More Thoughts On “Mtv.” by Jessie Nagy

neo normal idiot

“I think that whores will accept me if I do an act of nihilism, etc..”

I remember I was the only one doing his own thing, & these fucking “Mtv.” idiots retaliated against me. Because one guy wasn’t taking their scene seriously, they took it as an insult that I wasn’t wasting money on them & comparing myself to these losers, so they thought: “Let’s take this guy doing his own thing & use him as a scapegoat because we’re too stupid to hate the “GG Allin” whores & bullies in our own scene.” That’s female collectivism.

Women decry objectification, yet women are the ones who use men as utilities. Make a mistake, you’re replaced.
I’ve heard of a theory from a close associate, not a book, etc., that women’s brains are adapted to not seriously detect hardships – realistic masculinity – that affect adults. That’s why women love fake people. Even robots “crash”, glitch, malfunction, & “do not compute,” & yet whores still can’t even realize that realistic aspect because of what they only see in masculinity of him being a “cog in the machine.” That’s obvious. It seems very likely that this is a vestigial instinct of the feminine, which is just as out-of-place in modern society as the male instinct to get into fist-fights. It’s junk remnants.

First the strong (bad boy), then they take advantage of functional males, then they use the state to divorce-rape when she’s had enough of him.
In fact, “hypergamy” of American context isn’t even real hypergamy. The original hypergamy comes from the assigned marriages of India, which is done by calculating males – beta males. In America – the way m.r.a.s misapply it, women are not assigned to marriage that would stop them from fleeing with some gambler idiot. It’s actually the exact opposite of hypergamy. With the original context, they can’t sample one guy to the next. It doesn’t work like that.

You can’t hide it anymore: unhealthy rivalry/gossip, jealousy, primeval impulse, blaming, even psychopathy is “all over you.” Women have no respect, or close to no respect, for male experience. Why should we have respect for them?

If you want to find if something is good, you don’t need professional critics anymore. You have non-professional systems due to the advent of info. acceleration, which is increasing more & more to the future. If there was more such communication during the past, gynocentrism could’ve been stopped. A lot of these emergent things are more independent. We’ve now had revolutions, & this isn’t a debate on politics, I’m making a point, when Markos was overthrown in the Philippines.
Ferdinand Marcos declared martial law & gave himself near absolute power. He had many of his opponents & critics arrested.
That revolution was basically bloodless.
When the “Velvet” revolution occurred, there was no violence. All they had to do was get enough people informed.
There’s predictions that major changes will happen due to nobody leaving their living rooms, etc.: All they do is something on the net with some emergent blogging type of thing.
A lot of men spend time thinking about how we’re not “good enough,” or whatever, to the delusional ideal of female greed & inconsistency. If you want to know if something is good, you don’t necessarily need the norm: When you investigate how you could get complex, adapted, optimal systems, you don’t need bygone models. People naturally want to put some label to what they don’t like or understand to try to make cohesion of it, but when something is totally new, you can’t call it by a bygone thing.

Why am I obsessed with pointing the reality of “Mtv.” Shouldn’t I be “getting a life,” as they’d say? Because that’s the most important time of your life. That’s when life is being planned (or lack there of), so that’s going to have an effect on society from the micro to the macro. “Mtv” has got to get taken down because it is a core of which female nature operates by to navigate into other realms of life. If the roots are gone, the upper branches will be weakened.

Kids are peer-bonding. Because the fact that most young people are “nothing” – they have not had serious realizations & experiences, they will constantly look for external stimulus for their empty selves.
This is the most blatant of female psychology: When there is a state of what is supposed to be being content – “awkward,” according to whores, she feels free to start looking for other things. This is the most blatant with the farce of pair-bonding, which is really just whores trying to sum how trendy a male is.
There’s a belief in the media that the youth demographic is the “thing.” There’s this idea that you have to appeal to the youth, & to appeal to the youth, you have to show them peer-bonding. Real, serious pair bonding is too painful to show.
They lack the capacity to productively know pain, disagree, etc.. They lack maturity, wisdom, the capacity to understand another perspective. Young people simply can not be really good friends to each other. They can be play-mates, they can have lots of fun. They’re kids. They don’t have that capacity to the same degree, other than a little. It’s about fashions & the cool alcohol to experiment with & distractions – all the enjoyable, useless stuff of the teenage years. & so if you want to get your message across to those demographics, you generally must show some kind of peer-bonding. You can not show, wise, serious, evolved, engaged lessons from an archetype of an authority. It’s more opinions & less questions with them.
That’s why whenever you see older people arguing, you don’t see them resort to physical attacks to the same degree as you do younger people. Older people have experienced more painful situations & have matured to the point of being better capable of hearing the other person’s words.
In fact, if young people don’t resort to physical attacks, they will try to trivialize it as “just bitter.”

Sex therapists claim climaxing more carelessly begins during youth & then becomes unconsciously habituated later. We have women to largely thank for that considering the rigid goals & the media-driven performance standard for them. When you’re younger, there’s also a tendency of trying not to get caught, then that mentality becomes a habit.

When I had my first blog on social media years ago, enemies projected their minds on my agenda: I was starting to gain some amount of gossip towards me due to the “hate speech.” Casual enemies made the assumption that I was presenting a fake identity because of the recognition I was gaining. They assumed that this recognition was due to some kind of “excitement” that I was offering, so not only did they make a false assumption of me being fake, they also made the assumption that I was trying to be “intense,” or whatever, when I never even implied that. I was offering philosophy. Teenagers & the like are not the “deep” people they like to think they are. They’re very cruel: If a guy walks over with the “wrong” loose pants, the out-dated version of smoke vapes, or whatever, it’s “I hate that guy.”

Now, women generally have this teenager peer-bonding mentality even when they’re older much more than anyone, & the males associated with whores will have those similar traits “rubbed” on them. They are in a perpetual state of infantile psychology.
“Mtv.” is just as much a part of female psychology as tampons.

Even female school teachers will label inquisitive boys as troublemakers, diagnosing them with ADHD, often by teachers with no medical training.

Let us read Briffault’s Law to prove how female nature is in a perpetual state of infantile “Mtv.”:

Robert Stephen Briffault (1876 – 1948), trained as a surgeon. Famous for anthropology. (His political beliefs are not of concern.)
“Old news.” No, women are still primitive.

“The female, not the male, determines all the conditions of the animal family.”

“Any benefit already provided by the male in the past does not guarantee continued or future associations.”

When I was working for a company, & this anecdote is valid because of female collectivism making most anecdotes about them perfectly scientific, they had me trained by females. They barely trained me, & when I kept asking them questions, a natural process of an initial phase, regarding policies, etc., which varies from different places, the female trainers just got more & more agitated by me until they influenced the male manager enough to get rid of me. It was because these fucking whores thought my questioning was a sign of “weakness.” It’s that same, exact teenager mentality of cruelty towards others who don’t have the same lifestyles.

There’s even reports of whores looting from previous partners after they were finalized years ago.

Women love competition, & they also become angry if their friends are doing better, so you can be sure a lot of negativity & anger from female collective exclusivity will be directed towards you when the relationship is already fine. Since that is her network, even though you are not to blame, you will have conflict, & her network will remain collective – “you go, girl.”
It’s also why a sequel to ’50 Shades Of Greed’ has another whore who is trying to dangerously get involved with the unavailable man. Women love that kind of suspense, especially because that particular pattern allows women to indulge with their collectivism – another whore is interested, so now they’ve gotten yet another greedy craving explored as they’re reminded of his perceived value from others. Female sexuality is disgusting.
I’ve even heard of a disgusting anecdote of which a best-friend of an ex-wife made a flirtatious offer to the husband when his wife wasn’t near. He declined. When he went home pondering about how he was going to tell his wife about this, he came home to be verbally abused for trying to “seduce” her because of that other lady’s claims, & that female collectivism already ruined it.
When a man sees another successful, he will have ideas influenced. Women though will see it more threatening, insulting or try to bring it their level.

If she doesn’t like bad-boys & she appears to like nice-guys, the probability is that she’s the one with a bad character, so don’t be surprised when you realize you’ve been trapped.

Whenever women are unhappy, rather than dealing with it sensibly, they get the state involved. Women will feel that something is missing. (Yeah, your fucking lack of realism, whore.) She signed the contract. Why should she be allowed to ruin the contract just because she doesn’t want to be bothered with meeting her responsibilities?
& that’s only a small amount of the extremely immoral ways that women use the legal system to divert blame on themselves, while also making profits from victims. They’re like J***. They do this on another level without the state by implying that the other was a “beta” male: “I stabbed his dog, so he’s a beta male.” That’s how whore psychology is.

Women claim to be emotionally superior, yet if a man were to cry, they will think lesser of him. Does that sound like an emotionally superior person? Women save those emotions for other women, unless the man has something she wants, to which she would likely fake it. That lack of concern for male experience is more associated with psychopathy. With their emotional correctness, they expect men to be “punching bags” for women’s wild-animal emotions.

Unfortunately, what bearded goat owners of the deserts say, & I’m not advocating for this, is true: beating women is very effective. By trying to have an engaged, civilized debate, they’ve already thought of you as “too nice,” “creepy,” etc.. I’m not saying we should beat them, but we could benefit with assigning them to only the right to earn menial chores.

Punishing women is a waste of effort. Why discipline her when you can just replace her? Women even feed off of discipline. Do you really want to kiss, fuck & protect her after she’s been defiling your foundation? casting her aside & throwing her out like the piece of trash that she is would have a lot more effect. There’s plenty of other pretty girls.

Marriage to whores is: “This is going to be more opportunities to hoard.” To men it’s: “This is going to be a tranquil state, I’ve earned it, it’s more complete,” etc.. That’s not the way women generally interpret it. It’s just the female ego. Nothing more.

Women got no fault divorce, abused it, then ruined the family units. Men got blamed for that as “addicted to porn” & other ways to blame men for women’s faults.
They blame men for consumerism, yet women drive it – 70% on useless junk.

There’s 2 ways to get money: earning (inheriting, which is another aspect of earning since the ancestors earned it, then gave it to the progeny they owned) & stealing. Since stealing is illegal, many of these parasites will esteem themselves as a false authority – artists, etc., creating hyperbole that there are problems that need addressing, using drama or even fear, shame, guilt. Those perceived to be a threat to their way of life & revenue will be subject to shaming language, claims of hate-speech, etc..
Women hate logic. That is why all these easy degrees were invented, as women want the state to bring it to their level, to allow women to claim intelligence by bragging about a pretentious degree, like the arts. A woman’s degree often only proves that she stored some information. One of women’s relentless insistence is that they have “profound wisdom” because they can retain superficial facts, usually demonstrated in an argument, addressing a minute detail or ad hominem, then often exaggerate that you were being dangerous or threatening.

Now I still have competition with lesser jobs because, let’s realize it, a whore has more chance of getting the job that I want as clerk, restaurant server, etc., because she’s cuter, This is also done by female hiring managers because of female collectivism. I don’t have a direct statistic for it, but I bet you anything that a woman has, & I’m not complaining about it, I’m just making a point, more chance of getting a sexual experience with another women by begging for it than a man because of female collectivism & the female obsession with novelty.

The natural instincts are for men to protect & serve women. Women’s natural instinct is to get attention from men for men to do things for her, & they use the government & the state for protection & provision, so the whole concept of a husband is ruined thanks to them: It’s like women calling the police on their husbands – disgusting. Sarcasm: Gee, what a great winner you are for keeping your whore happy enough to never make the daddy-state coerce you: You made it so far with a feel-good bully. Our society is no longer “natural.” It is mechanized, yet women still have much more of a tendency to produce immature instincts.



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