Origin Of S.A.T.F. Deflection| by Jessie Nagy

essential pointPerfectionism is delusion.

The deflection of “they’re the same as the feminists” (SATF) to serious criticism of female nature, that isn’t just your superficial “mattress girl” story, etc., really manifests by the instinctive mentality to betray another man who could embarass them at a party, etc., or make them look bad somehow when associating with whores.

Ever notice, especially the more domineering whores, although less domineering whores just have another rendition of it – a desire for a good/constant entertainer, etc., have a demand for perfectionism? Reality check, you deluded whores: humans aren’t perfect. As Iv’e stated before, even computers glitch, malfunction, become slow, or even “crash.”

There’s a lot of confusion by pseudo intellectuals & anti-intellectuals who completely misunderstand the concept of divorcing emotions from abstractions. It doesn’t mean what people think it means. It means that a person can’t “gas-light” objective reality when they’re not distracted or with a state of cognitive dissonance.

I’ve read that it was men who tamed the sexuality of women to start things like agriculture & industry [1]. I believe the next major revolution would be to tame female’s mental states: “No, your opinions don’t have much merit,” etc..

You have to wonder: if men are not supposed to cry, why are we wired with the mechanism of tear ducts & emotions? Of course, this question is trivialized when the apex of “armored” men that whores select has had many other males experienced MGM (male genital mutilation).

Anger is probably the most understandable emotion to whores. They might be receptive to enjoyment, but it’s not an objectivism to it.

When I saw my father cry when his dog – his love of life – was diagnosed with cancer, I remembered why it was that his wife called him a “wuss” for coming home to action movies & beer. Women have a relentless implicit demand for almost no rest from the man.

A study from the American Academy of Pediatrics by Katherine Johnson, Melinda Caskey, Katherine Rand, Richard Tucker, Betty Vohr [2] stated that mothers responded preferentially to girls versus boys at birth. To be fair, it stated that fathers respond preferentially to boys by 44 weeks. Whatever the specific reasons for that was not addressed, but I think that it’s actually due to how we’ve been taught to deal with emotions by the way females treat us for it – “get back to work,” or whatever.

When males have this mentality of “don’t make me look bad in front of females/collectives,” it causes those men stuck on performing for whores to take things out of context, imply a vanity contest – interpret realism as “hogging the podium” that the performing competitor believes is being threatened to “his” territory, “gaslight,” & becoming even more dramatic when the performer realizes that the other is not playing his implied little vanity contest.



1.: The Art of Selling Sex in Islam & South East Asia, Ayam Sirias – Sheddingoftheego-dot-com

2.: Gender Differences in Adult-Infant Communication in the First Months of Life – aappublications-dot-org



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