The Mental Rape Culture By Women | by Jessie Nagy

loser vs winner

What I find hypocritical about the far-right (I’m of the “far-up”) is that they’re always complaining about greedy corporations, yet they make no mention of their own women that are destroying their own civilization due to the similar thing, bending masculinity & pausing generative assembly negatively.

Don’t get perplexed by the imagery. This is relevant to save civilization.

Most so called beta males have no real significant/long-term contact with females, so what is the purpose of chastising them? The way to define most “alpha” male is if he’s been either married or had some period(s) with them. From the realms of health, there are MANY different types of alpha males. It’s just that women have a whore nature that constantly keeps dissecting alpha males into submerged levels. (as for myself, I’m beyond beyond being an “alpha male” because I already noticed the majority of the process.) Greater social acuity of women results with increased dissatisfaction or willingness to try more & more. That they are constantly comparing, even when they have already made it, males who are potential mates even with fictional characters is a moral failing that women have.
It’s the males I’m obviously trying to help.
You get a lot of assumptions in such spaces about how the male was just not enough of an “alpha” male, yet notice how they all allow themselves to be controlled by these continuously, ever changing levels of what would already be considered alpha males to be changed to “beta” males because of her. Here’s an idea: Concentrate on exposing women instead. (even if some males are sometimes losers.)
The “superstitious” cultures, etc., are not causing disproportion specifically because of integration, they’re creating disproportion (which wouldn’t even be considered variegation if there’s more of them) because they have a direct way, unlike your methods, of dealing with their women.
Further, if you’re busy trying to be an “alpha male,” there’s no way you know that much.
Of course, there’s the obvious guys on welfare, drug dealers, etc., that would be considered “beta males,” but aside from that, you’re either exposing or you’re reinforcing of them. Reinforcing only masks the bad tendencies of females, which triggers more future disasters. It’s only a quick-fix that doesn’t address causes.

I don’t care about zoological reports of wolf packs that have very little resemblance to men. It is a cop-out veiled by sophistication, much like the reinforcement.

Democracy is for the will of the majority. Since women have been monopolizing their desires based on constant comparisons with subjective fantasies, their dreams are forced.

Of other cultures not of the West, what is called rape-culture because they have more control of their women is not actually considered rape-culture by most of their own women because women are flexible. Women are malleable. It’s only because women are allowed access to things like social media that they are exposed to & inflate their opinions. If you were to give those same women of those opinions that “rape culture,” those women would be mostly fine with it. This is why I defend the so called “rape culture” to be implemented further: it saves males from the much worse mental rape culture done to them by women, & since males are creatures much more of the mind to bring vision to society, they need to guard themselves from being mentally raped by women. They might call it rape-culture. I call it education.

The reason this same pattern persists is because males are busy making themselves “alpha males.” They could save themselves if they gained knowledge/real power first, then monopolize themselves.

70% of divorces are started by women, though some are estimated to be 90% when including force by women.
Aftermath: women are entitled with the help of the state – the impulsive alpha males lacking wisdom & consciousness that women want – to steal prizes & mass quantities of money from mostly oblivious victims. This is why female sexuality needs to be illegal – “alpha males” create a very negative atmosphere, but, since females basically own the legal collective, legal ramifications are not going to happen any time soon, so males need to start dehumanizing female sexuality on a personal level.
There’s a real mental-rape culture. There’s no exaggeration: There was a process of some amount of pleasure, being taken advantage of, then confusion & a state of being broken.
Women are subtracting, but I don’t mean that of the obvious way. After the state of realism by learning from experience, although some of them are too stupid to even learn with experience – the apathetic, (mentally) experienced, mature men who don’t look fun, or whatever, are called “beta” males.
Newton was a “beta” male. Being one is actually a good thing. That’s right; you read correctly. You’re supposed to be a “beta” male, but concepts of alpha & beta need to be revamped.

I already knew this even when I was a kid, so why would I want to be an “alpha male.” Any man who wants to aspire to be an “alpha male” is a desperate fool with little self-respect or is just stupid. The hatred, not “alpha male” aspiration, of women will help start the true power of masculinity. “Oh, no, he applied some kind of sane mentality derived from objective reasoning – how awful.”

Not only do whores have the mentality that “she’s getting someone other’s trash” if a whore ruins a male, females have also been reported to be much more likely to do the same trends of divorce, etc., if other female associates do it because of female collectivism. The exact statistic is 75%, 33% if it’s a distant female associate. This is exactly what I’ve typed about before: that if one female peer doesn’t like the way you scratch your ear, or something like that, they all suddenly don’t like you because that one whore thought it was ‘creepy.” It really is that low. How can you not be a misogynist?
Most of those men like Neuton – beta males – would be considered “creepy”, or a related description, to women. They say “square” science types like it’s a bad thing.
If this female collectivism has been proven scientifically, as I just did, which is also why it frees us from having to rely on citations regarding female actions – easier to know what they’re prone to doing just by self referencing observation, how can you state that women & Feminists are that much different?
They like to casually dismiss the intelligent, aware (“beta”) males as “just like the Feminists,” but we actually have a capability of understanding a real mentally raped experience, while women’s victim-states are mostly contrived & lacking logic.
One of the most extreme cases: Female greed & mental disorders was disclosed by feminist Wendy Davis who, after convincing her older “daddy,” as they say, to have his retirement money used for her expensive Harvard degrees, she abandoned her, with children that weren’t even his, parental obligation to him after divorcing him & started her career as “victim”/feminist politics, when she just stabbed-him-in-the-back.
It might not be that extreme when dealing with general cases, but most women are prone to doing some variation of that.



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