We’ve Talked About Rape-Culture. Let’s Talk About Stress-Culture. Seriously| J.N.

diaphragmatic breathing

(Diaphragmatic breathing helps to control stress. Try it for yourself.)

Difficult conversations are important. They are an aspect of science. Without them, it often causes worse situations than that talkative stress.

Although women might have empty talk with partying, Women generally don’t value difficult conversations. (Maybe they do somewhat when they’re like 40. Why would you want those scraps anyway?)

“Don’t be nice” attitudes is also a fashionable way of calling meme validators “cucks.”

An inability to have difficult conversations (science) is a psychology of a 12 year old.

The boring aspect of science has the the power of fixing worse stress by imposing transitory stress, but because the psychology of women is that of 12 year olds, they don’t like seeing a bunch of guys sharing important axioms: “What about me?”/”Look at me.”

This is not about having her validate. This is about how women generally have a p.c..

A difficult conversation doesn’t necessarily need to be angry, etc., but that is how women generally treat real issues because they don’t really know how to socialize.

True, there’s plenty of men who will have fist fights, etc., etc., because of difficult conversations, but that’s mostly the “spotlight” presented after female filtering.

Whatever doesn’t cater to her 12 year old mind is “mentally ill”/”unstable”, or whatever. The hypocrisy though: Women will find a man sexually appealing if he is unstable/lashing to less important things, yet if a man is angry because of having something serious to believe, they say it’s “unstable.”

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable.” – Charles Darwin [1]

My question posed after that quote is: What makes you think that the latter is static? That quote was coming from a guy who was studying natural HISTORY. He was not studying the future.

Life is a game. This is a problem though: Without well-organized instructions, you have a very cheap, primitive game. It is not like “Chess.” It is like rugby, or something.

Men who are not of the spotlight have the power to set instructions with memes, which women are calling unstable as Feminism is weaponized.

There are organizations who are also trying to help weaponized female nature suppress the memes that is the well-organized instructions so that they can exploit other men for female comfort.

There used to be a shop called Atomic-Comics (masculine visuals) that I would walk to for relaxation. With the advent of internet retail by unlikely lust, the entire business was demolished. This is the thing: Female filtering destroys other male dreams because they want males to be grouped a certain way. They have no respect for other male dreams.

It’s a non-static game, so start a meme war to fight the real fan-boys of stress-culture, buying shit they don’t really care for to make some kind of image. For example: these sun-glasses that cost ~$100.00. It’s cheaper to periodically just replace sun-glasses that look the same than to buy from fake people selling real deductions all because they want to show their status symbols to women, etc., instead of sharing relevant symbols among other guys by instructing memes & difficult conversations, etc.,

A rat who has a bar of wood to chew on because of shock is less likely to develop worse trauma. [2] It has something to relieve frustration.

As stress-culture continues to be embraced by the likes of trad-cons, etc., who are really just fan-boys, you will see more feeble societies.

We are not supposed to be working 5 days(+) for most or half of those days.

We humans deal with stressors better when we have hobbies or other activities.

These corporations making fan-boys of others are frustrated. It has been researched that male baboons, when losing a fight, attacks a subordinate. [3] The stress-culture, exploiting other males, is due to lust by a minority.

By one case, hormonal stress-response was studied by those with a cardiac problem. Those talking to their doctors about fear had smaller glucocorticoid stress-response than the stoics. [4]

Women create more stress-culture as the venting would be scoffed (with fake gestures) by them.

“Women want a real-man.” A real-man has REAL experiences, so women don’t actually want a real-man.

Having good social contact controls cardiovascular response to stress well. [5]

Stress-culture for female comfort literally harms masculinity.

Don’t think this is new-age pseudo science. Living gracefully with uncertainty – “let go” – is a new-age idea. A rat study regarding certainty modulated the shocking, but with warning bells. Because the rat heard warning bells, there was less trauma. [6]

According to Sapolsky, there was a significant increase of ulcers during a bombing of England because of the stress. [7]

Most men understand by some way that their hobbies, etc., will allow them to reduce stress. Women create more & more situations of which your hobbies are unappreciated. The pursuits for males is like a lever to control stress. If you take that away, it does worse than one could think.

“One of the things I’ve read is that men heal differently than women. Women tend to do better with talk-therapy, & men tend to want to do something with the feelings they have.” – Brendon Marotta [8]

True, but women still can not have realist conversations properly like men can. Men will generally be less of talkers & more of fixers, but men can still have those necessary “violent” conversations when they have the right mind-set to actually commit to a conversation.

I hate sports trading cards. They offer no dopamine responses for me. I prefer anime trading cards (galleries in my hand). But read this: I was having a conversation with this guy I met in my Jacuzzi. He told me that one of his relatives bought his first car by selling his entire baseball card collection for $3,000.00. He sold it in stores. This was before Amazon “raped” everything (As you can tell, I despise Amazon. It is a hub of fan-boys trying to be alpha-men, selling books for $80.00 dollars, making the world a feminine cesspool, when those books should be ~$12.00-~$20.00. Those fan-boys wouldn’t even be peddling if the world was more like Disney-Land. Yeah, SOMETIMES, Amazon allows to make good living. But this is the problem: it also reduces the surroundings of creative, masculine innovation of pleasant cities. You see, when women police everything, they stifle other masculine ways of how men, by playing with it, navigate reality.

We could be making cities like Toon-Town, but this is the thing:

Example: Women own this place called Phoenix, Az. I’m walking around with a back-pack because I don’t care about getting a car. I don’t want your respect. I actually enjoy walking instead. Women want to police that as I interact with the people, selling them my illustrations of my sketch-book. Now, of course, there would be many cases of which women will find this cute, or whatever, & invite it, but this is the thing: it depends what kind of body language/style they might prefer during given intervals of PMS/personality disorder. This isn’t even a case of bad mothers, like when they lean in saying “this is what you do with your free time?” Boys “wasting time” with “a.d.d.” activities leads to brain-storming, but women are short-sighted. This is a case of an extremely plain environment [2019] with an absence of masculine creativity & esprit showing women’s true negative nature.  Women are women wherever, but in a place like California, they at least have somewhat/ a little respect for masculinity because California offers more of the masculine creativity. You see these fucking retards walking around with their tattoos in Phoenix, but it’s not real exquisite masculine art. It’s all just fake, superficial, substitutes. It has no real passion. It has no magic. Everything of real, astounding creativity is by masculinity. Degenerate art is the product rather than monumental art. The dopamine/serotonin processes are “fucked” here, & I have previously proved this scientifically. As a result of that process, womens’ #1 concern – security – is amplified here in Phoenix, Az.: “You can’t do that.”  People of Phoenix are ugly, & I don’t mean physically. People of Phoenix almost make life seem unworthy of living.

Stop caring about women’s security/comfort, EXACTLY as a fan-boy, catering to their PMS, etc.. Instead, ignore their fickleness, etc., create pleasantries. Any man who does something as stupid as join a war (the same thing as getting a tattoo), etc./embracing stress-culture, is the true fan-boy, & this is why I reject much of the nonsense, literally nonsense, of pseudo masculine propaganda of “protect women” by people who are politically right-wing, yet scientifically “wrong wing.” The true fan-boys – the narrow strain of “masculinity ” that posers are fond of advertising as ” better than thou” / alpha/ fundamentally higher masculinity because women prefer that – are aspiring to be like their exploiters.

To differentiate yourself from the wild animal kingdom, understand how females are with children: Look: wild animals use only their physical & emotional instincts – recognizing smells, etc.. Humans use their minds. As another level, women use a lot more of their physical & emotional instincts, so they filter out men who are not like re-dressed, polished “wild hogs” with baby-like empty talk.

Regardless of how one perhaps has issues of the Dalai Lama’s diplomacy, Buddhism is a science of the mind. They know more about the mind the mind than anyone busy embracing stress-culture just to impress women.  D.L. had this to say:

“But that culture generates too much stress, anxiety & jealousy, all these things. So my No. 1 commitment is to try to promote awareness of our inner values.” “Taking care of emotion.” “Whether religious or not, as a human being we should learn more about our system of emotion, in order to become more calm, have more inner peace.” – The Dala Lama [9]

Male emotions have been erased by stress-culture.

The system puts out so much confusion, subtlelties, & loves to waste your time. People become desperate, for a lack of a better word, the similar way that one coughs by a contagious illness.

The fan-boys who pay for & want to be like the corporations become frustrated, confused, rather than acknowledging that women are the source of the stress-culture by filtering, they disregard more male emotion, calling other males fan-boys, etc.. They’re actually the true fan-boys.

Joy becomes distraction after embracing stress-culture. Distraction stops superior quest for knowledge.

Men don’t like to compete. That’s only been popularized by womens’ attraction to an exclusive percentage. Most men like to “passively” observe. Yes, you read correctly: “passively” observe. Any man who is a fan-boy of female attraction for immoderation is the true cuck, as they’d call it. No sane man wants to truly be involved with stress-culture.



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REALITY CHECK: “Nerds” Are NOT real. | Jessie Nagy, a.k.a.: (s)words


The DSM-IV classifies schizotypal personality disorders as:

Pervasive pattern of social & interpersonal deficits marked by acute discomfort with, & reduced capacity for, close relationships as well as by cognitive or perceptual distortions & eccentricities of behavior, beginning by early adulthood & present in a variety of contexts, as indicated by five (or more) of:

Odd beliefs or magical thinking that influences behavior & is inconsistent with subcultural norms (e.g. superstitiousness, belief in clairvoyance, telepathy or “sixth sense” ……….). [Entangled Minds | Dean Radin, pg. 37]

Congratulations! With, like Feminists & Jordan Peterson “flashing” their pretentious degrees, you can also use an authoritative piece to misdiagnose.

Consider [Read: ‘SCIENCE: Institutionalized Intervention To Boys Causes Somatosensory Affectional Disorder (SAD)’ | Jessie Nagy] developmental psychology ruined by career wife. With enough supposed “expertise,” one could easily misuse the DSM-IV reference instead of the accuracy of somatosensory affective disorder.

What is another misdiagnosis? Nerds. A nerd is a caricature that has no real meaning. A “nerd” is just masculine propensity, like motor skills. Some of those propensities are liked, some are seen as “embarrassing.” A collection of tattoos are liked. Another collection is not.

Men consistently do better with spacial tasks. Anyone with a serious interest of neuroscience regarding sex differences has read this pattern multiple times [Sex Difference On Spatial Skill Test Linked To Brain Structure | University of Iowa – Sciencedaily-dot-com]

Men like strip-clubs because they are visual creatures. Read some neuroscience regarding sex differences. Have you ever noticed that women gossip & men like to observe?

That’s why males really love comic books & things like that, & why “nerds” are NOT even real. If they’re not doing that, & if they’re not totally committed to stress-culture, they’re enjoying some other kind of visual stimulation. Most men like to just “chill” & observe. There’s no such thing as a “wuss” man. That’s just women trying to draw more drama out of them; they extrapolate the stress of men & rate: “Look at how intense his leadership skills are.”

The actual true fan-boys are the ones who embrace stress-culture, especially the ones like Jordan Peterson who persuades for the corporations to be worshiped. “Rebels,” with hatred of “yuppies,” yet still spending for drinks of diminishing returns are also fan-boys: They’re funding the corporations they despise.

J.P. is not helping men get their “lives back on track.” He is embracing stress-culture for masculinity for the purpose of impressing women. That is a common alpha-male tactic. Your “rusting” is her pleasure.

He also just inflates things that my mother told me when I was 8 years old.
Major pseudo intellectual for men stuck with woman thinking.

They want to replace their stress embrace/frustration, etc., to other males as a way to impress women with the pecking order.

The Second Law of Thermodynamics states:

Whatever energy is made to a useful product, it also produces “useless” energy as degraded by-products: disorganized, unintended, “noisy” products & consequences. [‘Scale’ by Geoffrey West, pg.: 14].

Similarly “toxic masculinity,” for a lack of a better description – the tendency of males to be crude, etc. – is only a by-product of their productivity. It is healthier to have them exercise stress relief by exerting crude, gross, “psychological excretion,” especially of the form of visuals, etc..

Similar to the harnessing of negative female essence to convert to positive energy by harnessing sexual energy found with Taoism, Bram Stoker’s ‘Dracula,’ for example, is a masculine recycling of something negative to a positive for anti-stress/observing, etc.. He recycled the real Dracula to the fictional. When a woman sees this, they either see what Anne Rice sees, which I will report by end, or they see a harm by surfaces that doesn’t exist. Women think that this kind of anti-stress is “childish,” & can make them look bad in front of others.

Kids singing in school for mom – bad influence. That’s not the best way of describing it, but you know what I’ve typed. What I’m typing is is that women want a fake image.

People who fucking curse are actually more trustworthy. The people who want to polish everything are more likely to lie to present something. There is a similar principle of comic book illustrations, masculine meditations/visuals: it is an honest look of male emotion – much more complex, multifaceted, fun, etc.. It is also depictions of the universe translated. Some say: “Men have a hard time of expressing their emotions.” Are you joking? No. male emotions are misunderstood, or not even thought of, because they’re too complex. Comic books are a masculine thing.

Women don’t watch things, not seriously anyway. That’s why women are much less impressed & mesmerized by visuals.

I’m not a major enthusiast of comic books. I’m very selective of only science fiction, some horror ones, medieval/fantasy themes, classical adaptations (H.P. Lovecraft, things like that) some adult/body form ones, & Japanese ones, not those lame poppy manga ones, but ones that are more of the 80s science fiction types, but most of the super-hero ones, I don’t like, & a lot of the modern illustrations of them are really just “polished” & bad animation of my opinion. With lazy, bad shading, it’s like a “blinding” ugly kind of polished look. Comic books, sure, are mostly a distraction, but they are a good TRANSITORY activity. You need a mixture. You need stress-relief, even if it is shameful to others.

When women promote stress-culture/anti-relaxing/Jordan-Peterson pseudo intellectual nonsense, it is a direct attribute of them not observing/ relaxing like men do, & the men who are anti-relaxing, anti “fan boy,” are anti-male, just like Jordan Peterson. She might be silent, but that doesn’t make her anti-stress by observing.

Of some ways, comics  are actually more realistic because reality is quicker than a lot of documents, etc..

Women want to suppress this & make you a stress-factory, with the help of people like Jordan Peterson, which makes him, because feminism is (masked) anti-male & pro-female, a feminist, & even though Jordan Peterson shares archetypes, he reverts to stress-culture.

Kids will learn more ethics of value & the importance of anti-stress by it than some would think.

“Evil can hide behind a variety of guises: power, competition…” – ‘Spawn,’ book #6, first page | Todd Mcfarlane & Greg Capullo. (not that ‘Spawn’ is really a good comic of my opinion)

Kids can even start exercising to look like the characters. I do abdominal exercises while reading them sometimes. It’s extremely relaxing.

I remember an old paraphrase of Buddhist thought: Women hate it when a man finds something that makes him content with himself.

Do you know how Disney showed the world that it could be a better place? & no person would ever dream of calling him a “nerd,” yet those were his tendencies. It’s because Disney (with the best era being the “golden era,” before it was revamped by Eisner) was exercising his masculine observational anti-stress.

If women suppress this TRANSITORY or preliminary stress-relief, they block the flow of ideas that grow after that.

The Novelist: Anne Rice was seen interviewed with Tony Ferguson. [The Late Late Show With Tony Ferguson, Anne Rice|CBS]. She actually makes a telling confirmation of her hybristophilia. She claims to be aroused by these fictional aristocratic killers.

There’s a fundamental truth to this: Jordan Peterson wants you to pay allegiance to the corporations of the few, which is really not much different than what Anne Rice is aroused by.

That’s the difference of male & female observing: You can’t derive profound truths by just seeing facial expressions, etc., & males often know to only seek the anti-stress of observing forms. That’s really all there is to look for many times. Women will see what’s not there. If an evil man is dressed well enough, she will think of him as presentable.

Why Anne Rice thinks criminals are “beautiful” is how she processes these forms totally different than masculinity. Bram Stoker wants to kill the criminal & make a hero of the vampire slayer. Anne Rice wants to revive it & make a hero of the vampire. The point is: women seek something fake of what they see. Men seek something real of what they see. You can’t convince a real-man that a serial killer is a good guy. That’s mostly female logic.

Males are processing these visuals of violence, etc., as just a vestigial of the evolutionary psychology.

There are much worse vices. When women process visuals, it will actually have “ammunition” to it because, as women clutch to them inappropriately, women will conspire because of tone, expression, etc., while males just process it by a HEALTHY way.

I’ve even heard of a situation, which I don’t know because I’m not really a comic-book guy, that a female professional has actually ruined aspects of Marvel comics, which will be a study for another time.

These males aren’t “beta” males, or whatever. They’re actually expressing their masculinity, especially because of the visual component, “walking on the clouds,” doing things that they like, not what women like.

& don’t use Amazon. All that it it takes is one to ruin it for other males because that boss of Amazon has embraced ruthlessness. Shops are destroyed because of Amazon. I remember when I used to walk to comic shops – very relaxing – & enjoy the “galleries.” Women & their sexuality just feels the need to ruin how others live.

It’s a meditation for males – the visuals. Women stop the meditation of men. Where have we heard this before? “I think he has A.D.D., etc..” It is women who have no significant understanding of the male experience.

The comic-book: ‘Dawn.’ is an excuse to so see amazing visuals because that is a masculine state. Yes, the stories are silly, but the visuals is what’s important. It’s a “shrine.”

Men process these visuals because it is necessary for males. Women can not appreciate these masculine emotions because female emotions are ugly, petty, immature, to be ignored. These masculine emotions exhibited by visuals are technical. No. they don’t want to conjure violence, etc., for real life. It’s a vestigial because male emotions are too complex & technical for women. Women are trivialize male emotions because women are anti-male, for a lack of a better description. Why are comic-shops demolished? Because women filter out the pleasant things of society & turn it to a field where Amazon can just ruin things.

Have you ever seen the comic-book: ‘Purgatori’/’Dark Alliance’/’Lady Demon’/’Lady Death’? Can you draw like that? How about: ‘Poison Elves’? How about ‘Border Worlds’ Best of all, have you ever heard of ‘Nemesis – The Warlock.’ That is some of the most insanely impressive visuals I’ve ever seen a comic-book feature.

When males are not allowed to explore this type of male emotion, male art becomes perverted. It becomes performance art for the female, like pick-up-artists.

Warning! Stop ( Or Minimize) Amazed Buying| Jessie Nagy, A.K.A.: The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword, A.K.A.: (S)Words

stupid cuntz

With this mentality of “that guy is alpha as fuck,” it’s become so popular to defend this idiot: Jeff Bezos. Because his wife (fuck her also) took his money during the post divorce phase, every poser has joined the immediate criticism of it. That’s not of concern with this article. That guy who manages Amazon-dot-wrong needs to have attention to him to be dealt with: He has caused more destruction to other people’s lives.

History states an aspect of female brutality that is not well known: That female slave-holders were actually quite relentless.[1]

Let us now analyze modern times of how the sociopathy shared by women is done by internet retail (& who originally sold those slaves, as the original source, is also another article, & slavery has been done by practically everyone, so let’s not play the “hate white people game.”).

There’s some who think that it will bring benefits to society by providing more jobs. Yeah, it’ll provide slavery of JAIL work as it would limit more options of variety by these organizations. Have you seen the ware-houses for these jobs of internet stores. It’s just as I type – like jail, also turning your home similarly as the pleasant walk to the book-shops, etc., could be terminated, while you stay buying in your cell. Do you really want to make more & more jobs as “hell-mart”?

Who the fuck are these pieces-of-shits to try to make everyone comply to their restrictions? Have some fucking respect for other people.

This is what female sexuality does: It achieves a state of allocating no respect for other people’s stations.

Not all people want to be a Lawyer, etc.. Some people want other things for their lives. I’m not defending ghetto violence, or something. Just have some fucking respect. The system basically has no respect for your condition.

When this crowding out of more choice happens, people’s willingness to love their slavery will show.[2]

I want to work in a book-shop & enjoy the “paintings” of flashing the book-covers, but because people are being lured by those deals of ~$2.00 kindle books (some free) my choice for that can be ruined.

This Jeff Bezos idiot is a bully. All these conformists keep talking about how he was a victim of a gold-digger. Get this: He’s a gold-digger of YOUR life. Female gold-diggers are attracted to the same traits of men. That is conformity.

An estimated 149,000 jobs have been eliminated thanks to this male gold-digger.[3]

The worship of anomalous male gold-diggers has displaced down-town[4] shopping streets, disallowing growth of other men’s wishes. Thanks – not – for replacing others’ options for growth so that we have to feel like we need to submit to mass assembly bondage, just like how the enforcement to buy printers – basically stealing people’s money, & they don’t even call it taxes – replaced what used to be a paper job application.

One slave-wage option that Amazon creates ruins ~3(+) others[5].

This isn’t just an economic issue. It’s also psychological: Now that people haven’t enjoyed a stroll, they uncomfortably see a guy like me being friendly because of the little bubble that has calcified their lives now.

As trendy idiots with bad critical thinking skills are worshiping dominance as a religion, this aggression is seen only with a facade of “construction,” but they’re really just pieces-of-shits.

Enjoy earning tips with restaurant work? That can also change as e-selling tries to make new ways of meal-plans.

As a suggestion to the guys who understand the importance of having some amount of hobbies, some time to themselves with, etc., that the likes of J.P. can’t give you because he’s more of a usurper of your well-being, telling you to enjoy stress just to impress women, most restaurant jobs will be relatively safe for you because people will still continue to pay for eating-out.[6] Right, Jordan Peterson’s philosophy & info-tainment is one of the emphasis of the masculine “hero.” Right, that makes sense – not. He’s a defender of cronyism.

However, book-stores, & others, are threatened.

People are losing their fucking jobs: Retail stores are laying off workers, which looks really great as work history – not, because those stores can’t thrive well enough.

They’re even considering, minimizing your opportunity to switch to work for corporate bullies, having drones (robots) deliver packages.[7] This is not Technocracy. This is something sinister.

Supposedly, small businesses were also created because people had the ability to sell with internet retail.[8] Yeah, the businesses that will take random vacations & complicate your work schedule, or not even hire you anyway because they just want to minimize things.

The Jeff Bezos idiot has enough, & guess what: He doesn’t have to pay taxes, yet you do. [9] The corporate fewer fueled by female attraction rapes you.

I think of an article I read regarding that certain hobbies shared with others actually increases[10] oxytocin – a de-stressor. I’ve typed numerously of the actual PHYSICAL effects of stress before. You know what this means: Remember? You’re nothing but a “fan boy” when you like to value time for yourself to do your own thing to the culture of the TRUE fan-boys who worship the religion of aggression to impress women. Women’s penchant for the bad-ass, etc., has got to go straight to the trash. Enough now.

Be a hero – peaceful warrior, not a follower.

A viral piece of info. was posted of a 20 year-old who blogged that she left a man who confessed of a traumatic experience – rape – he had when younger.[11] Do you know why she left him. The same reason that women generally treat males who value their hobbies & their own time for themselves as “fan boys.” The same reason that women hate your therapy as a man. The same reason that women are anti-de-stress & pro-stress as sex appeal. Don’t let women hog the social arena.

She started the post with a description of his dominance. This female has no understanding, or care, that that man probably gained his dominance by his scarred life.

“Laugh it up.” It’s your future.

Aren’t you tired of society demanding more & more tests & tasks by you, telling you to brag about some lame life. “Fight” back passively: Pass this article around & stop the disease. It’s your future.

Ethics is more important to me than self-interest, for a lack of better choice words.

So, instead of that thing you want to buy by the net, go walk out for some fresh air, get exercise, & try to find it from a local shop.

Fear creates non-confirmation in people’s thought processes which accelerates cycles of the same predatory & desperate attitudes of survival. We don’t need any more negativity due to female sexuality.

J.B., you are a BULLY, & women are attracted to you with absolutely no concern for the effects their attraction has to society, even laughing to your stress.



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Why People From Scottsdale/Phoenix, Az. Are Rude, Lame, Stupid, Uncultured – A Scientifically Reasoned Answer | Jessie Nagy


Did you know [1: Direct proof: pg. 26 of ‘Forever Ageless’ by Ron Rothenberg, M.D.] that testosterone actually does NOT make men angry, aggressive? Factually, the opposite is true: Less T. has males more irratible, grouchy. Sure, there’s some multiple aspects, like putting chemicals into your body that ruins natural confidence/hormones, but there’s a main truth if you don’t take this out of context. Increased T. makes men more friendly, gregarious, confident – the real kind, not loudness to compensate for lacking confidence, &, yes, more sexual. This has been researched & confirmed, so I think it’s kind of funny there are many who pride themselves for being “intense.” They’re really just grouped by what is attracted to them – raters who want to be with likeness, & there are those who want to have prolonged entertainment first before allowing expression of sexuality, like the “castrated” guys they are. & they thought this whole time their intensity, mediocre or bad manners, immaturity, lack of proper etiquette, rejection of helping, moodiness, was a mark of “strength.” Real-men are gentle-men. Yes, you read correctly: GENTLE (with a healthy dose of fairness/justice/ability to punish when necessary – not just lashing out & thinking it’s sexy or for fun. It’s used when appropriate). Real-men are helping.

Aggression is a much more chimp thing. chimps diverged from us since our last common ancestor. They are a different branch altogether. People try to extrapolate chimps anyway.

The more noticeable erratic behavior, whether on the screen or a party, will catch the attention, especially of the following, callow, childlike, casual mentality of women. If a group of ancient buffalo hunters saw one that was as big as a 2-story house, they would want more afterwards. It becomes an attraction. This is the similar fetish women have for guys who do something contrarian. This is often due to boredom, or whatever. “You see that, he did something different.” They are emphasizing men who utilize more, or some, chimp behavior. This sight gets noticed more because of the fact that it’s more erratic, more noticeable. That is what the society recognizes, similar to a popular misconception that T. causes aggression.

& that is how pro-male spaces has become a sort of refuge for posers who will admit that women are dirt-bags who allow more scoundrels, primitives masked with money, etc., to ruin the social pool. But rather than trying to be heroes, & with great knowledge comes great responsibility, they actually use that as an excuse for ploys to get access to them, etc., & to remain lazily indifferent to morals.

However, it gets more complicated than that. There are other external conditions:

Now, I know this will seem like I “just like to complain,” “That I’m excusing my lack of being able to change,” or whatever. However, none of that is the meaning of this article.

A survey of travel & Leisure ranked Phoenix, Az. (& Scottsdale mingles together obviously) as basically the #2 cesspool of America. [2] This place is for losers. The study was based of thousands of travelers. During Halloween, there is fun atmosphere obviously. When people dress differently here, for the exact same reason, all of these idiots of Phoenix, Az., will think that there might be something “wrong.” These are some of the most vile normal people, not normal like nice normal, but normal as people who will ruin your job, etc.. If you’ve seen the film: ‘They Live,’ I mean people are like that to degrees in many places, they really should’ve filmed it in Phoenix, Az. though with all the people as extras for that  ambience.

New York was also listed as one of the rudest states[3], which isn’t the same type of environment. However, it is a place with a history of transference of people of warlike & gang characteristics.

Extremely dry, hot regions have had cultures that engaged with [4]child abuse, affect repression, etc..

C. 4000-3500 BCE vastly devastated people of areas of Arabia & near [5: Ibid].

This is just one region that transferred, so I’m not going to use the word: “patriarchial,” or something silly like that, just because of one division that slithered it’s way. I’m not going to let the meaning of masculinity be ruined just because of one division. Malnourished is a better description.

There’s even something I’m really interested to research soon that the “violent human ape” is not really a complete axiom.[6]

Integral to that:

You combine womens’ choice of restraint to society due to their PMS, (& think of the worst, extreme rare cases called PMDD – premenstrual dysphoric disorder) with the culture of a competitive division, you will have amplification.

In Phoenix, I can already attest to the results of that with anecdotes:

People say:”That’s anecdotal. It doesn’t mean much” I think you’d think otherwise if you experienced this:

Kids acting like thugs. I mean kids do that nationwide, but it’s more pathetic here. I don’t mean pathetic like I feel bad for them.

Kids wasting money for drug experimentation.

Taco-places smell horrible because of rotten flesh. It’s not that they’re serving rotten meat. It’s that the place is so hot, workers are so cheap & too lazy to go OUTSIDE to make an effort to dispose trash more regularly.

Older people here who think it’s a “nice” place are naive. They are naive old people, which totally destroys the whole idea that the younger generation is “solipsistic.” The younger generation has more information. Some of the younger generation is actually a lot smarter than older people.

People look at me for wearing a grey winter-coat DURING WINTER. I’ve even had families confront me to tell me I look “shady” for wearing it. This is what I mean by “lame.” I don’t mean it like a slang way.

Of course, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Az., is not severely violent, however, it is a modernized version of Saharasia.



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Why Being Sensitive Is A GOOD Thing | Jessie Nagy


When most of what you know is all the same repeating quotes of “hypergamy,” “hypergamy,” “beta this,” beta that,” you’re not going to know enough of these other axioms.

For one major fundamental axiom I’m obsessed with now – nutritional science: consider something like a health-drink. You can simply look at the ingredients & see that something like 40% of it is sugar. You don’t even need a citation. Just take an item, ~half the items on shelves will state that pharma & companies are making you sicker.

Companies also lie, making you put more effort to life-styles, getting you to use sugar & other substances that actually cause the body to age & become too thick. You are told that this is “healthy.”

These companies that prey by utilizing the vices of  the busy are super-charged with the tensor of feminine attraction.

A major difference of concentration & such trendy experimentation of LSD, psilocybin, mascaline, etc., which the likes of effeminate idiots like Terrence Mckenna encourage, of the “Smashing Pumpkins” generation is, & although both drugs & concentration can cause a “field theory” view, concentration does it by a healthy pace with knowledge with no losses, giving you a means of control rather than being “mentally raped.”

The funny thing about idiots like Terrence Mckenna is that, with all of his studies, he would have absolutely no significant fame if it were not for his self abuse of esteeming drug experimentation to the field of trendy whores, while he castigates “the patriarchy.”

The external chemicals will likely not allow you to mature with an integration.[1] They often also bring “bad trips,” etc., even psychiatric problems via post trials.

There are many possibilities & development with the study of many different types of psychology & other knowledge. The other experimentation only gives you a “little shot.”

Marriage is one of the tools of the daddy-state, literally born via the female, for controlling socializing & taxation. [2] The culture controls you, keeping you pre-occupied, exhausted, & with repeating fear, clinging to politics & entertainment, without stopping to notice your thoughts significantly & To FEEL your body.

The sexual liberation, women’s liberation, pornography industry, did not really liberate. It caused desensitization. The good part is that men became more choosy. The bad part is that it reduced masculine sexual power to basically nothing. It is one aspect of reducing man to a “machine,” & not even the good kind, like Data from Star-Trek, but a castrated man with little potency among the culture that condemns new debate, etc..

The “singular” daddy-state loved by women creates slavery for other men. This creates chronic stress & FEELINGS of dysphoria. That’s right. I typed it: FEELINGS. It is why it is so popular to be anti-nice. All those supposedly “pro-masculinist” types are just as much controlled by women/the daddy-state as their acclaimed enemies. Arbitrary social norms with time causes gives physical changes of the human: hormonal changes that inhibit quality of life[3]. The daddy-state then only gives you a pill to TOLERATE the life you should despise.

Totally reject the dominant media, which they are “married” to. The dominant media is owned by corporate interests that own you. Corporations own society, & lives are controlled by their monopoly not by your well-intent. These acolytes of being “mature” will tell you to be responsible. Um, FUCK-YOU. The system has been taking from you since day 1, so take from them.

The dominant media would portray me as an “extremist,” “unstable,” (Elliot Rodger, “Mr. Robot,” or something like that) but their mentality is exhibited by a fringe mentality of exploiting, etc., so they’re actually the ones who are extremists.

Sensitive of this context is not a sensitive young male who feeds his disgusting slob girlfriend. I’m referring to something else, & it’s extremely important to become hate adapted so that you can establish what the real enemy is. When a man of self  control sees something he doesn’t like, that’s not a sign of “fear.” That’s a sign of disgust. It’s a type of sensitivity, & it’s a good thing.

Nerves of all sensory modalities are like this[4]: instinct enthusiasts/anti-moralists are adapted to female centrism/sexuality. Their lives are consumed with poor ethics, bad conduct, bad convention, but they won’t notice it, until they quit. Only when they quit will they generally recalibrate more ethical elaboration, then they can notice how disgusting it is.

The vast majority of males  of gynocentric society are adapted to HOW they’re going to present rather than quality presentation. But, like circumcision executioners (Hence my point of them concerned with the HOW of presentations rather than quality because they think this is a “joke,” or something), most of them have no awareness of theses things.

Gynocentric stimulus rewards them with an artificial sense of “domination” when they’re only submitting to some program of survival & assumptions of what is stylish.

Long-term, the repeated partying with whores results with adaptation of anti-morals. This means that ethics will be “way over their heads,” as they’d say. This would also be called “tolerance,” as the participator’s psychology can tolerate increased levels of morals to be laughed at, etc.. This is extremely dangerous to society without them even realizing it.

Gynocentric impulse hijacks a masculine system to have good potential of abstract complexity. But while conforming, for a lack of a better word, the process of adaptation to weak abstractions, weak complexity, weak ethics, is rarely noticed. Their lack of self-control, for a lack of a better description, actually makes them the unstable ones. “Pecking order trophies” isn’t a sign of being primary. That’s an embrace of stress-culture & degradation.

What they do notice: the agitation of provocation & confrontation. As the confusion slowly reorients, they resort to defending their whores. Instead of attacking them, they attack the male instead.

His sensitive latency fails to warn him for epiphanies needed for superior states.

For the past recent technology & info.-tainment, there has been an increase of how to maximize more abundance of entertainment of regards to whores: Sex-robots, virtual porn, self “help” guides of how to be a stupid animal, internet “hang out” sessions with fake, poser intellectual whores (female anti-feminists), etc.. There’s actually some truth to the fact that we’ve lost a lot of good men to porn & video games. Muslims “steam” their sexual energies, but they become violent with poor intellectual control. None of these things actually address how to rightly become hate-adapted with strong ethics & REAL codes of honor. Factually, even the sex-robots are just another facet of escapism.

Either you will be “militant,” (ethically not with “intensity”)  or you are basically nothing. With a “reptilian like gaze,” you can still be effectual while being tranquil. You can humiliate whores publicly by choosing the correct place, time, etc.. “Destroy” them with intelligent words.

Real men don’t follow trends/consume. We create them.

For a large percentage of human history, the major problems of life was due to lacking abstract complexity because of the “trap” of “sports.” All of these insane “machismo” programs make an assertion that we had to have survival mode during thousands of years ago, so they think it’s a “good” idea to regain that state by some kind of propaganda. That’s pretty pseudo scientific – to use an ancient way of thriving by organisms who only lived to limitations.

The weapon to be used is total dogmatism.



1: H.T.M., L. Le Shan, pg.: 24-25


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Jessie Nagy | Why Are So Many Women Searching For Violent Porn? I Have The Answer:

fightBooks are tools. Why is it that those types of tools are more likely to have a stigma to them for males that seriously collect books, yet hardware tools are an acceptable identity mark? I’m not referring to ‘Catcher In The Rye’, etc.. I’m referring to serious realism. Because books as tools have more potential to be labeled as “harassing,” “creepy,” or whatever, etc..

With males that do a lot of serious research, females can’t really claim “that guy was threatening me” with the internet, so what they do is try to associate those males with something that’s “creepy.”

That’s the wonderful thing about the internet. The information is accumulating & womens’ stupidity & disgusting tendencies are being known.

Some of the results of which are women blaming Feminism for their bad tendencies instead of blaming themselves.

Women have a tendency to be seen as “nice.” The difference is many men actually are nice. This is the reason why men being nice is seen as a defect: Women have the monopoly to rate, so their fake niceness is projected to males as those males “living in lala land”, or something like that, but with the information accumulating, that’s losing power.

What is typed next will be misinterpreted as “women doing social engineering” because it is regarding female sexual selection. That’s not really it. It’s females filtering. There is a difference.

An article published by the amoral/entertainment agenda of Vice gives that newer data informs us that women prefer more violent acts.[1]: ‘Why Are So Many Women Searching for Ultra-Violent Porn?’ | Sophia Rahman. This article is by enemy-lines, however, the old saying: “a broken clock can be right.”

While Men search for more porn than women, women search for more violent types of sex depictions.[2] I have been stating this many times: It’s not so much the visual stimulation for females, it’s the histrionics, etc., so the answers are going to be found much more so with things like feminine literature.

They search for scenes as “painful anal crying,” “rape,” “forced,” etc..

Just by the beginning of the posted article is a gaudy video about abduction fantasies. I don’t have time to watch it, but I’m ~75% certain it’s for the purpose of “hypnotizing” the reader to not make serious realizations. That’s what Vice does. It’s strategically for the purpose of passifying the mental energy.

There were theories of “sexual blame avoidance” due to slut-shaming as to why they like anti-polite masculinity.

It’s likely that the percentage of women with various rape fantasies is probably much more than actually quantified.

It was actually discovered that women with less repression & more self esteem are actually more likely to have rape fantasies, yet feminists have claimed the opposite: that “sexual blame avoidance” theory is due to culture’s slut-shaming.

The writer was obviously trying to interject reasons to obfuscate the true implications of these discoveries. She blames abusive fathers, etc.. There is an entire market catered to your typical normal mom who reads this garbage, there is no way that all of them have been abused.

The entire article fails to admit & acknowledge what women actually are, so it tries to find all these other reasons. It almost seems desperate, & it even admits: “We don’t know the situation of the women.”

They don’t give good answers. I do:

Chris Watts murdered his family & wife. This prisoner has been reported to have women interested with him sexually.[3]

Even if she’s not masturbating to prisoners, etc., she’s signaling society that moral males are “wrong” by some way, albeit often unconsciously or minutely.

This is the true reason why women should not be allowed to vote. It’s not because of some trad-con reasons. It’s because of the female filtering power for the archaic.

If you think men are more “feminized” now because they don’t come to the level of women’s immature sexuality, you are mistaken. Most of those violent tendencies of the “ultra manly man,” or whatever, is due to the influence of neo-con type of philosophy like Robert Green, who is too deluded to know that, but that’s a whole other article, & most people don’t have time or will-power to read more, so I have to diversify my articles.

& all those people who think that the Muslim invasion is a “sign of male brutality” is also deluded. That was all strategically manipulated by a class of outliers: There were atrocities when America invaded the mid-east, & the reason America invaded firstly is because of institutionalized intervention to infantile boys by the neo-con outliers, which is too technical & impractical with this article, but can be found with my other ones. It persuaded men to do things like fight someones else’s war, &, yeah, you’re going to get that information from the popular media – sarcasm. The neo-con dominator class only consists of a small percentage of men, but all that is also a whole other article, which can be read in my other sections.

It’s not some new-age persuasion or pseudo science to promote the importance of men being more polite.

Look: you’re not going to accomplish what you want with sex robots. Even if those become popular, it’s going to be enjoined by only a demographic of males, like video games. The only realistic way to change the system is to inform as many males as possible – an information war – that they can monopolize they’re own emotions, etc., yes, you read correctly – MALE EMOTIONS. For males to know to own their own states, instead of compulsively acquiring status, which is actually NOT healthy. That’s how to change the system.

Promoting males to be dogmatic/ultra moral males is not for the purpose of making males change themselves for female validation. Females hate that anyway.

Some of those of the “masculinist” philosophies who try to denounce messages similar to mine as “new-age” are actually the ones who have mentalities more like the new-age mentalities because they just want to play video games rather than work to inform others. It’s like a new-age mentality of that being similar to relaxing. It’s actually worse because it doesn’t have the concentration skills of meditation. Meditation is not “relaxing.” It is concentration practices. Only popular culture renditions of it would make many believe otherwise.

Women have already disregarded you, so you going your own way to just enjoyment, for a lack of a better word, is basically ineffectual. You have to inform the public.

It’s not that I’m trying to employ women as stress relief objects for female pleasure or to delude the male. It’s that protocols of giving women preoccupations is essential for society to thrive.

You hear this frequently with supposed pro-male spaces: “work on themselves.” Most of that just translates to: “Please like me.”

Most of that anti-romance thinking comes from, again, neo-con influenced culture of writers like Robert Greene. It’s because of this: Robert Greene is a pawn of the system. Those outliers exploit you so that they can have more for whores.



1: Why Are So Many Women Searching for Ultra-Violent Porn? | Sophia Rahman – vice-dot-com

2: Ibid

3: Chris Watts, the Colorado dad who murdered his family, reportedly receiving influx of love letters – fox32chicago-dot-com



REALITY CHECK: Tranquility Does NOT Mean Shyness | Jessie Nagy

a access to shyness

“Be ye therefore wise as serpents & harmless as doves.”

Domineering men die sooner[1]

Michael Babyak, PhD, researched a study of 750 men.

Men who make quick responses & interrupt conversation are 60% more likely to die sooner than men who are more quiet & tranquil.

It is given that the attitude of being a strong-man, which is really a weak man, has altered blood due to increase of stress hormones, damaging immune system & cardiovascular system.

The pretense of aesthetics, etc., which isn’t even real, which is how they would shame the information because of the unappealing presentation, with their little “liquid courage” they waste money with at clubs, is that you “have” to be obligated to a contest for their weak intelligence, immature sexuality, undeveloped value systems, etc.. When you get older, you stop caring about such stupid things, but this is often too late, & I’ve always had this mentality.

“Why are you so quiet?” – every fucking idiot who mistakes the importance of tranquility for “shyness.”

Answer: Because my existence is not for your cheap entertainment (or even mine because I don’t actually value that much entertainment. I get it out of my system accordingly. I think it’s a waste of time.)

Being driven the way they define it gives you no more power than constantly hitting a wall.

Maybe if you would “shut the fuck up,” as they’d say, you’d actually learn something. You see, little kids, this is how reality actually is, the feeble who prate about the subjective are emasculated. That’s not a hyperbolic statement. They literally have altered blood. It only gives the image of vigor, so stay quiet, access & embrace “shyness,” study, be observant, & be creepy.

An anecdote pertaining to this: I heard this conversation these two were having in a store. He stated: “I don’t think I’m going to hire him because he doesn’t have an out-going personality & he gives me a creepy vibe.” What kind of ethics is that? “I’ll influence your life because of my rating of how you entertain me.”

How does this pretense of aesthetics pertain to female psychology? Answer:  fiction. There are other stories of sex & brutality that women consider “hot.”[2] Some garbage called ‘The Kiss’ & another one called “Because They Wanted To.’ I don’t know because I have real things to study.

I’ve heard that women buy more books than men, but men buy more non-fiction than women. I haven’t had time to study this thoroughly, but it’s certain that their purchasing patterns states nothing significant about female intellect. They could just have them accumulate dust anyway.

Having an exceptional IQ doesn’t always make you a good person, because, of this context, even when women have exceptional IQs or are as smart as men, they will generally have that intellect additional to a subjective mind, so the exceptional IQ is like having an expensive lap-top that has been ruined with too many computer viruses. (J*** have exceptional IQs. Doesn’t make them good people.)

Human males don’t think like monkeys. They have more cognitive ability. This makes them better with tools, etc..

The man who is successful doesn’t have “dominance.” There’s some of that, but it’s actually more functional cooperation manifested by modern mechanization, which is mistaken as mostly dominance. Yes, cooperation, that word that people think means “leftist,” or something. These turgid meanings replace the meaning of actual existence, especially by a culture almost constantly bombarded with the casual age.

Most men don’t even want to “dominate.” Most men want to have a barbecue or attend to hobbies.

Philosophy has stated that female frigidity is actually due to emotional & psychological factors or a physical defect.

Not that I care about making women feel better, or whatever, because It’s the male sovereignty I’m concerned with, this philosophical axiom has been [Reported with one of my previous articles: ‘How Women Promote Body Negativity’] the dictating narrative of how males are grouped: “Can you be validated by my ill judgement.”

The more impure the life-style & suffering defined by women as “quality” is assigned to males, the more the bad quality of male vitality will be with impure customs for males.

Those males want to “take every other males down” with their frustrated state of mind to be with whores.

I’m not an enthusiast of hip-hop music & fashion, but this is integral: When I heard of this gossip of the artist: Drake, he was defamed as a “beta male” by the masses. Yes, a male who already has lots of fame, power, etc., & they called him a “beta male,” proving it’s all false.

Women take lack of direction as “strong will of doing whatever one wants.” According to women, “good expression” of conveying what’s on his mind is rapid changes of mood. They take moral goodness as “low self worth.”

These are fictions that are counter to what makes humans humans, helping women filter realism for her comfort. Only by the movies can a thug discover cures.

Are you, the male, a taker or a performer?



1: The World’s Greatest Treasury Of Health Secrets, pg. 197 – Bottom Line Publications

2: Women Buy Fiction in Bulk & Publishers Take Notice | Trip Gabriel – NYTimes-dot-com


How Women Promote Body Negativity | Jessie Nagy


The first aspect is obviously how the leftist ideology, while hypocritically being supposedly anti-corporate, uses slogans of re-dressing their bad choices of paying the toxicity manufacturers, yet what are the same results presented differently by traditional society? You can still have a body that looks fit yet congested with garbage.

My father, raised by a single mother, has very, very bad preference for women, life-style, etc.. He also doesn’t really know how talking works. He claims to have known his bad ex-wife when she was “better” during their first passions. But he actually misunderstands: He did not know her being level. He only knew her acting/indulging level.

Narcissistic people can be charismatic & entertaining but can also be very anti-social. Studies suggest this starts to show after charisma, etc., decreases.[1]

Machiavellianism only generally decreases when people are dealing with life-experiences that make them mature – new job[2], etc.. Mastering occupational tasks is suggested to mitigate Machiavellianism.

Both machiavellianism & narcissism is the standard female psychology, so it would only be logical to suppress these traits to stop it influencing the gatherings by enforcing sweat-shop styled tasks for women. They might not mature, but it’ll definitely keep masculine psychology guarded.

I have to differentiate the latter necessity contrasted with sexual masochism. The latter application is not for female pleasure. It’s for male ruler-ship.

Female pleasure is irrelevant, wining & dining, catering is irrelevant:
Research has confirmed that women with borderline personality disorder are more likely to engage with sexual masochism.[3] That’s a way to ruin an entire culture – by allowing women to define masculinity.

This is what I’ve been saying for years, which was totally dismissed as: “you just have emotional problems,” etc., yet the study published by a peer-reviewed staff of a scientific journal: Archives of Sexual Behavior by corresponding author, Alvaro Frias states the apposite: that THEY have emotional problems.

Disenfranchising women will guarantee, even for the women who aren’t like that, that the masculinity will not have to be burdened by any (potential) feminine policies.

The publisher responded not enough sample size. Had the publisher thought about the state of “politics,” he’d know that this is female “voting.”

Psychopathic related traits similar to, for not the best example, an Ultimate Fighter Champion, are, by females, not only “voted” for/extracted/allowed to take over & harm other masculinity, (& also often NOT innate but becomes equipped) but, published with the journal: Psychophysiology | Scott Tillem, it is also proven to be exhibited by men who have less efficient neural communication within the alpha1 & gamma frequency bands, so these men are actually mentally deficient, & yet it is standardized by women as something to aspire to by the same way that women consider good men lame men. With women, up becomes down, no means yes, etc.. :

Psychopathic traits are related to alterations of efficiency of neural communication[4].

Neurologically, psychopaths interpret the world as it really is NOT. The related associations to those males that women want some variation of are actually constructing farces.

Counterfactual reasoning is the ability to cognize alternatives to life situations – a form of self-analyzing, like “hmm, maybe I did something wrong during that time.” This type of psychology is anathema to female psychology because of the feel-good priority of dismissing realism as “just bitter.” The female priorities for associations to her psychology is a “scorched earth”/”get out of the way” type of psychology.

I would suggest more samples of that study should be done to unnoticed psychopaths made totemic by women – CEOs, etc..

Even when intoxicated, women do not like men with facial features that look like it belongs to a ‘Dark Triad’ – “shady.”[5]

The guy could just be a hard-worker & doesn’t have time to look appealing. Saying “the ‘Dark Triad’ traits is associated with particular facial features” is like saying a girl with a rebel fashion is not a part of the pop. culture. No, she is. Those females are some of the most normal people ever.

Proven to be judges of covers/mostly surfaces, they’ll definitely like varying Dark-Triad traits though if it’s re-dressed well or presented with some kind of style they do like, & this is why women will like a guy who has immoral tendencies if he is esteemed by others to be exciting.

If my father had bad preferences for women, lifestyles, etc., what is the re-dressed version of that? It is an integral question to the paragraph before it because it answers the perennial tasks males are burdened with. Women want recreation & re-dressing to make realism obscure. The effects of this are dire because males have to reorganize to that supplication, which subtracts from him but gives to her.

The pattern of female psychology is: “I’ll just have fun now & think about looting from a man later”/”I’ll bribe you with the release of social stigma if you entertain me & make me happy.”

Marijuana use is 74% more than the national average in Colorado. It is having a terrible effect for education of youth.[6]

The point is: Because females get to dictate who’s “creepy” & who “needs to get a life,” especially during the building years, there is a decrease of what boys & men know what to do when females prioritize their existence compared to males because it gives males less times to adjust themselves to better reasoning. Being trendy & popular is the priority. This is a problem.

College students with access to the recreational drug have worse grades & fail more often.

[7]Cannabis contains delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol. The compound binds to receptors on neurons of the brain, but which are concentrated in regions crucial for memory & learning, which is particularly bad for younger people.

Even if it doesn’t cause significant brain damage, even though it has been shown to inhibit memory[8], it’s just another distraction people can guard themselves with to deflect others who don’t waste time with entertainment as “just bitter,” so, again, even if there’s no brain damage, there’s still logic damage.

The man who then consumes badly during the aftermath of the leftist activity of smoking marijuana does the exact same as the traditional man who barely has time to think about the food that is basically artificial when he comes home stressed by over-work.

[9] Diets of the latter consist of an abundance of the depression-linked fatty acid (n-6 PUFA) & a relative lack of the depression-fighting fatty acid (n-3 LCPUFA) (which is found in fish, which I do not condone, but that’s a whole other article). It might not readily show as apparent depression, but it could manifest with with other behavior, such as anti-intellectual behavior.

This depressive, lack of creation mentality is belittled by women, stopping masculinity & society to even understand the process. They want you to stop any kind of scientific analysis about it – how boring.

The diet, by the cause & effect of women not allowing men enough time to be much more introspective, that men are consuming due to a lack of control, not necessarily lack of self-control, but lack of control due to lack of information because of the obligations for her (“don’t think for yourself, think of what you can do for my entertainment & excitement, & be industrious for my existence”), has a major effect for the brain, which is why I have emphasized it many times.

It seems so obvious yet people can’t even realize what they’ve been doing the whole time.

Nutritional science is not just a science of the gut. It’s also a neuroscience.

[10]Most take-out food, fried, red meat, pork, dairy, processed, baked foods loaded with trans fats & refined sugar such as biscuits, cakes, frozen pizza, many snacks, margarine, commercial cheeses, other cream products, bologna & the like, increase risk of cognitive decline & dementia.

& women incentivize & innervate men to do it. “don’t think,” “just do it.” Thanks to them, a man is a combination of exciting/dangerous/ & stupid. (Paradoxically, it seems that women are more likely to guard a better diet, usually for vanity reason rather than ethical.) This is not specifically “social engineering.” This is much more specifically the fact of selection: Women CHOOSE certain groups, (or are sometimes bombarded with only a subset) which reinforce behavior. Women are the gate-keepers of allowing more impulse instead of reason.

Don’t worry about pills, just cast out what you put into your body. There’s no need for medications if you’ve already done it correctly, so if you understand the cause – females as gate-keepers to what’s socially acceptable, you don’t need to obsess with the symptoms.

The biological brain “has a mind of its own”: it releases endogenous opioids – painkillers – after eating a meal.[11]

Even those who don’t have type 2 diabetes, who have high blood sugar experience worse long-term cognitive decline[12].

It’s becoming more known that, even when not diabetic, diets with a lot of sugar are harming.

Don’t think really salty foods is necessarily better. It has been reported to starve the brain of nutrients.[13]

So what’s the solution? The solution is a lot of foods that’s left out of the list. By a process of elimination, the optimum foods is the least popular foods. The “boring” foods & plain foods. Popularity is a disease. While it can give you short-term fun & practicality, it causes more damage.

Have you heard of the hype with Omega-3 fats found in fish. Not to be confused with omega-6 fatty acids, which causes a problem when more consumption of omega-6 is present because it decreases omega-3 fats[14]: Both kinds of fat compete for an enzyme that converts them to a form the body can use. Yes, Omega-3 promotes happiness & other benefits, but getting omega-3 from fish is like taking an apple as a snack & dragging it in a toilet, & getting more omega-3 means decreasing omega-6.

Omega-3 originates from algae – what the fish get it from.[15]

They say seafood & omega-3 eggs are the only omega-3 foods that can provide the biologically active forms of DHA & EPA[16], but when there was further research, red & brown species of algae were reported to contain DHA, so the conclusion is there is no significant difference of the quality of omega-3 found in fish compared to algae, other than the difference that fish coats it as a heavier, congesting one.

Omega-3 can also be found in kale, & other leafy greens.[17]

Combine the right choice of consumption & exercise. Endurance exercise modifies disease, including mental ones.[18]

The female should be assigned to breastfeeding, etc.:

Having the gut colonized by prebiotics is a benefit to development, enhancing positive social interaction & enhancing cognition[19].

Pregnant mothers should consume good amounts of choline[20], which is found in cruciferous vegetables, for supplementing lifelong benefits for cognitive function of offspring.

930 mg/day consumed showed cognitive speed & better information processing. That’s a significantly larger amount than average consumption.

Scientists [year: 2016] are investigating the effects of probiotics for neurodevelopment, & how the absence of one specific gut bacteria causes social deficits associated with autism spectrum disorders.

The report was inspired by human epidemiological studies that found that maternal obesity during pregnancy could increase childrens’ risk of neurodevelopmental disorders.[21]

The study showed, with rat models, mothers eating a high-fat diet is responsible for social deficits of offspring.

Lactobacillus reuteri (which I take) can help rescue social behavior.

You’re typical diet that a casual couple refers to is suggested to be associated with ADHD.

Less concentrations of various B-vitamins are also associated with it.[22]

REMINDER: Sugar causes hormonal problems[23]. Eliminate it COMPLETELY. ( Minimized fruit sugar is alright) When you’re tired, moody, it can obviously stop missions/control you. Resulting with less Testosterone, you’re body will turn sugar into fat much quicker than your body will turn fat into fat. Factually, your body can even burn fat faster than sugar. (Not that I recommend many fats, other than the good ones like carefully calculated Coconut oil, anti-inflammatory fatty acids, omega-3 fats found in chia seeds (my favorite is drinks that contain it.)) Sugar causes a lot of blocking during activity. It literally makes you slow, & I notice by my anecdotes how sugar has caused a lot more cramps & soreness during endurance exercise. When I completely quit sugar (except for a little fruit sugar), I noticed my speed training did not give me the same pain anymore.

If you want to be a man not controlled & doing his own thing, first, start by making your enemies fall by tripping by taking away their base support system. Culture is not your friend.

There’s a time of a man’s life when women create a trap for him – menopause[24]. This is the time when she becomes significantly mentally ill. Seriously, think about this concept: “men are paused”/pause a man/ ruin his drive. With men’s-rights-activists endorsing such stupid things as “equality” or what they think is fair treatment, they completely disregard & don’t realize that this trap derived of her being not equal to men is one of the fundamental reasons (of other ones) for the things that the m.r.a. factions complain about firstly. When you have a preliminary application of body integrity for yourself – the man, you can control the trap before it ever happens because you will have conditioned yourself with the mental state of not being relaxed. It’s not your responsibility to be a “hero.” A true hero knows her as a rival only to be used for mainly giving birth, services, etc.. Like the sugar you do not allow in your life, the ultimate ethics is to  know she is not allowed to be more than of service. Don’t let emotions control you, rather, control it. You don’t let a criminal free. Fuck her. Let the filthy animal rot.

Don’t buy the hype of artificial sweeteners that are acclaimed to be a “better” alternative to sugar. Although I’ve only read some studies that only suggest that it increases more hunger[25], making you pay more, why even bother? Keep your money for things of better certainty. Don’t live “gracefully” with uncertainty.  That is a feminine/new-age garbage concept. (Not that spirituality is necessarily a bad thing.)

Which reminds me of an anecdote I need to share: Fasting I would not recommend because, & it has different effects for different people, with my experience, it is too complicating: It caused me sleep disorders & too much weakness for my job of being active. Anyway, fasting is generally a form of cheating: People like to use it to make excuses for themselves to have cycles of consuming garbage that they can fix later with autophagy/”self eating” If you already defiled yourself firstly, you need need to be totally controlling during all times – NEVER RELAX. But what’s more: If you can practice it with a life suited for it, try to practice the stress tolerance with good info. about it, but I know what works for me is extreme endurance exercise & some marathon running. I’ve only done autophagy due to necessity of prior years of accumulating toxins when I was less informed. I haven’t done it the way it’s become trendy as a way for people to keep their excuses.

You have to start reading all of the ingredient sections to acquire a controlling personality, which causes real dominance. It is not an annoying task. That is a state of mind. It really becomes fascinating when you have to study biochemistry. You start to realize how it’s all correlated. Industry & technology is correlated to chemistry. Chemistry is correlated to neuroscience. Neuroscience is correlated to biology. Biology is correlated to health. Health/medicine is correlated to exercise physiology. Exercise is correlated to self-help guides/popular culture. Pop. culture is correlated to history. History is correlated to politics. Politics is correlated to religion. Religion is correlated to symbolism. Symbolism is correlated to psychology. Psychology is correlated to sexology. Sexology is correlated to anatomy. Anatomy is correlated to gynecology. Gynecology is correlated to father-hood parenting. Father-hood parenting is correlated to sociology. Sociology is correlated to statistics. Statistics is correlated to mathematics. Mathematics is correlated to technical science. Technical science is correlated to cosmology. It’s all eventually correlated to each other, so you have to study ALL of it, but always study all of it by a reference of what is the most relevant & fundamental.


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How Anti-Feminists, Particularly Women-Against-Feminists, Use Anti-Feminism As A Distraction | Jessie Nagy


Firstly, before even the main article: Some who think they’re the “center of the universe” don’t understand why I already typed many of my arguments. There’s a reason I have to re-produce. It’s for newer divisions. There’s OTHER people who have never been informed before.

They want to blame most of it to political factions that “made women” a certain way. This is actually something that the left believes social constructs. Women are that way regardless – expectant. Blaming it mostly to social engineering is like saying: if someone chooses a pack of cigarettes instead of a package of herbal tea, it’s the “fault” of the tester for her choice. Rather than acknowledging that females are incompetent & should be reduced with the influence of her choices, they want to blame social engineering instead for her poor actions. This actually makes women-against-feminists just like feminists because both types of misdirected thought is leftist.

With all these misdirecting arguments by anti-feminists, I can make much better content than most people doing pro-male & supposed “pro-male” content.

I liked some of the content a lot more during their raging years.

Also: If you think the theological abstractions is false, it has been existing long before scientific formulas.

Whatever re-fashioned female dynamics you have, “anti-feminists,” feminist, traditional, whatever, it is always practically the same: Feminism = interception by having females complaining to the state. Traditional women = justifications for their bad, mentally slow choosing of men with violent tendencies, war-machines, neo-cons. “Anti-feminists” = perpetuating, so that they can never consider true pro-masculinity, lies about male & female “equality,” yet failing to acknowledge that even their own “Bible” of evolutionary psychology pioneered arguments that female cognition was much less tested by the forces, so less advanced. So how can the sexes be equal, & why should they be treated equal if equal tendencies is not applicable?

I know this isn’t readily known, but most women have (unintentionally) predatory mentalities, many of which are not even aware of: Coercive males will automatically, with little thought/trial, be willing to defend. Women “vote” for this, which sets the field for vying. Businesses want the maximum. Valid buildings disappear because vices are easy to sell rather than investing for something that’s of actual benefit. The same way that many vice sellers sell to the ignorant, females have passion for people that hurt OTHER people, mainly because it is of self interest for her to know the hurt will mostly be towards others for optimum gain of success shared with her. You can now understand how women are dangerous. They are not physically dangerous themselves, but they are that way by what they start, & this is why society needs to neglect what women want – sexual satisfaction, money, policies, etc.. It’s much more valid what the male wants.

The narrative that many women have attractions to beast-men because of daddy-issues, while I’m sure that can add to it, is mostly not the ultimate truth. The ultimate truth is because women do not have an equal cognition as masculinity. This is why woman do not like hyper moral males.

Women & feminists misconstrue various anti-intellectual expressions, & even savagery, as the good-guys because it flatters their egos that appeals to their casual animal life.

Women like a repeating pattern of the men that they like because her willingness to invest to what produces fear associations is her survival instinct. People who have really poorly cultivated egos have a feeling of their lives being threatened, or something like that: That they need to control others’ harmless differences rather than respecting others’ harmless differences. I’m not typing about respecting losers. Even a man who has enough to live a comfortable life is not a man she can brag about to her female peers.

During history, the brutally strong was the standard. The weak – females – reproduced with the savage. They do no want to save/”heal” these men. They want to wield them. This has created the state of which female selection is still regarded as a “necessity.” It has seemed that it is the best optimal way, but the next evolution is for hyper moral males to adopt militant misogyny – almost no rights for women & restrict their lives. Not to direct the hatred the similar way as most would define hatred as “machismo” but a calm, scolding misogyny, keeping women sexually dissatisfied & bored because female sexuality is disgusting & has major ramifications to society.

Anti-feminists will never have respect for total science because, according to them, because it’s socially boring, it’s “autistic,” & because of this, they want the same coercion that feminists want to different guys for “getting out of line.”

Most women – bully-breeders – just want their agendas enforced by executioners, while the other majority of whores just want to domesticate good men, which will eventually ruin their lives. True pro-masculinity will not do the bidding for women, & this is why I do not buy the hype of anti-feminists, especially their “equality.”

Leftism, especially with all the chanting, rioting, etc., is forms of hybristophilia, & anti-feminism, with all the slander to moral males, is Stockholm syndrome with fake “pro-masculinity,” so feminists & anti-feminists are the same.

Hybristophilia is a poorly understood thing to masses because the social structures, especially women, & especially the instincts to entertain women, will not fund or advertise that kind of research, just like how female m.r.a.s will suppress that this less ethical aspect of their psychology is an aspect of their worse cognition, which makes them just like the feminists because both suppress it. Having successful cognition doesn’t necessarily make you any better because ethics can still be lacking.

& Get that fucking disgusting Gynocentrist-writes-shit/Karen Straughen out. “Ooh, she’s a woman saying novel things.” There’s times when you have to NOT make deals with people, regardless of how appealing they are, because of ETHICS.