range with an average of an estimated ~$50.00-~300.00. Intellectuals require economized time, being “too” stable, with precise planning – having more of a life than they will ever have.(I Have a tattoo, but I got it when I was like 14 at a party.)

You’re not a warrior. You sit at home watching television & drink. Even if you do make tours with a band, you’re still not significantly different than a mascot working for a theme-park. Last time I checked when I was typing this, it was 2018. You’re not carrying a spear, etc.. Reminder: by counter-cultures, all you’ve done is just substituted another version of a popularity contest, while producing the fake, unlearned, & instinctive, to replace the ones others participate with. It’s still the same thing though.

The thesaurus gives[43] for subjective:

main definition: adj., emotional; based on inner experience rather than fact.

Then it gives the various synonyms with instinctive as one of them.

Synonyms don’t always have completely & specifically exact same meanings. They have similar meanings, but with certain contexts, they do have the same meanings, & they also give cause & effect abstractions.

With the word: instinctive, & words were invented as tools to describe the external reality – objective, it is known that these counter-cultures & “normies,” while they will even interpret analyzing with a thesaurus to be “irrelevant,” hence my message of them being a burden to the objective, are the same because they live with a minimized schema of reality that is for distraction.

Major taboos remain about male genitals & eroticism, taboos that you must overwhelm to reclaim who & what you really are, & to reclaim your body as a temple – phallic wisdom. Authentic phallic wisdom has been obscured by the dominant culture.

Solution: To the male, & only advice for the male, select for females by the assumption that it will be an affection & sexual transaction. If she does not compute, you already know she will use you only for greedy gains, & most likely has tendencies of almost random replacing, sabotaging you. I’ve learned the most effective way, at least for myself, I don’t necessarily know about you, is being selective of non-masculine females, & especially females much less concerned with popularity.



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Neocons Share Similar Feminist Thought Processes | Jessie Nagy

my war

Since the theme of this subject is of not appealing to authority, no citations provided this time.

They’ve done it again. They switched their claims when they were rebuked. First: They ask: With totally fake interest, “Where do you even get this info.?” Second: They claim: “You’re just appealing to authority.” The “leopard changes its spots.”

If anyone appeals to authority, it’s them. Scientists & philosophers don’t have serious authority. (Maybe of the future they will) Popularity is a form of authority.  Entertainment fosters authority. So not only is it inaccurate to say that I always appeal to authority, it’s also leftist because it’s leftists who are anti-meritocracy. The left believes that they are equal or smarter, or whatever, than others who work harder.

Entertainment generally creates a sense of artificial accomplishment.

When you don’t even try to check the sources of my other articles/ you just make assumptions, I don’t have respect for you.

The general sense derived by entertainment giving artificial accomplishment is so pervasive that most people think their opinions & beliefs are “fair” enough compared to harder work.

Joining an army, automatically believing tradition – “because my parents say it”, is an appeal to authority.

Are you getting agitated by this even though you claim to be anti-feminist? If yes, that’s because I just made you realize that people who share neocon agendas are very much like feminists. You only had an artificial identity. Neo-con, whether you realize it or not, are infected with defending that consumerist mentality.

Any one who would join the Army, & its related branches, (without the purpose of infiltrating) as a pretense of “discipline,” or something, is choosing a false definition. He joined the Navy to impress whores, albeit by instincts rather than fully conscious. This robot mentality is exactly what happens when you perform for whores, & I don’t mean “robotic” like packed with tons of facts, I mean it like the people who talk about commercials for fun.

Chivalry & feminism is the same thing. Women are supposed to be working in department stores when they’re not used for kids so that men don’t have to do those unimaginative tasks. Chivalry/feminism goes back to Medieval times when men would do such stupid things as jousting to impress social groups for the instincts of attaining a whore.

This is what I actually mean when I state “women not being taken care of.” It’s not an appeal to equality. It’s that they’re supposed to be working in department stores.

Redefining cooperation as “competition” is common with female nature. This is a neocon mentality to conflate the two.  General ambition for success is not an aspect of toxic masculinity. No, it isn’t. Successful meetings in board-rooms is not the same as erratic masculinity just because they sometimes overlap insignificantly, as they claim: “harnessed” negative forces for positive ones. The man who is impure does not get to be resorted as good-guys  (also insulting) just because women, & the like, don’t want to concede the plethora of males who often weren’t recognized by history because they weren’t erratic enough to get the attention of most people’s rapport (especially the primitive) of having the conquering force. It’s like the news-shows pumping out all this fear – only a pervading aspect of reality. The man who slaughters to get riches is a completely different “ballpark” than the man who helps by becoming manager of a lumber store, & conflating the latter with “competition,” when it involves more cooperation than competition, is way overblown. This is also like feminists because feminists only report on the subset: Both mainly know only the pervading aspect. That is their authority – they mainly know only what is immediate.

I will establish a definition: What is addiction? Addiction is doing something by compulsion repetitively. What’s the result of that? Something that takes away from you. Leads astray, wastes time, causes arrogance. The same arrogance exhibited by neocons & feminists.  If you got out of your little neocon/ego/pleasure-trap mentality of imposing your force, you’d realize that your context is not THE context.

(Video-Game) Addiction Caused By Bad/Mediocre Mothers | Jessie Nagy


People have addictions they’re not even aware of.

Dependence to sugar & excessive carbohydrates is due to being controlled by three body chemicals[1]:

Beta Endorphins – pain relief, including emotional.

Dopamine – pleasure sensation

serotonin – anti-anxiety

After satisfaction consisting of only minimal time, the negative symptoms become worse, causing more addiction.

Obviously, people use various addictions for catharsis due to either not willing to think about conditions or because of obscure past experiences.

What is another Addiction?

Video games. Video games are expensive, & you could be spending that money for knowledge instead.

The knowledge collecting that I do is not due to being a “hungry ghost.” It’s a type of work.

Early stress can cause severe disruption of neurotransmitter & endocrine systems, including serotonin, & others[2]. Motivation, socializing will be affected.

Even altered brain flow have been found among 18-25-year-olds who had bad childhood experiences.

We all know what chivalry causes – the driven woman, which is a form of Feminism, albeit without the name of Feminism.

As women exercise their opinions in society, (“you seem desperate/needy”) laugh when men vent their experiences, slander, etc., damage is done because humans are social who rely to social relations to maintain optimal functioning.

The culture blames ineffectual males on the male, yet how do women get considered when they often sabotage optimal development?

The number one reason[3] that women divorce was because of “different life goals.” What could that actually mean when marriage is already a goal? It means that women have a tendency of not seeing marriage as a goal the way the male does, but something they can USE to other goals. with women more than twice as likely to start divorce, it’s rules disregarded because traditional marriage has rules. Women don’t have that same concept of settling, which is why the projection of the restless/racing masculinity even happens.

With an absence of touch, etc., they also destroy male psychology, then dismiss that experience later because chivalry allowed their opinions/judgment they’ve imposed to society, then too many people fail to realize that the society has become a posturing ground of the racing, restless masculinity for her entertainment & misconceptions – a vicious cycle.

A woman’s job is that of touching, etc.. Nutrition is not the sole factor a woman can give. There’s also maternal emotional signals, hormones, & stress factors.

Unlike instincts (some complex, some more simple, like pulling your hand out of the flame being a genetically derived action – nature), the contribution of nurture is experiential memories downloaded in the subconscious mind.

While females are playing with their drive for what they see as the apex of the scanty, sparse, semioccasional, exiguous, what kind of downloading is added – when she was strayed away from what should be her main duty that was replaced with trades, etc.?

Answer: Internal enemies used as a catharsis, like sparkly sugars, processed garbage/burgers sabotaging our biology due to the aftermath of stress hormones of fear activated adrenal glands, which is set by the driven attitude prized by women to continuously employ fight-or-flight motives to survive in struggling environments. There’s a fight to make a living. Then alcohol, drugs/prescriptions, television is distracting.

Men who have REAL bravery are nice.

Power struggles is what women are interested with. Who will win? That’s a wrong question to ask because there’s hardly any winner due to polluting our psychology. Is there any real meaning with that?

A presentation of information with ones & zeros will mean something to someone who knows that language, but by a casual observer, it just looks like some random design. This is the way women see your experience, as they laugh when you vent, etc..

Men & women don’t even speak the same language. We use the same data, but we don’t speak the same:

Males & females have different types of processing. Males prefer “big picture”/optimistic strategies. ( Scam you not. Check the sources on end.) Women prefer more procedural mazes. When asking a man for directions, for example, there’s a tendency to tell the general layout. It’s an aspect of the male tendency to try to make something better.

There is research[4] that specialization between two hemispheres of the brain is different for the sexes. Brain scans give that women use more symmetrical brain areas than men for the same tasks. Women also generally have more percentage of connecting fibers in the corpus callosum.

Men’s brains are reported to be more lateralized.

The correlation of that research is that mens’ brains are more specialized, particularly with spatial processing in the right hemisphere. According to this, they are likely to be more proficient with right-hemisphere tasks than women because of this lateral specialization.

This latter type of cognition is a strategic type of thought processing, one of which has given to the female the adaptation of making themselves prettier – real direction. Don’t think this is female sexuality. She’s giving a front for attention. When females want their preferences, it’s violence. Violence with the median meaning of, for example, violent laughter, or something like that. The converse of what females do is the male taking other straying courses for her fleeting personality. Meaning: men want a companion. Women want to show status, like: “I can even get X if i want….”

Women are barbaric, but will “spice” it with “emotion,” “wisdom,” etc..

Further:[5] There has been research that autism can actually describe the “ultra-male” brain with unique configuration of specific skills & even less talk & partying.

With womens’ brains being different, they have a tendency of processing language differently – miasma superiority.

Then there’s other suggestions of different brains being differentially susceptible during development.

[6]Artificial testosterone injections generally cause male tendencies by women. Estrogen does the opposite for men.

[7] With oxytocin mediating “mother bear” tendencies, with much nurturing for those of the clan but aggression to those not of the clan, the most viable option is really to keep women mainly close to the family, so that she can keep that contained, as an object strategically employed for affection & nurturing association.

When plasma oxytocin levels are set to low[8], there is a general trend of addictions to video games, food, & other addictions.

Early care giving has long-term epigenetic effects for development, which can happen later of life.

Mediocre/bad mothers cause offspring to be susceptible to being less able to stop or pause fight-or-flight hormones. Factually, the fight-or-flight state is accepted because women approve the maxim of “don’t be nice,” or whatever. Those males have become feeble by women without even realizing it because defending or being passive are two aspects of the same thing. It comes from a disorder of society not controlling women well enough to have them regulating intense attachment, especially during early age, as she is assimilated with pursuits of men & allowed to sway. The racing, restless masculinity becomes “healthy.” It becomes the norm. Emotion dysregulation during 6 months predict bad social capacities, which is considered “good,” high blood pressure, metabolic problems, bad self control of appetite, which also gets converted as bad self control of other indulgence – the impulsive/entertaining masculinity that she likes, & even detrimental effects to reproduction. Monopolized emotions by her causes the mental insufficiency of males because males are basically for her entertainment instead of the reverse order.

Epigenetic – how experience affects expression of genes – realities have been tested with rats: They recorded effects of maternal touch on gene expression. Maternal affection during the first week of life is linked to altered expression of more than a thousand genes. Pups with a lot of nurturing (lots of licking) results with decreased levels of the defensive responses & what is translated with human interaction as that decrease as well well & a decrease of supercilious unfriendliness, nihilism or disorganized thinking.[10]

Women are not intellectual creatures. They are simply tactile, whether at home or the factories.

Passivity, as people accept disgusting hamburgers (“shut the fuck up, & eat & drink it”), instead of criticizing it, is then called “dominance.”

Defending it as enjoyment is almost like how feminists claim “don’t fat shame.”



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A History Of Masculine Health | Jessie Nagy

why fem hate moral males

Men are physically stronger. However, & what will be read will be misinterpreted as “just like the feminists,” &, as usual, I have EVIDENCE with a list of sources on end of article, when it comes to stress endurance, men are actually weaker.[1] Yes, that’s right. I typed it. Women live longer, lose the use of limbs later than men, have grey hair not as easily as men, keep their eye & hearing more easily, & are sexually stronger. Women also have less memory problems as they get older, not that they’re more intellectual creatures: they remember stupid, irrelevant things/they hold stupid grudges. Females also, although more males are conceived, survive birth processing more. [Reported 1988]

Men are less sensitive to pain due to the rampant alexithymia in society.

If females are making themselves prettier with false masks of face-paint, etc., basically lies, males are also lying to others, &, worse of all, to themselves, that they have some kind passion or “meaning” to be in various games for whores.

Look at this disgusting trash[2]: BEFORE & AFTER

The male hormone: Testosterone is known for being wired in males by history to make them assertive because, during those times, these male responses had survival value. T. has another mechanism which is much less regarded because the action mechanism of T. is way overinflated: John Bancroft reported[3] for ‘The Clinics of Obstetrics & Gynocology’, that males with profound T. also have extreme concentration skills.

Why is there such an illogical expectation & demand for males to act like they’re “not” vulnerable? It’s because of the different capacities monopolized: While men, & not to have a semantic debate because I don’t have time for that – I’m trying to help males, are weaker of terms of stress endurance, they are stronger with concentration & the mind (hence why I reiterate my arguments). The result of a contrast is, as females are weaker with the mind but stronger with longevity, females permit what they find to be sexually appealing, which is capricious because it isn’t possible, because of the female weakness of the mind. One lack of capacity overpowers the other.

& THIS HAS RESULTED WITH MALES DOING BASICALLY ALMOST ANYTHING TO HAVE THE SEX APPEAL FOR WOMEN OF BEING “ONE OF THE MEN THAT STANDS OUT.” You idiots will do almost anything for sex appeal. The sex appeal obsession over rides ethical thought.

Alexithymia is a subclinical phenomenon of lack of emotional acknowledgement/not identifying feelings of sensations. (Nemiah et al., 1976) – Neuroeconomics (second Edt.), 2014 [4].

What does subclinical mean? By early stage of disease, not noticeable. [5]

& what does phenomenon mean? Occurrence that is significant. [6]

So we have a phenomena that is basically shunned.

What happens to the male body due to the stressful demands of women & society? Disorders, diseases, dysfunction, even death [7]. This isn’t hyperbolic. Although death might not be the thing to worry about, quality of life can be seriously ruined, so the meaning of living is often ruined anyway.

& yet why do women hate it when men show the reality that men become fatigued much easier by stress?

Karl Pribam[8] of the University of California at Santa Cruz states: young boys have greater dominance for right-brain hemisphere communication as well. Right brain is generally less verbal & symbolic (why females ask stupid questions like “Why are you so quiet,” then slander him as “shy,” or whatever. Introverts aren’t necessarily “shy.” Introverts are just addicted to different things. Extroverts are addicted to excitement. Introverts are addicted to what’s soothing). Boys tend to gain left-hemisphere dominance by teen years. You combine that with Alexithemia/unhealthy motivation, you generally get destruction.

The genius symbolism by intactivist Mathew Hess is featured in his comic-book series: ‘Foreskin Man.’ [9].

Check his comic books[10] via mgmbill-dot-org. I would love a recorded interview with the creator. Make contact with him. Stay active.


Are women paying attention to ‘Foreskin Man’ comics? No. They’re not. This man who created it is a genius infiltrator. Women should be crawling on their knees towards men like that. A hero. Yet, no. Women don’t seriously worship heroes. They worship “Satan.”

I guarantee you most women will prefer the men with alyxethemia. Women want you to talk of terms of entertainment because women believe that your existence is for that, but realistic talk is not acceptable.

Alyxethemia is ESPECIALLY common with circumcised males, more than intact men [11], although it is possible to have it from other stressors., but one of the most severe forms of Alyxethemia is male genital mutilation (M.G.M.).

People suffering with alexithymia, particularly males, daydream less, confuse their emotions with something to be treated with a quick-fix of drugs, & place less value for imagination – what would be more male freedom. This causes them to have less respect for other males’ experiences. This is why other men, rather than truly understanding, will just tell you to become an “alpha male” – really bad advice.

We’ve regressed to atomized individualism, for a lack of a better description. Helping is seen as a “sickness,” or something. Can’t find a job? It’s your own fault. If you’re not John Wayne/Clint Eastwood, you “probably deserve death.”

Alexithymia is not an innate product of “toxic masculinity” (Only the outliers represent that latter). Rather, alexithymia is something that happens to males, & males get blamed for their alienation.

Males with alyxethemia also have worse passion because they have worse interaction. The reason they have worse interaction is because they’re more impulsive. The reason they’re more impulsive is because they have unbalanced emotions. Having this state of dissociation is not “being calm & collected.” It’s, more accurately, a dysfunction.

Alexithymia is not classified as a disorder by the DSM-IV, yet it is. [12]

Cut males are reported to have 60% more experience of suffering with alexithymia. [13], & they want you to suffer with them – “quit bitching, become alpha, do what Jordan Peterson tells you to do.”

Unlike PTSD, Alexithymia is persistent. [14]

A woman’s definition of “heroes” are the incendiary, malcontent ringleaders with quirks about them – outliers. Those types have the power to CONVERT others. Most men who subscribe to this “alpha male” garbage have only converted to it. It’s a religion.

This is, I believe, the most important recording[15], pertinent to the elite religion of alpha-males that males convert to because of the female attraction to outliers:

The next has been refused for social media, so I decided to paraphrase it this way:

During history, Turkish invaders forced young Armenian boys to convert to their beliefs & circumcision[16]. They were brainwashed to be a part of their army.

When the pre-Columbian Aztec high-priests were sacrificing humans[17], they were rounding all these people by ringleaders who converted to the high-priest. The point is: a few compared to more.

Circumcision, which has some of its origins of ancient Egyptian ritual,[18] is a classic example of the outliers’ rituals collecting others to be CONVERTED to ringleaders’ malcontent agendas.

A mob-boss frequently needs gangsters to do work for him. They’re converted by the incentive of money, etc., just like males are converted to be alpha-males with the incentive of whores, etc..

The way Zionism gets money by theft is by feigning victim-hood of “the” Holocaust, using “the” like it’s the only & worst one that ever happened: “We’re a special interest group of victims. Convert to the cause of funding us.”

Women would be sucking the penises of these men because they have so much power, regardless of their crimes.

The most powerful organized crime cabal is the Khazarian Mafia.[19].

The reason people who know about this get dismissed as “paranoid losers” is because of the fact that they are organized so cleverly to be unnoticed.

They’re orchestration seeps into other aspects of culture, hence one of the reasons of how you see programs of how to be an “alpha male.”

According to Preston James, Ph.D., the evil society emerged during[20] 100-800 AD, which still has influence.

[21]Russia, & other neighbors, had so many complaints by the inhabitants, so they delivered a message to the king of Khazaria:

Choose one of the Abrahamic faiths for you & your people.

The Khazarain king chose Judaism. The Khazarian king kept secretly doing ancient Babylonian rituals,[22] involving child sacrifice, bleeding them out, drinking their blood, & eating their hearts.

This violence can also be seen with the influence of Holly-wood “slasher” films, etc..

It was based of ancient Baal worship, a.k.a. worship of the Owl, which they still practiced by fooling the confederacy of nations led by Russia that was monitoring Khazaria. They fooled them by melding evil practices with Judaism by the creation of a secret hybrid religion: Babylonian Talmudism.

[23] The Khazarians continued to rob & murder during history, even by taking the identities of their victims, becoming masters of disguise.

One of these disguises is circumcision as a “medicinal” practice, when it’s really a form of control.

[24] Another is the hijacking of British Banking & Hijacking the nation of England with The Rothschilds as front men.

1600s: The Khazarian mafia murder the British Royals & replace them with fakes.[25]

1700s: Murder French Royals.[26]

Right before WW1: They murder Austrian Archduke Ferdinand to start WW1.[27]

1917: Khazarian mafia gather their army, Bolsheviks, infiltrate Russia, murder the Czar & family, steal the Russian gold, silver, etc..[28]

Right before WW2: They murder Austrian & German royals.[29]

After: They remove Chinese Royals & disempower the Japanese ruler.[30]

The Rothschilds create global drug trafficking for the KM. [31]

[32] The Rothschilds were the funding agents of American colonies. The Hudson Bay Company & other trading companies were used to exploit the New World. They crippled Ameri-Indians to exploit the vast resources.

Same as what they did to the Caribbean & India.

Then they started the slave trade.

They also purchased slaves from chiefs of Africa.

They took these slaves to the Caribbean & America in cramped units. Many died at sea due to poor conditions.

[33] By lending money to both warring sides, they learned that war was a great way to gain money. To guarantee collections, they had to get taxation laws done, used to force payment.

[34] After losing the American Revolution, which Russians assisted the colonists with, the Rothschilds became obsessed with trying to retake America & getting revenge on American colonists.

They infiltrated & bribed members of congress.

The Rothschild/KM then start an illegal tax system in America.

World Zionism, with the inculcation to their henchmen that gentiles were intent to slaughter them, is a form of covert Babylonian Talmudism that was unknown to many Judaics.

[35] Adolf H. became a problem to the KM when he was free of their influence, began doing things of benefit to the German people, & developed his own banking system free of the Rothschilds.

Adolf H. introduced a financial system that was free of usury & beneficial to the working class of Germany.  Even more rare, this was an outlier giving to others.  This agitated the Khazarians & Rothschilds who created usury.

[36] Now, dumb Americans are manipulated to fight & die for for the KM to take other land & oil.

We’re ruled by a group of gangsters that own banks that control the media & government. They fund both sides of war to make money, & they manufacture consent of the public by persuasion.

[37] After agitating both the West & Islam, they decide to use Islam to be blamed, especially because Islam was also anti-usury.

The Khazarian Mafia has ruined so many aspects of society, from lots of unemployment [38] to other tactics.

Additional to the mass entertainment/distraction they use, much of the history of the Khazarian Mafia was excised[39] from libraries by the KM to protect themselves.

Their only power is their secrecy, so eliminate their power by getting the info to others.

Historically, for good reason, Jews have been expelled mainly for usury, subversion & treason. [40]:

When a jew commits a crime to a goy, the other Jews will defend the criminal the same way that a woman has the “you go, girl” attitude. Other woman will support the crime a woman commits against a man, like automatically agreeing with allegations without investigation.



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