A Message To Mr. Wax | by Jessie Nagy


Stay the fuck out of electronic music. You see, electronic music is very consistent & has a firm substrate, which you lack. Although the sound may be nebulous, the principles of it are firm.

You just mostly do gas-lighting & resent anyone who takes the attention away from your “Mtv.” orbit.

& you support swindler culture, destroying strength of intelligence, because even the guys not cornered into it or participating, they have to compete in the trends set by whores. It helps you be liked by dumb whores, which allows them to maintain more of their little hierarchies & politics of bashing other guys who aren’t some “cool” swindlers, wasting money on stupid life-styles.
Most of the drugs come here from central America,[1] & those females are some of the worst. They have histrionic personality disorder. It’s like being with a whore during her p.m.s. moods but every ~15 minutes.

Come try have a real argument with me instead of your fake virtues. Of course, you can’t do that because you take things out of context. What, you’re mad that G.C. made a better profit of selling drugs, or something, than your fucking inconsistent attempts with such a low goal could do? You’re really not that brave because you’re only doing easy acts. You don’t have the “balls” as would say, to say something that would get you beaten, & that’s why you go crying to fucking “mommy” whenever I point the reality of what you are.

You just think you “know” because you go around trying food in different restaurants, & you persuade people to your dumb ideas.

I know this makes me seem not “hip to it’: You have narcissistic personality disorder & histrionic personality disorder, & I think it’s because you were raised by a single mother for the most part.[2]

Don’t compare yourself to my father. That’s insulting to him.

More questions & less assumptions & opinions from you, you dumb cunt.



1: Report: Nearly all, 99.8%, of illegal drugs shipped to U.S. from Mexico – washingtonexaminer-dot-com

2: Victim of a Crime? Thank a Single Mother, Ann Coulter, pg., 33-71, Guilty


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