Neuroscience Finds Fem. Subs. NOT What Most Think | Jessie Nagy

stupid cultureI’ve numbered references for those who would slander this as “pseudoscience.”

So we’ve put memes, the serious kind, not little pictorials with slogans on them, of hybristophilia – the varying degrees of female attraction to scoundrels/hatred/use of rationalism. The next paragraphs is brain-science confirming more of what most of society has been oblivious to because they worship personality disorders without even realizing it.

Western culture is an impatient one. It involves the culture, &, of course, business & electronic toys. When the environment changes, thought changes. The way concepts are delivered changes. People don’t seriously tolerate big thoughts. When I ask questions at work, people, especially females, think of me as “weaker.” When I explain that a past manager at an Indian store cheated me of money, other managers think I’m “negative” because of the little “bubble” that people are living in. They’re also addicted to immediate satisfaction. There’s no “depth,” & I’m not fooled when a women claims the she likes a man with grey hair because he signifies “depth” – false: She likes him because he’s with his latter jaded years.

Cell-phone consuming & cam-star females are now avoiding males that are different. Culture wants to blame “immature men for being addicted to porn,” yet why do they stop there when there’s a whole other sex who have paralleling inclinations.[1] There hasn’t been specific studies of it that I’m aware of, which is likely due to culture’s dismissive attitude to female disorder, but I have read studies that typifies it. Females are more likely to maintain trends than anyone by fact of them being herd-animals: “Who is this loser who can’t keep up with the life-styles?” This phenomena is the true cause of the farcical “beta male.” It’s because women ruin rationalism by their “impulse,” for a lack of a better word. The problem is not the he’s not some “cool” guy with trade-mark hair-cuts; The problem is greed. Greed comes from the urge to perform for female nature. In a way technology is actually making people dumber.

Many of the executives of Steve Jobs took money from shareholders by deliberate, calculated actions, including fabricated records.[2]

Reuters, news agency, got rid of 20 American & European journalists in 2004 with a replacement of 60 hires in India just to save money.[3]

With the ranks of the alpha, they have dangerous situations, maybe even more so, because of psychopathic surroundings.

Rules & morality define a civilization. Without them, there is no civilization. Females have a short attention span for rules (other than a gesture). With masculine abstractions, the spread of literacy, etc., we began to expand rule-making that wasn’t the force of warlords, etc..

A student who sold her virginity for 1 Million euros has “fallen in love” with her buyer[4]. Sarcasm: yeah, right, you really love him. & how does a man earn that to have 20 minutes of her? He has to start from early age (unless he inherits) of extreme hard work, with absolutely no consideration for what was required of the male. He also has to spend the money. Whores keep preaching the wage-gap though. This is sheer proof that women dominate men because of the strife (whether it’s something related to that or some kind of performance) that a male has to generally do for them. Male “dominance” is a pop. culture myth. Even in hyper-patriachal societies, the man is expected to show strength[5]. The independent researcher: Ayam Sirias has typed an amazing article: ‘Circumcision & The Real Patriarchy,’ which can be read via sheddingoftheego-dot-com.

With females claiming or implying the “conservative” ( not necessarily politically) are “toxic”, they then get to enjoy thugs & swindler culture. (Those normal guys afraid of non-perfectionism, maintaining acts at some fancy restaurants to be liked by petty women & petty families – they’re not really conservative; they’re CON-servative: conning.)
Just remember this when a feminist wants to use some extremely flawed analysis that testosterone “causes problems”:

Near London, in 1980, Christine English, with full speed, drove her car at her boyfriend, killing him against a telephone poll. She was convicted of manslaughter instead of murder. She was released on probation. Her defense attorney (con-artist) argued C.E. was suffering with premenstrual syndrome – PMS. The same year, 29 year old Sandie Smith was convicted of killing a co-worker at the London pub. She too was sentenced to probation for PMS.[6] As a condition for probation, Both Smith & English were ordered to take monthly hormone injections for PMS.

Women are naturally unsuited for leadership & responsibilities. They should be assigned to shuffling in department stores, etc. – slavery – to keep their egos contained.

Yes, not all women are going to do something extreme like that. I know that, but the point is: if you have a female training you for a job, you wouldn’t want her to make absurd claims because of her disorders. Maybe a bad example, but think more.

How is society ever going to realize the impulsive or criminal aspect of female psychology when the masculinity dominating law, etc., just gives them placation?

As the metaphysics of pure Buddhism puts it, & science is lagging & taking credit for good metaphysics: Their consciousness is too defiled. Since it’s metaphysical, rather than asking for a citation, you’re supposed to think about it.

Rather than recognizing it as a disorder that needs to be contained, the Diagnostic & Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders offered other treatment.

PMS is a feeling of tension for 7-10 days before a period, causing irritability, unrest, & a desire to find relief by foolish & ill-considered actions.” They even become unreliable, irresponsible, accident-prone, & even violent & suicidal. No wonder MRAs are so naive with solutions due to not addressing this reality. No wonder the divorce industry is so frequent. No wonder women love these idiots called “alpha males.” No wonder female psychologists want to celebrate this by claiming: “Men get moody,” as they celebrate each other with irrational males posing as “rational.” (or the alternative: a very oblivious or desperate beta-male she can have temporarily) No wonder they deject reality. PMS has been reported to encompass 150 symptoms.

The symptoms generally happen during a point after ovulation (around mid-cycle) & pause during start of menstrual period. However, Perimenstrual syndrome is timed differently then premenstrual syndrome.

I like my females sort of modest & knows to keep it checked.

MRAs, the left-vs-right types, the distracted by current events, etc., don’t even have these realizations of biology & psychology that might make them reconsider egalitarianism.

With 150 symptoms, 20-100% of the female population gets it. Meaning: varying degrees.

Although there are some studies claiming improved task performance premenstrually, that does not negate a sinister interaction with other male workers, which gives more argument for their assignment to servicing rather than seriously influencing or controlling.

This was a study confirming what I have known for many years: females don’t desire what they do because they want “strong” men. They desire what they desire because they want a “mirror in front of them”: They’re collectivists & they want others like them or at least act like them:

According to a preliminary research on BDSM, female submissives have reduced empathic responses to other’s suffering.[7]

I always knew women who were the most intent on BDSM have major personality disorders.

Submissives had weakened empathy to other’s suffering at both behavioral & neural levels.

The female “switches” – switching between dom. or sub. – did not have significant decrease of empathy though. I think this is because the “switches” are generally not as intent on BDSM: they probably just have a mentality of “you might as well try it.”

One of the quickest answers by males to this is: “Oh, I’m going to have a buffet of all kinds of sex. This is going to be great.” That’s not the point. The point is: When something realistic happens to you – you get fatigued, something tragic happens with your family, etc., although she may not readily show it, she’s going to make it harder for you.

Whether a woman is explicitly interested with BDSM or not, most women do interpret sexuality & interaction by a subjective/deluded way.

Males, especially young boys, have “toxic masculinity,” not because they’re naturally aggressive. That is the most ad hominem reduction. Males have “toxic masculinity” because it’s an adaptive, residual trait of the past, when males had to explore to give. Really, you need a citation to know that men were mostly the objective sex, constructing & philosophizing? In 2018? When boys generally choose airplane toys & water guns, it’s because they’re sampling a potential tendency of maybe being an officer when older. Only a subjective mind would be unable to realize the objective tendency of males.

There’s a meme that transsexuals have “personality disorders.” I don’t believe that. They’re just some type of homosexual, but that’s not even the point. I’ll just use an example derived of that. The transsexuals that trick other heterosexual men do have personality disorders, & the ones, which is a popular agenda, who use their transsexual agenda to claim that sex is a “social construct” do have personality disorders. Even those transsexuals have different hormonal levels – a biological reality, not social construct. This is a similar phenomena that is happening with female sexuality being defended & promoted: Because it’s popular, it makes it “good.”

Detractors like to think that because I’m not authoritative enough, it’s “wrong.”
I had a debate with a Feminist. She used the deflection that the content I ‘m associated with is deemed as “hate” by the S.P.L.C. (Southern Poverty Law Center). Firstly, that’s guilty-by-association. Secondly, hatred is an evolutionary product of being discerning. If she claimed that I was “stalking” her because I was replying to her comment – what that space was designed for, what would she do with a live setting? She would resort to tactics of using authority against me by claiming that I was “threatening”, etc.. Why does she get to have a monopoly on hatred, but I don’t? Hatred is a healthy emotion if used properly by logic, i.e., not used by female collectivism.

Morality is a metaphysical/masculine thing. It is qualitative. Thinking of terms of power/survival rather than ethics is feminine.

A report by psychological scientists: Jessica A Kennedy & Cameron Anderson found that employees of high-ranking positions are less likely to report unethical practices.[8]

If a large percentage of women are not psychopathic, they are related to it. The culture’s dismissive attitude to female bad behavior & cruel attitudes, such as laughing to male experience, only proves that there is inadequate objectives of female psychology, so how can we even take female MRAs seriously when they they state that the most seriously critical of female nature just have “autism” or “don’t know how to socialize,” when, in fact, a lack of empathy is the hallmark of psychopathy[9].

The human brain processes empathy of a similar way to the experience of physical pain[10]. If women have a tendency to seek forceful experiences, whether intensity/”dramatic” force or physical – “making me a better person”, then society must be cautious of the fact that female disorder is a very real thing contaminating society.

Some men might want to have sex with women with grey hair (although it’s highly doubtful that it is a specific attraction signal), but that’s because we want variety, not because of a “political” sexuality. Women will try to tell you otherwise – that they like men with grey hair[11] because they’re more experienced & mature, but the real reason is because these men are jaded, brittle, used & worn due to their exertion, which she can keep on mute. Female sexuality is disgusting & decrepit.

According to deluded sex researchers: Dorian Solot & her little allowing idiot: Marshall Miller, it is believed that involving sex with power play & pain & saying “no, stop” as a role is “healthy.”[12] Again, this comes from the feminine projection of what they misinterpret sexuality as, which is correlated to corruption & poor impulse control. Real sexuality is about visual stimulation, almost kind of like a meditation. That’s the pure masculine reality of it. There’s a characteristic of a male who prefers visual stimulation: They’re more concentrating/sophisticated.

& this is the true reason why feminists hate it when males talk about male experience. It’s the reason why female M.R.A.s are illegitimate, which makes male M.R.A.s the same since they worship the female M.R.A.s. It’s the reason why pick-up-artists are ruining masculinity by eluding male experience. It’s the reason why women hate the different – philosophical/realist types.

Do not think that equality with the sexes is a good idea. They need to be contained. With equality, you will have more men acting like women – prone to sin, etc. – because of female herd instinct & the histrionic personality type of disorders. The other alternative of egalitarianism is women trying to be like men, which is not probable because of the PMS process just typed & other cognitive processes.

Conclusion: females owe themselves to masculinity. If it’s by her terms, it’s obvious of the consequences.



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